Many people say that gratitude is the key to happiness. Feeling gratitude for the things you have, for the opportunities you’ve got. But I found out that this is just 1% of my happiness. It is much more rewarding to live a life of pure authenticity. To me, authenticity is the key to happiness. Being 100% yourself, living the life you chose and doing what you love most. No more pretending, no more fitting in or trying to live up to someone else’s standards. That is the key to a happy life, I guarantee that once you have found your most authentic life, the gratitude will come automatically.

To live your most authentic life you need to answer 4 important questions.

What do you love and enjoy?

Honestly make a list of the things that you love to do, make or be with. If you love to travel, cook, sing, dance, be with your children or partner, write, wear silly hats, make fun of how ducks walk or anything else that makes you smile and you enjoy. Make the list as long or short as you like.

The things you write down tell a lot about the person that you are and the way you would like to spend your days.

Let the things you enjoy be a priority in your life from now on.

That is the number #1 tip I can give you if you want to live a more happy and joyful life.

What are your natural interests?

Authenticity tip #2 spend 90% of conversation on what you are naturally interested in.

Half the conversations you have in your life don’t really interest you, you just go along with the conversation because someone else is enthusiastic about it or it’s just chitchatting to connect with someone. To live more authentic you should bring those conversations back to a minimum of 10%. When you minimize the conversations that don’t interest you, the more time you will have to spend on your natural interests.

I have started to tell people directly, ‘I’m sorry, but this doesn’t interest me.’ and turn my attention elsewhere. Or I make those interactions as short as possible or try to deepen them and give them meaning. Asking “Why is this so important to you?” gives a lot more meaning to the conversation for me. This meant not going to my grandparents very often and avoiding long talks with neighbors. But it was something I felt I needed to do, in order to keep my energy up and vibrant.

Also, I tried to find people where I could have a real conversation with, the type of conversation that nourishes my soul and makes me happy. When I started to actively look for those people, there are more than I can count.

Spend 90% of your time on the things in life that you have a natural interest for. That will double your happiness and saves you a whole lot of time finding excuses to get out of the things you don’t like doing. You’ll be busy with more important things, at least more important to you.

What talents come natural to you?

Going into the domain of doing. When you are creating your most authentic life, it is also important to spend your working hours on something you like doing, that have your natural interest and that you work with a talent that comes natural to you. A job where you can be yourself, 100%.

Living authentic life; make your talents a priority

In order to find a place like that you need to look at the talents you were born with or what you love doing and that come natural to you. The years that I’m working as a coach I have experienced that ‘just being myself’ and ‘sharing my truth’ are very helpful to my clients. It doesn’t cost me anything to share this with them, yet it helps them tremendously. Having a deep conversation comes naturally to me and looking at the deeper meaning of life has always had my interest. It’s like a walk in the park, so natural and I just love love love spending my days like this. Also when I had a job as a nanny it felt very natural. That was the greatest reason I chose that job because it came natural and I could be 100% myself. Recently I added something to my job description, a thing that I took for granted but gives me a lot of joy, writing. I started to grow my business by writing my blog, like this one you’re reading now and offer my copywriting services.

After seeing this example, answer these questions for yourself:

1. What talents come naturally to you?

2. How much can be yourself in the job that you have right now?

In answering these questions some things can come up that surprise you or make you notice that you are not exactly at the right job right now. I want you to think about what it is in your job that does match your personality and core values. Because not only does your authenticity stop here, there is so much more. Some jobs do fulfill the greatest portion of our wishlist when it comes to having a place where we can work and express ourselves.

Create a job description that would perfectly match your Authentic talents, your interests, and your values and look around if there are jobs or fields like that around you. Connect to people who already do what you wish to do and make it clear to the Universe that you want a better matching job. That all begins with getting clear on what you desire. So here’s a job cut out for you.


What is the greatest compliment you ever got?

It seems to me that you have a pretty good image of yourself by now and how your most authentic and happy life is going to look like. Congratulations. Having awareness and vision are very important in making the necessary changes in your life. And maybe you’ve found out that you are already well on your way of creating the life you want for yourself. I hope so.

But before we finish the article, I want to give you one more angle in which you can look at your life and make it even more You. The question: ‘What is the greatest compliment you ever got?’

Most probably it is a word or a sentence that really accurately describes Who you are. The essence of who you are and the way you want people to see you. You see, how people view us is never very important, except the moment when they truly see us for who we really are. That’s when we feel Complete, whole, 100% okay with who we are. It’s the pure reflection on what we want the world to see. Now take that greatest compliment with you, cherish it and know that if that person could see who you truly are, the rest of the world will too one day.

Create the life you want to live - authenticity is the key to happiness

Create your own life, where you can be 100% you

Now visualize the life in which you can be 100% yourself, where you do what you love and spend your time on what brings you joy, talk about the things that have your interest and where you can do what comes naturally to you. Am I right that this life is what is going to make you the happiest? Is there anything else in life that you want, that is not part of this visualization? If there is, check if it is on your ‘love’ list or if it truly has your interest. You can add anything as long as it’s coming from your heart, from your True Self and not something society or the media has made you believe you need.

When you are creating your life and making it possible to be more and more you, there might come a time where you feel misguided or confused. Be sure to check in once in a while with your own Truth Compass to see if you’re still on the right track. 100% authenticity is based on being 100% honest to yourself.

Share in the comments how Authentic your life is right now and what you can do to be even more authentic? How did you like this article and has it made you think about some areas of your life you can add more you?  I’m looking forward to reading your reply and answer your questions.


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  1. I really enjoyed reading this article. Authenticity is who we are so we must project that to others so they to know who we are.

    1. Hi Troy, Thank you for your reply. It is indeed up to us to show the world who we really are.
      It truly is the key to happiness. How would you rate your happiness right now and how is that related to authenticity?
      I’m curious to hear from you.
      Good luck on your soul path.

      100% love Nanda

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