I’m sure you want your dreams to come true in life and that they will come to life easily. But if you don’t know this, it’s hard. I know you need all the 5 elements to create it and turn your dream into a reality. A dream will just stay a dream when you don’t put your actions and your determination into it. I have figured out what the 5 elements do for any personal creation process. How each element adds up to your creation and how they are interconnected to each other and need each other. When you know them well, you can use them for any creation process, but especially to create your dream. Are you ready to discover the natural flow of the 5 element creation process?

Let me start by creating a sketch of a Dream of mine – so I’ll have something to refer to and you can see how this works. Maybe you can even relate to this Dream. Let’s me tell you about it.

Always wanted to write a book and make an impact

“I have a Dream that I am a writer and that I publish my own series of self-help books that help people on their spiritual journey.” In that dream I’m traveling the country with book-signings and workshops everywhere. I inspire a lot of people and have my own team, working behind the scenes to provide people with personal assistance whenever they need it. Online we are helping our readers on their own spiritual journey and they can ask us anything. I am living a well-paid and free life as a writer.”

5 elements of creation

The 5 elements of Creation don’t come out of a book, a feng shui manual or someone else’s research. These 5 elements are normally not even mentioned together, although we all know them. But they are the basics for any creation process, I’ve found out.

Here are the 5 elements I’m talking about

  1. 1. Air
  2. 2. Fire
  3. 3. Earth
  4. 4. Water
  5. 5. Wood

You might say things like. Hey there should be one that says metal or ether. It’s deliberate that they are not in these 5 elements, otherwise there would be 7 and that’s harder to work with. Maybe one day, I will integrate those two, but not right now.

Like I said you can use these 5 elements for any creation process.

  • – When you’d like to write a book (like in my example)
  • – Start an online business or find a new job
  • – Plan a dream vacation and save money for it
  • – Change your looks or lose weight.

Element Air – your dream

dreams - air

It all starts with the element Air – your dream. When you don’t have a vision or a dream it’s not likely that you will be very motivated (fire element). When your dream is not big enough or clear enough, it’s not likely you will take action (earth element). When you dream is not clear, you won’t know where you are going (water) or who you need to connect with (wood).

Starting your creation process with your Dream has an effect on all other 4 elements in the process, as you can see. So why not take special care of the first step and be really clear on your Dream first. That way you will not only show the Universe that you are serious about this, you also give direction to your creation process.

Build that air castle and make it as big and beautiful as you can.

Like in my example I’m already dreaming ahead about how wonderful the whole company around the book is going to function and what kind of impact I want it to have on the world. So the bigger the better, in this case.

For those of you that tend to stay very ‘airy’ when it comes to creating your dreams, try to make it as specific as possible, so it will be measurable too. A dream that is not measurable is not likely to come to life in reality. So no pink elephants and wanting to swoosh your magic wants and make the world better kind of dreams. But make it specific. What will you be doing, what do you see, feel and hear?

Element Fire – motivation

When you have done the air step right, you start to see, feel and hear your dream very clearly – this element fire automatically starts to light up inside of you. You feel excited or just plain motivated to drive your dreams towards their end destination. You feel that you can do anything and there nothing in the world that is going to stop you.

That is, when your fire is automatically running after the dream phase.

What if that’s not the case?

You need fire to get you going, to keep you motivated and to endure your plans when it’s going to get tough. So it is very essential that you find the fire inside of you to Live that Dream you are working on. If you feel just a little flame inside and you don’t really want to get started. This is the phase you need to work on before going to the next phase.

I know for a fact this element is essential for your True Dream creation!

When you don’t have enough fire, you won’t have the determination to keep going. You won’t feel motivated to get over the hurdles that are going to be on your path. You won’t have the power to overcome obstacles. That all comes from your Fire.

When you are an introvert and you feel you don’t have Fire inside of you, think about Love. Love has a very big Fire element and is expressed in different ways. It don’t have to be a bonfire, it can just be a candle in the wind. But one that was ignited by Love. That’s the strongest Power in the world.

Fire people – the warrior rebels under you, need to watch their Fire and reduce it in some cases to make it more powerful and lasting in the long run. Imagine throwing all the wood on the fire at once. That will make a big fire, but it won’t last very long.

Fire is your energy that you need to use during your dream creation, so use it wisely.

Earth element – creation

Some people see creation as only the earth part, where you put your ideas into actions and have something to show for it. Sure it is a big part of the process, but definitely not the only one.

When you have your dreams clear and your motivation is high, you’ll notice that your creative juices automatically start to flow and let you create the most wonderful things with ease and rapidly too. If you try to create before your Air and Fire elements are fully in place, it might be very hard to get creative or you have to push yourself to make things done.

Including in the creation phase is making a plan. What do you need to do to make your dream a reality. See yourself in your dream and chunk it down into pieces you need to be doing. Then organize those pieces and prioritize. What manifestation of your dream are you going to focus on.

When I focus on creating the Team, before I write my first book or do my first promotion. I’m not having a very realistic plan. So you need to look at your Dream and be serious about what needs to be created first. Start with that. You will come to the creation of the rest of the dream in the second cycle of the 5 elements creation process.

The earth element of the creation process can be easy, and for a lot of people it is the most clear, but there are some obstacles that are frequent in this phase.

