Feel like Flying again after a long hard walk...

This is where your new beginning starts

Integrate your Camino

Has something happened that you can’t get your mind around or you just need someone to talk to so that you can integrate all the changes you have gone through during your Camino. 

I’ll help you get clarity and integrate your Camino so that you can go home with more Ease and a sense of Fulfillment. One session is mostly enough. 

The Perfect Finish

It can be such a GREAT feeling to finish your Camino. It’s an amazing accomplishment and you have grown so much from the experience. A great finish can take your Camino back home as a Trofee. 

Let me help you make those Golden lessons and gems conscious, so you can preserve them for life. 

Through guided meditation and tapping you will become a NEW YOU, ready to take this experience and extend the victory all through your life. 

Healing your subconscious

El Camino can really shake you up and give you a clear vision of your inner struggles and fears. It tends to make the invisible visible. 

In a Healing session we’ll uncover those fears and have them take their natural place. You can break free from all that no longer serves you and break the old patterns before you go back into your daily routine again. 

Walk through life with more ease and joy, free of obstacles and the inner wisdom and strength to heal. 

Watch the video to have an impression of El Camino. Whether or not you will make a video from your experience, there are things you will want to remember…

"Reaching the end of the world I was devistated that the Camino way of living had come to an end and we had to wake up to another 'reality' again... Or was there a way we could continue Camino?"
Chris Jones
Travel Blogger

Continue your Camino in Life ...


Take time to reflect on your Camino, savour the experience, filter out the lessons and become a better person because of it


El Camino is a great teacher and can be life changing for you. Integrating all that you have learned requires awareness and dedication.

New Beginning

Once it's time to go home you will be given a Second Chance, a new beginning to continue your Soul path and find the signs on your camino

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