Welcome to Ananda Soul Travel – find your place in this world.

My name is Nanda Berwers and I am the founder and creator of Ananda Soul Travel. A platform for young soul travelers to guide them into the life they were born to live. Everyone comes to this earth with a special mission and is guided all throughout life to find out why they came here. They have two questions one time or another they ask themselves.

Who am I really ?

Why I am I here?

Probably that is true for you too.

I know I have been looking for my answers since I was about 23 years old. When I quit my first job ever and wandered around for the first time in my life, not knowing where to go next.

I had no idea who I was.

And thus had no idea where I was going.

I studied, I travelled and I found different jobs that were all partly who I was, but never a true fit.

Until in December 2011, I was diagnosed with a burn-out and it took me about 6 months to quit my job and be left with NOTHING again …

Luckily by that time I had some experience in connecting to myself and knowing what I wanted. So I meditated a lot, followed my intuition and started a coaching course. That was already more than I could have hoped for because it helped me heal myself. In just a few months after I quit I had enough energy to pack a bag and started to Travel.

Of course, being guided by my Soul (who always knows best) I went to the perfect place to fully recover.

I ended up in Cusco – Peru, to study Spanish and do volunteer work as I was finding out who I really was.

This trip to Cusco Peru changed my life.

It was the year in which I re-discovered my Soul, the essence of who I really am.

This might sound a bit exaggerating but this trip was life-changing!

I had the experience to live in Cusco for 2 months – that is all it took.

  • I deepened my relationship with myself and helped me understand what is important for me in my life.
  • It made me see the bigger picture where I was not being held back by the norms of society and the rules I grew up with.
  • I felt independent and free and finally gave me the courage to Live my Life the way I wanted and started my own business.

This trip was so transformative.

It was what I call Soul Traveling

So much more than just travelling.

What is Soul Traveling?

To me, Soul Travel is more profound than just travelling the world and getting to know new places and cultures. It is much more than that. It is a journey you take to get to know yourself better, to grow into the person you were meant to be and to learn how to step into your greater powers.

We are all guided in every decision we make in life.

Sometimes guided by fear or by the rules society puts on us.

That will lead to a place where ‘you slowly die inside’.

You might know what I’m talking about. A job you do that doesn’t excite you anymore. Talking to your colleagues about the same topics month in and month out. You just don’t know what ‘real living’ is anymore. All the days look the same. And you are just longing for that vacation you booked, 4 months from now.

It is sad, but for the majority of people, that is their reality! They go on a vacation to escape the life they do not really want.

I hope this is not true for you, and if it is. Then here is your way out!

Start to Soul Travel and listen to where Your Soul wants you to go


To live a truly Happy, Fulfilled and Abundant life there is another route you can take, it is the route of your Soul.

Every human being is born with a certain blueprint – your highest potential –  and the talents and gifts that are needed to live up to this potential.

You and I are no different.

We have a Purpose too and unique gifts and talents to make that Purpose a reality.

In order to live up to your True Potential, it is up to you to develop those talents and look for the places that invite you to grow and be the most vibrant person you can be. To carry out your Love, your Wisdom, and your Light – the true qualities of your Soul.

Soul traveling is meant to discover, develop and grow our potential.

The places you should go to do this are mostly guided by your Intuition – the way in which your soul communicates with you.

Some physical places are very important for your Soul to revisit.

For example, the places in the world where your Soul used to live. You might have some healing to do there or you have a spiritual assignment to finish. This is not something your mind can guide you to.

You need to go beyond the mind to transcend into a state of awareness where you are in direct connection to your Soul. I recommend using meditation for that, going on an inner journey.

The role of meditation

Meditation can bring you closer to your Soul and lets you listen to the Inner Voice that is whispering to guide you. Regular meditation practice is also a way of Soul Traveling and can lead you into the direction of spiritual growth and lead you to a life where your deepest desires are met. That is the purpose of Soul Traveling.

With meditation, you silence your mind and give room to your heart to be listened to.

It brings you in direct contact with your Soul – so you can more easily follow Its guidance.

When I get into a state of meditation, the world around me and the circumstances that keep me in my place, all start to fade away. I enter a field of endless possibilities. There is nothing and yet there is everything.

All that my heart really desires can take form in this new dimension. No matter what the starting point in my daily life is when I meditate I can see, feel, hear, smell and taste everything that I imagine and bring myself into a new reality. The stronger this vision gets, the more I can step into that reality when I come out of my meditation.

Meditation helps me to see beyond what is blocking me. It helps me to believe that everything is possible and it shows me what I can do or who I can be if I just believe in my True Potential. It is a direct way of transformation of the present moment and good practice of my Creation Power.

That is what the role of meditation is in Soul Traveling.

It leads you into a new Sense of Self, where you experience all of your qualities and lets you create a new reality, in that moment. It is more powerful than we think. Mastering this kind of Soul Traveling is a very powerful addition to the tools you can use to spiritually grow.

I will teach you everything I know about Soul Traveling in meditation and share guided meditations with you to enter this new state of being and develop a natural connection to your Soul.

