When the question of being ready or good enough to be a Teacher is holding you back from helping others and make an impact on their lives the answer to that question must be simple. When you are waiting to be perfect or when you don’t feel fear anymore, or until you have everything figured out before you start teaching, your students will have to wait an awfully long time. Don’t you think? I believe this question is coming from a place of fear. Here is why you are ready to Teach.

Being a teacher isn’t about being perfect

Being a teacher is more about being real and authentic than about being perfect. Nobody is perfect and every student knows that. The only thing they have to see is the confidence or the thing they lack in you, in order for you to be their teacher. You just need to be a few steps ahead of them. And if where you are, is where they want to be is up to the student, not to you.

Ready or not, you should start telling people where you are and how you got there. There is value is every life lesson and you never know where the student is on their path. They just might get inspired because they are just starting out and have found only people to follow that are so far on their path, it’s harder to relate to.

People want to hear the real story because it helps them to relate. So when you still get emotional telling them how you overcame your greatest obstacle in life. I’m sure they will understand and even relate more. So not fully being healed yet can also be okay. I’m not saying that you should start teaching others when you are still too much in your own process. I’m just saying that you don’t need to be ALL DONE and PERFECT to start teaching.

There are a lot of teachers out there that promise to take you from A to Z in a few months, but the reality is that we all need the time to grow. So probably finding a coach or a teacher that is bringing you from A to D and another that will help you get from D to G can be of much more value to the student’s progress. If you see what I mean.

Timing is everything

That brings me to the second reason why you are ready to teach. The best time for a student to run into a teacher is when they are deliberately looking for someone to help them with a specific problem. Some teachers offer everything under the sky and promise they have the solution for everything.

Yet when a student is struggling with one specific problem and can’t see past the corner it might be too hard to start a course or a coaching program that is promising them everything. The thing they need right now at this moment is what is most important. Timing is everything.

When you have a specific skill or can offer a specific (but small) solution to a problem, and you can describe the problem to solution phase very hands-down and honest to someone that is in that specific situation. Don’t you think she will much rather work with you, then with that big coach that promises everything? Sometimes attending to a big problem, but offer a small solution is exactly the right approach.

So you don’t have to have your Full-Year program finished before you can start teaching. No, you just start with what helped you get to where you are now compared to where you were 3 years ago. Sounds simple right?

Make a bigger impact than you can imagine

Once you start to share your truth and experience about a certain problem or situation and you do that in your authentic voice, people can relate to it much easier. They feel you have been where they are now. At that moment you offer them a small step forward, they are much more inclined to start working with you. Inviting them to take a small step together with you, might take the fear out of the equation too.

It’s what they call in marketing terms – a no brainer.

When you know where they are, see what they need and offer it in small and easy steps. What other answer is there, than ‘yes please’.

The impact you make can be bigger than you can imagine.

Helping someone take their first steps is probably much more important to that person than someone showing them how to improve a skill they already know. The first flight out of the nest is the scariest for a bird taking his first ‘flying lesson’.

When you are the one help them get through this, overcome his fear and start making some real flying experiences. You are making a bigger impact on that life than you can imagine. After their first positive experience, they will learn new skills much easier and have more confidence to try out new things to get them to improve even more. You will have helped to create the ripple effect that got this person into action. Without you, all the things that the first experience will lead up to would not have happened.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

It is much more important to help a person take the first steps, get out of their comfort zone or get them unstuck and into action again than it is to teach them the newest and improved computer skills or social marketing techniques. Those skills will still be important, but not as much as the first boost that got them into action.

The perfect student

You don’t have to be the perfect teacher, have everything worked out and ready before you start. But what you have to look for is the perfect student. Who is that student that can benefit from your expertise right now?

The perfect student is

  • – Clear that he/ she has a problem
  • – Is actively looking for a solution
  • – Is open to trying out new things and ready for change
  • – Has an active learning attitude
  • – And is willing to pay for the results they want

Now attach these characteristics to the topic you are willing to teach and voila! You are one step closer to being a Teacher and changing someone’s life.

Step up to teach = life long learning

The people whose lives you’re about to change are waiting for you to step up and offer your teaching to them. They are eager to learn from you and actively looking for the solution you have to offer.

They need you to step up and take your place in this world as a teacher and an example. We are all in this together. We can learn from one another in more ways than one. Because when you start teaching you will be the one learning the most. Not only will the things you teach integrate even more into your own life, but you also learn new skills when it comes to teaching.

How you present your teachings

How to respond to questions from students

What examples they come with and how to solve those side-problems.

Which media you should use to attract your perfect student.

And so on…

There are no limits in what you can learn as a teacher and what you can later pass on to others again. That’s the fun part. This cycle of passing down your teachings never has to stop. And it will never get boring either. Because the minute you determine your own growth, it’s time to upgrade or update your teachings too.

Are you ready to teach?

I know that this article has made think that this Teaching is possible for you. And that indeed you have something to share with other people, who are desperate for your help and expertise. Yet the little voice inside of your head won’t shut up. “who am I to teach?” “you’re not good enough” “there are already so many teachers that do a better job than you” “are you serious about this?” “you have to learn more before you can teach” and much much more of these BS beliefs.

I have made something for you. It’s a 3-day meditation training to help you get ready and shush your inner critic. You will feel confident and ready in just 3 days.

Sound unbelievable?

I will make it even more unbelievable for you.

I offer this training for FREE because I believe that you are a real teacher and you have it in you to make an impact on the lives of a lot of people. That’s my contribution to your success and my faith in you and in this training are beyond words. You owe it to yourself to take this action. Get ready to be a teacher in 3 days!

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  2. Hi Adrian, welcome to my blog and to the movement of new generation teachers. Keep doing the great work you do. We’ll be in touch.
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