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Who Am I and Why Did I Create This?
My name is Nanda and I'm the founder and creator of the Pure Awareness Center - SOUL in Finisterre. I've been a spiritual life coach and soul purpose coach since 2012 and I've made it my mission to help you live your's and unlock your true potential.
heal your inner blocks so that your true essence can take the lead and you can live your most fulfilling life
On our spiritual journey we can face many challenges, all of which can be resolved by re-aligning to our Soul Essence and Qualities. Our spirit guides are here to help us, always. And in the Akashic Records they are all here to help you, break old patterns, beliefs, heal old emotions and trauma and liberate your Truth. You have your own personal healing center. I'm here to remind you that everything you need is already inside and around you. Happy Healing!
Nanda Berwers
Nanda Berwers Ananda Soul Travel Soul Mission life coach
Make way for your own inner healing journey
Heal inner blocks, old wounds and emotions

Don't let anything hold you back from what you really want to do. Not even those unconscious blocks and emotional wounds that seem to keep coming back. Heal them on a deep level with the Akashic Records.

Break limiting beliefs and patterns

You have been keeping yourself small for far too long. You know these limiting beliefs and patterns are not serving you anymore. It's time to heal them from the inside out and start to do things differently. Become More You!

"The only thing that is in your way of living your most fulfilling life are your inner blocks, limiting beliefs and past wounds. Are you ready to heal them?"
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