  • – Procrastination
  • – Not finishing things
  • – Working too fast
  • – Losing valuable time and money
  • – Perfectionism

All of these examples can be a big problem when you are mainly focused on the earth element. So the use of your other elements can be vital. I will find a solution within the 5 elements. Look, like this.

  1. Fire can and help you with procrastination. When you feel your big Why and your motivation again it’s more likely you will get the job done.
  2. When you experience too many creative ideas and you are not finishing things, you might want to tone the fire down a little and get clear on your dream again. What actions are directly related to your dreams, and start doing them.
  3. When you are rushing through the creation phase, it might mean lose in quality. So take time to work on your earth element. Visualize how you want it to be and then create it. If you push your creation on towards the Water phase too soon, it will all turn to mud.
  4. When you are not focused or not really know where you are going (not enough air) you can lose valuable time and money. So be sure you have that dream in place and have a solid plan before you invest your time and money.
  5. You can stay stuck in your creations for as long as you want. And being too much of a perfectionist is a big obstacle. The encouragement to move yourself towards the water element is crucial when you are a perfectionist. Better done than perfect! Should be your slogan.

Different personality types

Before I get into the last 2 elements I want to elaborate a little about the type of person that you are. In the examples above you might have recognized yourself as a perfectionist or as someone that wants to get through the creation as fast as possible. The perfectionist most likely has a lot of air and earth in their personality type. For as the second might have a bit too much fire for his own good.

There is no right and wrong in being more fire or more earth. It is just something you need to know, so you’ll know what you are working with and what obstacles to expect.

After we’ve gone through the 5 elements, I will offer you a free consultation to find out which of the 5 elements are dominant in your personality.

Element water – presentation

The element of water is associated with flow and ease. And that is the idea that you will be ready with your creation to take it to the water and it will flow like a river to your dream destination.

In the water phase you will present your creation to the world and test-drive it. Like a little boat bottle you’ve build and you are not sure if it’s going to tip over or sail away smoothly. That’s the same thing with your creation. From this point on your creation will be going places and be seen by the public.

You’ll determine the audience that you want to target and find out where they are. When you looked at your dream carefully, you already know who they are because they are part of your dream. And probably also part of the motivation you started to create this product in the first place.

It’s wise to look at what you’ve build and what kind of water it needs.

  • – Do you need a High flowing wild river, where the excitement is going to attract a lot of attention?
  • – Do you need a calm lake, where people can look at it from different angles and admire it?
  • – Do you need to create your own water stream or are there water’s that are exactly right for your creation?

You don’t want to go fishing in the wrong pool or send your product to a wild river when it’s not build for that. Honor your dream, look at what it needs and send it out into the world. That’s the only way you will know if your creation is a success or that it needs some adjustments.

Wood element – connections

Naturally after your water phase the creation cycle ends at wood, which stands for making connections. Your creation is now out in the world and is making his first contacts. That can be the clients you have attracted, fans or even the competition. Either way, in the wood phase there is a lot of connecting to be done. Through the interaction with your audience and your competition you will see which place your creation takes in the bigger picture, in the circle of life.

You will get your first responses.

You will see the results your creation has.

You will look at the competition and may learn where your creation can add to their services and products or where yours overlap.

You can learn which channels work best for you to contact your audience.

You might even partner up with somebody that shares your dream or meet somebody that can support you in making the dream bigger.

Evaluate and continue

After you have gone through the stages of the 5 element creation process you will have yourself an evaluation and see what worked best for you. In terms of your motivation, the creation itself (form and quantity), the channels you’ve used and the audience you have reached.

From there, the dream continues and you will get moving on to the next state of your dream.

In my example, after creating the book and doing the launch I stopped the creation process, because I thought I was done. I celebrated my big accomplishment of writing a book, but I forgot about the big dream and the motivation to help people in their spiritual journey with it.

What I should have done, was ‘plan a book-tour’ and have another cycle of the creation process. Or create an e-course that was connected to the soul journey people were taken on by the book.

A creation never stands on his own and if you want to live your dream, you need to continue this creation process. But there is no time like the present. So I will pick up where I left off and start another creation cycle myself. If you’d like to join me and be guided in your first Creation process please click this link and plan a free consultation with me. We will also look at your personality type.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog. When you have any comments or questions, please leave them below. I’ll be more than happy to answer them personally.

Love Nanda

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  1. Very interesting article. I heard about these elements and I know from my horoscope I that my element is Earth. I also heard that main characteristics if Earth elements are materialistic nature, stability and persistance.
    Unfortunately, you are correct when you say that Earth elements have problems with procrastination and wasting money. It is like I am looking myself in the mirror.

    Thank you. I will bookmark your blog.


    1. It’s very usefull that you know your personality type. Earth types are great at creating and manifesting things they want.
      Yet to create in flow in nature sometimes you need to add more time on your lauch plan and pull yourself out of a standstill. Would be happy to coach you with this.
      Let me know in a personal email if you’d like to set up a guidance session.

  2. Wow! Very interesting article that makes me dream! I have a dream but now I will make it even clearer and follow up with the actions described in your article. I was already working in the right direction but now I have added more motivation reading your article. Keep up the good work inspiring people. Kind regards!

    1. Thanks Marc, happy to be inspiring people like you that are creating their dreams.
      Whenever you need some more, come back to the website or join my Facebook group. Ananda Soul Travel

      I’ll be happy to meet you there and keep you on track in reaching your dreams.

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