When you are searching for a retreat or a group vacation, why should you choose a retreat and what are the benefits of a spiritual retreat. This blog is written especially for you when you are thinking about the next time you are going somewhere. Will a spiritual retreat be something you would consider. After reading these 11 benefits, I believe you will.

From personal experience I can say, after being in several spiritual communities and going on spiritual retreats, I don’t want my vacations to have any less.

#1 The chance to step into a new identity.

You are out of your daily routine and can completely re-invent yourself, using the practices that they teach you in spiritual retreats. You can come out of a spiritual retreat a completely different person – a new You.

#2 It enhances your sense of belonging

Being among a group of like-minded people will help you anchor your personal beliefs and spiritual visions. It will help enhance your spiritual sense of belonging. This is a thing many spiritual seekers struggle with. Fining like-minded people will help you feel more accepted and you can relax more into being Who you are.

#3 More easy to relax your body, mind and Spirit

A spiritual retreat will give you a High energy environment, where it is easier to relax your body, mind and spirit. For your spirit to relax and give you the information that you need, it’s important that there is safety (for the body to relax) and peace (for the mind to relax). So a retreat should always be in a place where safety and peace are guaranteed. Places in nature and where there is enough Silence this is what automatically brings us into that relax state. The high energy of a retreat can make that experience more profound and even more relaxing. Good to open up the Soul.

#4 Find answers to life questions

On a spiritual retreat you will learn a lot about yourself and about life, through reflection and spiritual practices. You will be guided to find your answers and have less distraction of daily life, getting you off course. You will trust the answers you’re getting more, because you are constantly in a high vibe connection with yourself and your guides.

#5 You will have the freedom to explore your new-found truth

In spiritual retreats the communities are more open to talk about new-found truths and you have the space and the freedom to explore your new ideas within the like-minded community. That way your truth gets roots and you will feel more confident in integrating your new-found truth into your life.

#6 Learn new spiritual practices to develop your soul qualities

On retreats there are spiritual classes offered to expand your knowledge and skills around spiritual practices. These will help you develop your soul qualities. You will also be more aware of your unique soul qualities while living in a spiritual community, because you get to use them more consciously and get honest reflection on them.

#7 Experience healing on a Soul level

Whether it’s conscious or unconscious you’re receiving healing on a soul level merely by participating and being in the retreat. Your Soul has guided you to this place, to be around these people to learn important lessons. Having the conscious experience of healing makes the healing more lasting and profound. But also the unconscious healing is a very big benefit of spiritual retreats.

#8 Having professional guides around

Another great benefit of spiritual retreats is there are professional guides that are able to help you break through your personal blocks or boost your learning experience. Being around people that have already gone through a certain transformation is energetically helping you take the challenge. Being able to ask them for help, is an even greater advantage. Their experience can help you make a big leap in your own spiritual development.

#9 You will get out of your comfort zone

Besides the possibility to reinvent yourself, you also have the chance to expand your horizon. Meeting new people, learning new things, exploring new places helps you to become familiar with the ‘unknown’. The unknown is what our ego is mostly afraid of. So familiarizing yourself with the unknown will help you to get out of your comfort zone more often, because you have experienced it’s not so scary after all.

#10 Dissolve your fear in the light of love

When you have been working on your fear by yourself, it could be that you are walking around in the same circle, making little progress. In a spiritual retreat you can benefit greatly from all the people that are there, that can hold the light with you while you are working through your fears. You will feel that the work you do in a group with other spiritual people, will make the work more efficient. Fear has no place in the light of Love. And the more people gather in that love, the smaller the chance is fear gets in the way.

#11 Bring home a way of living, not just a memory

The last but certainly not the least important is that after your retreat you will not only take home lasting memories and a phone full of pictures and new contacts. But you will take home a new way of living. The things you have learned about yourself and the spiritual practices you can now integrate into your day to day life and continue the life of the New You that you have experienced during the retreat.

All in all, going on a spiritual retreat is so much more than a vacation. It’s a life changing experience that will bring you value, joy, deeper meaning and so much more.

In the retreats of Ananda Soul Travel all of these 11 benefits of spiritual retreats we value very highly. They are integrated into our programs and our retreats will certainly leave a lasting memory and have a life changing effect on you. Check out this year’s retreats in our calendar.

In Loving Light , Ananda

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