Create the Life you were born to live

Let Life be an Expression of your True Self

Every one of you has an Amazing life waiting on the other side of struggle, doubt and isolation. Knowing this makes you want to Explore your Possibilities and work towards that better life. 

In this NEW program, I will show you a way that has been most effective to me, while I was transforming my life from struggling and painfully lonely, to fulfilling and enjoyable, creating everything that I ever dreamed of and more… 

"I always knew I was meant for more, but couldn't make the right choices. Until I was able to heal my inner blocks and truly let myself be guided."

Your Life, your Creation Journey

All it takes are a few new habits, that make it possible to Invite in the New and Release the old. 

Changing your life from the inside out, so it becomes a match to your True Self.

You will open up to your Deepest Desires, and create a path for yourself that you enjoy! 

Creating a Life beyond your Imagination.  

Experience Life with JOY

Life is supposed to be an enjoyable experience, a magical unfolding of your dreams and desires, and a journey that lights you up from the inside! 

I know you have a Vision for your life, where everything you desire falls into place. And I am here to tell you it’s all possible for you!

With the help of your spirit guides the Universe is showing you the way. Learn to tap into this inner guidance daily with easy-to-follow tool, techniques and meditations and start taking aligned action toward your dreams today. The journey itself is already so much more rewarding and joyful! 

Sacred Sunday Session - self love


When you want to make a big change in your life, there is a lot of resistance coming up in your mind, trying to keep you ‘safe’ aka stuck in the past. 

Releasing your inner sabotage and limiting beliefs is a daily practice. But doesn’t need to be difficult. Learn an easy to use technique and create healthy and supporting beliefs to create the Life you Truly deserve and desire…

Take me up on my offer and see amazing shifts within 14 days of using these methods. 

I Believe Everything is Possible for you!

Now it’s up to you, to believe it too! 

Start living your Best Life Now

You are done walking around in circles, knowing there must be more to life, keeping yourself small or invisible, and not fully believing in yourself and your gifts. 

Right now you are not living up to your True Desires & Dreams.

You have come here to live your best life! (not a mediocre and unfulfilling version of it)

You want to live a life of Fulfilment, Expression, Ease and Joy, and I know this is possible for you. Just by implementing 6 easy to follow steps. 

Sign up and get Lifetime access and support. 


…created especially for you! 

Free yourself from anything that's holding you back from living your best life

What is included in the program

6 modules with easy-to-follow tools and techniques to take your life from stuck to incredible. 


Create a vision that brings a smile on your face and a warm feeling in your heart. A vision that ignites a deeper knowing inside yourself and makes you see what else is possible for you. .


To create the new life you desire you have to release old patterns, beliefs and limitations that have been holding you in the past and keep you from evolving into the Best Version of yourself. Letting go is what opens you up for the new.


Do you believe in Miracles? If you stopped believing that good things are possible for you, and that you are worthy and deserving, this module is going to help you tap into Magic & Miracles again, so you’ll open up to a new lighter and more loving life.


Creating your own dreams is the most rewarding of all. The moment you decide to go on this journey with us, you will take full responsibility for your life and dreams, and start this beautiful creation process called Life!

Aligned Action

The actions of others are not necessarily the right actions for you. What is right for you is given to you by your own inner guidance system. Follow your heart and know exactly what step to take next.

Receive & Allow

Co-creation with the Universe, who is helping you to walk your Divine Path can only happen when you let yourself be guided. Surrendering is about letting go of wanting to control everything and allow yourself to just receive.


6 Modules

€ 397

€ 133

Lifetime Access

You will get lifetime access to this incredible transformational program. 

6 modules filled with High Vibe teachings, Affirmations and Meditation Magic. Each one building upon the other, transforming your life from the inside out. 


I have carefully selected easy to implement tools and techniques that bring you into an elevated state of awareness and help you re-write your subconscious mind. So you clear the way for an Amazing Life where all of your desires and dreams fall into place. 

Start shifting your inner state within 14 days of following these steps, and start consciously creating life together with the Universe! 


A Magical New Life is Waiting for you
on the other side of struggle...

Get easy to implement tools and techniques to steer your life in a positive and magical direction. Learn to co-create with the Universe and unlock your potential to lead your most Authentic Life. Release any blockage, limiting beliefs or emotion and clear the way for the MAGIC that awaits you.. now for €133 you will get life-time access.

Incredible Fast Action Bonus

#1 Authentic Life Path session

When you sign up directly you will get access to my live soul coaching session where you can ask me anything, and prepare you for the Self-Healing journey you are about to go on. Naming and Seeing your blocks before you go into the journey gets you faster results, and more clarity on what you need to work on. 

*Only when you Sign up Today! (first 2 ladies)

#2 Authentic Life Path ebook

When you sign up directly you will get access to my live soul coaching session where you can ask me anything, and prepare you for the Self-Healing journey you are about to go on. Naming and Seeing your blocks before you go into the journey gets you faster results, and more clarity on what you need to work on. 

What have others experienced on this journey

I always knew there was more possible in life, that this wasn't it. So when I heard about my Authentic Life Path and being guided by Soul I knew I had to try this. Now life starts to unfold in a magical way, and I already feel so much more fulfilment. I am eager to know what comes around the corner. I know I am being guided and tap into this daily. Thanks Nanda.
I am really blown away by the results. I get up with so much more confidence and with ease I follow my inner guidance, knowing who I am and where I'm going.
When I look back now and how I started this journey I realized how many things have shifted. Not only in my personal life, but in my business, my overall health and even in my lovelife. This is just magical, beyond my imagination indeed.

Go on the Self-Discovery journey of a lifetime

now for €133 and life-time access. Only 6 sacred spaces available!