How many times I’ve heard people say they want to write a book, or want to start a business, or want to live in a community, or create a veggie-garden and then a few years later they still didn’t take action and there is nothing of that Dream made a Reality. I’m so sorry to see this happen to TOO MUCH people, and all that INSPIRATION going to waste. 


It’s true that if you have to carry out ALL the dreams you ever had, that would take you a lifetime. But if you just followed your inner guidance and stuck with one or two Dreams for a longer time I am certain that you would make that Dream a Reality. 


It might not be on us to Decide When, but we decide not to Give up on our Dreams. 


In this post I want to mention the 5 most common reasons why people (like you and me) are not living their dream and I want to finish with a List of Beliefs that you need to become that person that will reach their destiny. Stay with me, and take an honest look at yourself if these reasons are why you are not living your dreams yet. 


1. You believe it’s impossible to live your dream

When you have a Dream that is So Big and seems So Far out of Reach you might have the belief that it is impossible (for you). It may happen for other people, but for you it is too far out of your current reality. 


A lot of our dreams are created from a place of imagination, so they will not look like anything we already do or know. That’s why it’s called a dream. Believing it’s impossible, is like saying that you are not worth living that dream. Sayings like: it’s too good to be true. Or that will never happen while I’m alive will keep you from even believing your Dream can be Possible. And that is the greatest BLOCK that keeps people from living their dream. 


They get stuck in the practical things around creating that dream, feel overwhelmed or get so discouraged by everything that Dream would entail that they give up before they even tried. And it is true, to change your Destiny and Live your Dream might take a lot of effort and small right actions, but when you can Dream it, you can do it. All the Questions that arise in the process, each one of them has a solution. You just have to take it one step at a time. 


But surely the first thing you need to do is BELIEVE. 


“Believe it’s possible and you’re halfway there” – famous quote 


2. You think you are dependent on other people

You say to yourself that your Dreams are dependent on other people. On the support of your spouse, or the care for your children, or the help from a coach, a teacher or a guru. You might even recognize that (deep down inside) you need the permission of your father first, before you can start to take your dream seriously. 


Nanda Berwers Ananda Soul Travel Soul Mission life coachI even once in my life said that I couldn’t live my dream, because there were no clients to help. So I stayed stuck in that circle for way too long, before I realized that this dependency was keeping itself in place, and was holding me back. 


This is a tricky reason, because yes it’s true that you are not on this earth alone and there are thousands of people that could have some influence on your life. But to say that you are dependent on other people is a misinterpretation. 


We are all connected, that much is true. But your Dream creation is not really dependent on other people. Those other people are merely a challenge to overcome or a reflection of your own fears and doubts. Don’t mind them, take note of what your beliefs are around those other people, and how much credit you give them and yourself. And then decide to take control and responsibility for your life and dreams yourself. You are the creator of your reality and with your dream, it’s not any different. 


“The only one you need to be good enough for is you.” – my own Quote 


3. You think it’s not the time – wait for when everything is perfect 

It’s not easy to admit it but I’m a perfectionist. And that has gotten in the way of my Dreams way too many times. I was waiting for the right time, the right actions, the right guidance, the right … anything. 


Thinking it’s not the right time to live your Dream. When will it be? 

How many young people say, when I’m older I will …

How many parents postpone their dreams to when the children grow up?

How many old people say, I wish I had when I was younger… 


You see all of these reasons have some validity in them. It’s okay to prioritize your life and choose a moment when everything feels right. But the honest truth is that that moment might never come. When you don’t prioritize your Dream, you might be postponing it to a ‘later that might never come’. 


“The right time to take action on your Dreams is always NOW.” from the Dream Creators course


4. Life gets in the way – a million other things to do

When was the first time you had the Inspiration for the Big Dream you have right now? How long ago did you decide to do something and then months later you notice that you haven’t done anything or that you weren’t consistent enough because as they say “Life got in the way”. 


Such a shame. To let other things in life overflow your Dreams. 

The Dream that was supposed to be the most important thing your life, the thing you have been dreaming of almost your whole life. And now you notice that you are in a maze of life, when life is just happening to you, instead of you creating it. 


A painful realization if you are in this situation. And I’m sorry to say this to you, but: You got yourself in this position. Your actions and choices made this your reality. 


Camino 2020 pilgrimageYou could also have chosen to make other choices and make your Dream your Reality. But somehow it lost importance and priority, and now you see that your Dream has faded so much into the background, that you can’t even see HOW you can Ever make it a reality. You have a million other things to do. 


The reality of the matter is, that once you make your Dream a priority again and focus each day on the Vision you have for yourself, you can make a change with even as little as 30 minutes a day. When you start to make your Dream a priority again, those 30 minutes will grow into an hour and so forth. 


30 minutes a day will give you the momentum you need to jumpstart your Dream. – from the Dream Creator course


5. You stay stuck in the How, instead of doing what you do know

Well, dear perfectionists and other self-doubters. There will always be something that you don’t know. How you will actually be able to live your Dream might be one of the biggest Questions that can occupy our mind and keep us stuck for such a long time. We try to ‘figure out how’ all while other people around us ‘just do it’. 


Here too I’m guilty. I have been a life-time student. This means that I will start something, then study it for a long time, and when I think I know how I start implementing it, only to find out that it needs improvement or that it doesn’t work for me. Which brought me back to the point that when I just Do the things I do know, I create momentum and learn as I go. Much more efficient and I feel much more confident this way too. 


Staying stuck in the How is a loop that we might never get out of. It’s by doing what you do know that will create movement and show you the next step, and the next and the next. And ultimately you have reached your dream, just to follow that ‘one step at a time’ method, all the people around you have been using for years. 


Leave the How to the Universe – a course in miracles


BONUS reason: You haven’t made your Dream a Priority

I’ve made this point a few times all throughout this post. When you let other people decide, when you don’t believe it is possible for you, when you wait for the right time, or let life get in the way or stay stuck in that loop of ‘not knowing how’ you are not making your Dream a Priority. 


When you do make your Dream a priority. You will show up in a completely different way. And that’s what I want for you. That’s what I want for all people with beautiful Dreams. Those dreams were given to you for a reason. you were meant to make them a Reality. 


What can you do from this day forward to make your Dream a priority? 

  1. Have a clear vision of your Dream
  2. Feel in your heart why you want this dream to come true
  3. Make your Dream a priority (say yes to your Dream)
  4. Create at least 30 minutes a day to spend on your Dream
  5. Tell yourself the things a Dream Creator would tell themselves 


For this last part I would like to give you a list of Beliefs that you can use as affirmations throughout your life and that will create a space for your Dream to come to life and become a priority in your life. I wish you all the best in creating your Dream. When you would be interested in taking your Dream real seriously and create a healthy natural creation process to turn your dream into reality, check out my Dream Creator Program here


I believe all of my dreams can come true

I have everything I ever needed to create my dream

I create my dream doing what I love 

The best time to do it is always now

I always choose my dream over other things

I make time for my dream every day

I have a healthy relationship with time

I invest in my dream and I make my dream a priority 

I surrender the How to the Universe 

Each step is bringing me closer to my dream. 

I am grateful for the guidance that my dream gives me. 

I feel confident and driven to reach my dreams. 


“Don’t stop me now… I’m having a good time… “ – Song lyrics Queen 


When you liked this post, please leave a reply in the comments below. 

I am hoping to see more of you and that you decide to show up for your Dream daily. 


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