I was 31 years old and let go at my job in the midst of my burn-out. A confusing and emotional time for me. I had doubts about everything. Who could I trust? What was I supposed to do now? How could I know what was the right choice for me? What would my future look like now?

It was hard to get my life back together, to know what I wanted in such an emotional and turbulent time. I didn’t even know where to get started and there was nobody around that I could ask for help. I was lost and alone and the world I had known was crumbling down around me.

If I had known what I know now, I wouldn’t have been so worried, so scared and so sad.

The steps I took to get from this situation into a more promising and empowering situation:

  1. Take care of myself and take back the responsibility of my life
  2. Discover what I wanted most and what I saw myself doing in the future.
  3. Make choices that served this vision
  4. Started my new beginning.

It was in this year that I started my business, traveled to Peru, reconnected to my Soul and successfully finished my coaching course, healing myself from burn-out, dependency, anxiety and fears. It was a complete Transformation of my life.

It is the year that made me grow exponentially and that I’m most proud of.

All that I learned that year and the choices I’ve made lead me to this day.

Today I can work independently, coaching people in their Transformational process, helping them wake up to a new reality. I write, teach, coach and do all the things that make me feel valuable and free.  I am even moving to Spain in the spring and start my long time dream of opening my own spiritual center. I have created this life, and the hard times have made me realize what it actually is that I want. From that year onward, there was no turning back.

Because that’s the case with a Transformational year. It changes Who you are.

When you see yourself differently, your life changes. When you see yourself like this new version of you, the choices you make are different. And when you make different choices, the outcome is different and more in line with what you really want. All you need to do is make ‘the right’ choices and go with it. Stay with what you believe in…

Making the right choices

When I was still in my dark hours I didn’t know what I wanted, at least that is what I told myself. But soon after I took the time to rest and realized that the rest of my life was up to me and nobody was coming around to save me. I took back that responsibility and made decisions that changed my life.

You will always be guided to ‘the right choices’ and you can go look for them. You can look at what you don’t want anymore. The answers also come forward when you allow your mind to be still, through meditation or a mindful walk in nature. You can also look at what inspires you and follow your natural interest. Or go back in your mind and find the real reason why you do what you do, what you love most about it or what you prefer to do when it was all up to you.

The right choices are always resonating with your heart.

No one else can tell you what is ‘right’ for you. There is no school you can go to, or book that is going to tell you exactly what is right. Luckily there are tools that you can use to find your answers. My personal favorites are books, meditations and coaching, combined with energy healing.

  • Books like “First believing then seeing”, “The power of now”, “The Universe has your back” and many many more have helped me re-discover my truth.
  • I am confident that with meditation, visualization and EFT healing I recovered from burn-out and other anxiety and fear related stories that I was holding on to.
  • My daily meditation practice and prayers from “the Universe has your back” show me the way each and every day of my life, to keep going in ‘the right direction’.

I use all these tools when coaching my clients and I have been hearing incredible transformational stories about how our coaching sessions or one conversation has changed their lives. It is very rewarding to do this work and to help others make their own life changing transformations.

Personal Transformation

Because all transformations are personal, I love to work one on one with my clients. But there is also something that unites all transformations, and that is the natural flow of creation. Which starts with a desire to change.

Do you have desire to change? A long time dream that you want to start living or moving towards? Or a situation that you desperately need to get out of? Both are an indication that it’s time for a Change.

Book your free session Change your life in 60 seconds and we’ll make a personal change plan for you.


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