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The Universe has a plan for you

The world is ready for a Change … a mayor shift and we have been preparing for this for decades. Now the time has come for all the lightworkers and changemakers to awaken their full potential. 


We are meant to RISE together as One.

To be the Change we want to see in this world.

And you are not in this alone!!

Together with the guidance from this book and your soul brothers and sisters we are going to make history. Create a ripple effect and become the new age leaders of today.

Here is your chance to be part of this great SHIFT and be guided every step of the way. 

In this book our Universe talks to us, through our spirit guides and support us through this big shift, this moment in time we’ve all been waiting for.

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“I always love the courses and things Nanda puts out into this world. It resonates so much with me and I feel her love and support always. I'm curious about this new book."

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Living the Higher Life

“Feeling so excited for you to be launching this book. If it is as powerful as your meditations and courses I'm sure it will shift me into my next level self. Bring it on!"


11 Reasons to read this book

Chapter #1: You are and never were alone

Get unconditional support from the Universe and break the feeling of loneliness for good.

Chapter #2: Unconditional Love

The love you know on planet earth is not LOVE. Experiment and experience true unconditional love in your life.

Chapter #3: Selflessness

The first step in creating a new world is shifting your focus from selfish to selfless. You will see that everything you personally desire is taken care of.

Chapter #4: Oneness

The truest religion for the new golden age is Oneness. Learn to look through the eyes of love and experience We are One.

Chapter #5: Awareness

You are all waking up to a new consciousness and therefore creating a new reality, thanks to your awareness.

Chapter #6: Higher Guidance

You are being guided every step of the way. Listen to your Higher guidance and experience the miracles in your life.

Chapter #7: Action vs non-action

You each play a different role in the creation of the new earth. Know why you are here and take aligned action.

Chapter #8: self supporting community

Each person has a unique role to play in their community and everyone is interrelated to one another. Therefore has a vital role in the creation process.

Chapter #9: the New Golden Age has begun

The time has come... you can stop waiting for the right moment. Your moment to shine and BE ALL of who you came here to be is NOW.

Chapter #10: here we will be, always

Your spiritual guides are always here to guide you, to lead you on this spiritual path and show you what the plan of the Universe is for you.

Chapter #11: Together as One

Our ultimate reality is that of ONENESS - it is the only truth that connects all of creation together. Let us Live as ONE once more.

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3d book The Universe has a plan for you

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The spiritual guide for the new golden age

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You are on this journey to unlock all of your potential and Dive into the Purpose you came here to live. It was not an accident that you were born into these times, you were meant to play a vital role in the creation of the New Golden Age. 

The Universe is here to guide you. Get guidance and support to become One with the Plan of the Universe and play your part in the big shift that this world now needs.

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We are all here to be the best version of ourselves

When I finally allowed myself to surrender and let go of my fear a whole new world opened up for me. These guiding texts will help you to surrender into your best version of yourself too."

Nanda has shown me my light

After just one month Nanda has shown me my light and my personal connection to the Universe has improved tremendously. She is the one that could write this book, and translate the magic of the Universe to us. I am sure this book is the Next Step for all of us.

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Ready to Play your Part in the Creation of a New World?

You are all a sacred selection of qualities and traits that are needed in this time.
Unlock your potential as you learn to live in Oneness with all that IS, and create a new world together.

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