Ananda – a state of being You

The experience of Ananda is the goal of spiritual development.

Ananda means happiness or bliss.

The kind of happiness that you can feel when you can totally and completely be Who You Truly Are.

  • Accepting everything about yourself, being aware of all of the separate parts and loving yourself as is.
  • Being fully in tune with your Vision and talking freely about your Truth.
  • Living your life from your Highest Potential and using your unique qualities and talents.

When I tell people my name, they often hear it ‘wrong’ and ask me Ananda?

Then I respond like this: “Almost. I am getting there. But it’s Nanda (which means joy or happiness).”

There is more than one meaning to the word Ananda, as there are more than one dimensions to look at it. From a personal perspective, it can indicate the success of achieving something in the material world, fulfilling your desires or the material gain of abundance or love.

From a spiritual perspective, Ananda is used to describe the Union of the self with the Higher Self. Where two become one and everything is seen from only one perspective.

There is no more separation, there is no more inequality and no more rejection. There is complete union with everything that you Are. That is the state of Ananda – a state all spiritual seekers are looking for.

Unity within yourself – the person that you are is in full union with your Soul.

My Purpose

One day I will be able to change my name into Ananda when I experience the complete Bliss of Union.

Until that time I will work with Ananda Soul Travel to guide people into the direction of complete union with who they really are and call this journey ‘my life’s work’. It is why I came here and what my Soul is guiding me to do.

So for me in order to grow into my full potential, I need to create a platform and learning experiences for all of those searching souls who have lost their way or that need support in finding their true guidance.

I am more than happy to be that guiding light for them and it is in accordance with my Soul, so I will find the ease and support I need to accomplish this.

In my Soul I trust

Most definitely Cusco will play a very big part in this because there I feel most union with my soul and the strongest connection to my soul qualities.

A big part of Ananda Soul Travel will be guiding Soul Retreats to Cusco.

I wish that everyone could experience the magic and the energy that helped me unfold and reconnect to my soul.

Why I started Ananda Soul Travel

I started this company because I know many people are looking for Inspiration and Guidance and need a Light in dark times.

Many of the spiritual seekers go through a dark phase, where they feel lost and alone.

All of their old world is breaking down and the new world has not yet been created.

In that time I hope Ananda Soul Travel can be a light in that darkness.

You might be someone that needs that guidance and light right now, and I welcome you. I see you!

If there ever was a place where you could feel safe to unfold the truth that is hidden within you, it is here.

Please feel that everything I share with you is real and I truly believe that what is written can help you too.

Let it be an inspiration to know that I once was in a dark place too.

It helped me to grow and find comfort in a place far beyond my comfort zone – in the arms of my Soul.

I hope you will find that Love and Comfort too, going through these pages.

For the ones that are following their own inner light and believing there is more in this world, there are more places to go, and that want to develop their Soul qualities to make this world a better place, I see Ananda Soul Travel being a part of that journey.

I will help to figure out where your Soul is guiding you and teach you different techniques to build up a stronger relationship with your Soul.

On this website, I will help with your (re)search of new self-healing techniques, meditations to connect deeper with your Soul Wisdom, places to visit to develop your Soul qualities and much much more.

Over the past 7 years, I have been on my own unfolding journey and there is so much to share about it.

By doing this I can help a whole generation that is going through the same Transitions I did.

Give you a place to go to, to find your answers, share your experiences and

find like-minded people to share your journey with.

I will be here for you when you have to make a difficult decision, take on a new direction or support you when times are getting tough or you feel lonely.

You can always reach out to me and write to me. You are not alone in this.

My vision for the new world

The world is in a great transformation of bringing awareness to people, that they are the creators of our world. And in this special time, I believe we have the permission to live out our greatest dreams.

Dreams lead by Love and Compassion, not by Greed and Fear.

The time is now to Give voice to your Heart and Speak out your greatest desire – to be Loved.

My vision for the new world is that we all acknowledge our greatest desire to be loved for who we really are. That we come out of hiding and spread our truth and our light out into this world. Also that we acknowledge our own power to create what we desire, and put an end to all the things in this world that are not serving the highest good.

  1. That there will be different ways of educating the new generations,
  2. That there are more co-operative businesses that support one another.
  3. And there will be chances and easy access for self-development for all people around the world.

How will we create this new world?  We need to do the work that is needed to awaken our true potential. That means doing a lot of soul traveling, reconnecting to our essence and using our qualities and talents to improve our direct surroundings. In that way, we become the teachers of the new world and living examples for the people around us and create a ripple effect.

We need to be aware that we are the Creators of this New world and need to take responsibility.

We have the Power to Change!

Once you get to know yourself as the Soul that you are and your unique qualities, you are bringing change into your own life, feel more Blissful and Happy and Light up the world with your presence.

The only thing you need to focus on is being more and more You.

Together we can make this world a reflection of Love and Unity, starting at your own life.

What is it that you can do today to make this world a reflection of Love and Unity?

Share your ideas and visions with me in the comments. I can’t wait to hear them.

Love Nanda