Awaken your SOUL Powers

6 week Deep Dive Intensive to Awaken your Soul Powers

Awaken what is deeply hidden inside

Become who you really are and excellerate your awakening experience

Knowing yourself is the greatest gift in life

You have been looking the wrong way. The secrets you’ve been looking for outside of yourself (that partner, those meaningful jobs/titles that affirm your existence, the friends that make you feel good about who you are) were just a deflection. They have been on your path to show you your beauty, your strength, the Essence of Who you Really Are. 

Really knowing who you are gives you all the clarity, confidence, love and strength you’ve been looking for. 

Opening yourself up for the Splendor that is You – unlocking your potential, seeing how amazing you are and feeling absolutely good about yourself is the Greatest Gift you can give yourself. 

Camino 2020 pilgrimage
Reconnect to yourself - Spain retreat

Playful Expansion

Why you are actually on your SOUL journey is to find out Who you really are and feel the FREEDOM to be yourself. Not a copy of someone else, not what your parents expected you to be, or who your friends are dictating you to be. Those days are behind us.

It’s time to Fully Embrace Who you are, and playfully expand into your True Self, feeling absolutely amazing, free, abundant, loved, energized and secure. 

Together we Rise

I know this SOUL journey can be a lonely road, especially if the friends around you have not awakened yet and have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. They say, your life is great as it is. But you feel that something is missing, or better said: out of alignment. 

In our tribe, you don’t have to hold back, hide your truth or adapt to make sure others understand you or accept you. 

We are here to encourage each other, guide and help each other RISE UP and be our Authentic Self. Connecting on a Deep Soul level – the level where we remember that WE ARE ONE and that we came here with a SOUL PURPOSE. Aho sisters, and welcome. 

Together we rise - Ananda Soul Travel

An Awakened SOUL is a Powerful Changemaker

"I have gotten very valuable lessons working with Nanda. I've become more and more me, since learning my soul purpose and qualities so clearly. I love who I am and I do what I truly love. Teaching others the power of words."
laura - review soul mission course
Power of Words Teacher

Awaken your Soul Powers now

We have a sliding scale available for this wonderful program.
Take this as a sign from the Universe that this is meant to be.

You are born with a Purpose and it's time to Awaken your Soul Powers so you can live your Truth

Long before you were born there was a sacred gathering of SOULS and  there you have decided to play your part in the big Transition that is taking place on Earth. You have signed your contract with the Universe and Knew it was important for you to be here in these times of rapid Change. 

Now it’s time to Awaken and start to Act and live that Promise.

Get super clear on your Purpose

In this SOUL powers Retreat we will dive deep into Who you are and Why you are here. You have a special mission on this earth in this time and we are going to bring clarity and purpose to your life in part 1 of the course.

Make changes to your life from soul

The way you have been doing things in your life are not fulfilling anymore. You want to deepen your relationship with yourself, with life and what you bring to this world.
In week 3 we are going to make some changes and I will teach you a fool proof way how to implement those changes with lasting effect and ease, with the aligned action method.

Awaken the
Soul Powers
Within You

Soul Powers program - Be You

Awaken all your Soul Qualities

How much of your potential are you really using? Do you have any idea?
Do you feel happy, joyful and fulfilled, than you are using your Full Potential.
Do you feel tired, anxious or bored you can be sure there is a part of your potential that's dorment waiting to be awakened! We are going to SHAKE LOOSE and AWAKEN all of your SOUL QUALITIES in week 2 of this course. What I call PlayFul Expansion.

Serve the world in a greater way

You know you are meant for more and will have full access to your SOUL powers and a Clear picture of what you are here to bring to this world. So in week 4 we pay attention to SERVICE and ACTION taking. What are you really here for and how to take aligned action?

Awaken your Soul Powers now

The Soul Powers Deep Dive starts next month... get on the waiting list

Change yourself

Stop hiding your true colours, become the self-confident and awake version of yourself. Say goodbye to insecurities and negative thinking, and say Yes to yourself

Change your life

Forget about being the victim of your circumstances. Become the leader and creator of your realitiy. There is so much more potential inside of you, and it's time you start using it.

Change your world

The world you choose to live in is created by you and the choices you make for yourself. The way you see the world, the way you see yourself and the people around you. Change the way you see, and the things you look at change.

Be the Change

When you have awakened all of your Soul Powers there is no reason not to go after your Biggest Dreams. You were meant to make a difference and be the change you want to see in this world. The Time is NOW!

Your Soul Powers program

This is what’s included in the Awaken your Soul Powers Program

Total worth: 

€ 1.177,- 

247 - 447 sliding scale

*The first 3 changemakers will receive 1:1 soul coaching as a bonus

Some Experiences

Doing this course was a gift sent from heaven. Exactly what I needed in my life to bring me back. I now not only know that I am Light, but I feel it every day. I am glowing and people ask me how I can be so radiant, while going through a hard time in my life. My secret: Nanda's course & my connection to my Soul team. I feel like I've hit Gold!
Soul Powers Harriet review
CEO of her life
I knew already what my Soul Purpose was but I felt a bit off track. Nanda helped me to come back to myself and align with my powers and purpose. Now I feel more powerful and am being softer to myself, embracing my Female Power even more, implimenting it into my life. I loved the accountability coaching. Very inspiring course I recommend to everyone on their Soul Purpose journey.
Felicity - find your soul purpose
Femininety coach

About Nanda

Hi beautiful souls,

My name is Nanda and I will be your spiritual guide on this journey. Four weeks of deep emerge learning and awakening your potential and soul powers. 

My own awakening journey began in 2012, when a Burn-out and big trouble at work knocked me off my lifespath and on to this one. My Soul path, the one I was truly born for. Since then I have done many courses, self-development, and really enriching soul travel journeys (many of which related to Cusco Peru). In reality those journeys were there to guide me Home, to reconnect and remember my Soul Essence. 

Now I’ve been guiding Souls on this awakening journey for more than 8 years, and it’s the most fulfilling I’ve ever felt. I know what it takes to break free out of the box of society, the challenges that brings, how it feels like to be unwanted or misunderstood, and what I’ve learned; it was all part of me finding my Truth and going my own way.

The Soul journey I’m on is ever-evolving, always changing. Every time I feel like I’ve arrived a new deeper layer presents itself. A fascinating journey of unfolding into the new. There is one thing that never changes though, and that’s my Soul and my Soul Powers. They have been my guiding light, my rock, my safety net and I can’t wait to give that to you too. Awaken that inside of you, so you will always have that guiding light.

Let's Rise Up together Sisters
and Awaken your Soul Powers

Nanda Berwers - Soul Purpose Coach


Become who you
are meant to be!

Awaken the SOUL Powers Within You


Deep dive with us in the wonderful world of Being You and get real results:

  • MORE … YOU
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Being part of this 6-week Deep Dive program means you are ready to GO ALL IN, with an open mind and are willing to look honestly to yourself and expand the way you look at your life. You will start to see the magic and experience yourself as the Wonder that you are. It will change your life forever. I promise you will be in for a treat. It’s going to be fun, light, transformative, and magical. 


The more you step into this program and actively participate, the more you’ll get out of it. Going through the steps, doing the homework, supporting others in the group and sharing your experience. You will be rewarded for your active role by getting the most results for yourself, and building lasting friendships along the way. 

There is only one way to Change your Reality and that is to change the way you look at yourself and your life, and actively take the role of the leader of your life. In this program I’ll help you do that! 

This is for you when...



Find all the goodness that is inside you

and take control over your life from SOUL