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Get Clarity on your Purpose

You have come to the point in your life where you think: What is it all for? Why am I here? What is my Purpose in life?

This question can come to you when you are bored or not satisfied with the life you’re living, or just when you have come to a crossroads in your life and wonder what else is possible for You. 

You’ve come to the right place, because it is my mission to help you realize your full potential, get everything out of yourself and your life and feel extremely happy with the life you create for yourself. Your Soul has come here for a reason – a Soul Purpose, one that is aligned with your passions, your interests, your talents and your potential. And I’m here to help you uncover this Soul Purpose and help you to step onto your new path, make your dreams a reality. 

Soul Purpose Clarity coaching
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Is there more to my life?

Life can be such a puzzle, a maze of different roads you can take. And it can be overwhelming and confusing to know which choice is the best for you. Living your life on autopilot and repeating the same things over and over is not making you happy. Lately you’ve been wondering, what else is possible? Or even thought: “Is this it?”

I know that when you are not clear on where you’re going, life just takes you and not always to the places that are  most fulfilling. Time just passes by, and you feel like you have no choice but to continue on the hamster wheel, afraid you will fall if you don’t. 

The first insight you want to have is to Know that you Do have a Choice and thát you are ready to find out What the Next step is for you… That curiosity has opened you up to the guidance from Soul and brought you here now. 

Believe it or not, the Universe has a Plan for you and has guided you here so you can find out what it is. 

Let your Purpose set you Free

Knowing who you are and why you are here is already going to be so rewarding. It will bring inner peace, confidence, clarity and gives you a direction to move your life forward and into the next level.

Your Soul Purpose will set you Free, and help you realize that you are a gift and have something magical to share with this world. You will see your own unique qualities and how everything in your life has led up to this moment. Who you are is exactly who you need to be, to live your Purpose. No more worries, doubts or fear about your future, but knowing exactly why you are here!

Let’s set you Free so that you can be All of You, and play the role you were born to play in the unfolding of the new earth. Are you ready to claim your position in this world and blossom as the beautiful shining star that you are? 

Rise to the next level - live your Purpose
"I felt so seen and heard in our sessions. Nanda has truly opened my eyes and heart more for who I really am. I feel more confident and have embraced my gift. Now I use my soul powers to speak more freely and stand in my truth. It makes me a better version of myself."
Milan Meijer

Get Clear on your Purpose ...

1:1 Soul Purpose coaching

Get all the clarity you need on your Soul Purpose and awaken the Unique qualities to design the life you desire and deserve.

What transformations we will work through: 

Choose the road how you want to get there

There are many ways in which you can Live your Soul Purpose and get clarity. And there are also different ways to work with me. You can either decide to join the Conscious Playground or work 1:1 with me as my VIP.

Choose what feels most aligned.

soul Powers program


Dreams Made Real 1:1 coaching package


You will have 2-3 private coaching sessions a month for the duration of 90 days. (8 meetings) and weekly chat support.

Lifetime access to my BONUS self-study course Self Healing with the Akashic Records

Nanda Berwers - Soul Purpose Coach

About Nanda

Living your Soul Purpose means you are willing to get uncomfortable for your own growth. It means you are willing to let go of the definitions you had about yourself, and want to step into the next version of you. Believe there is a better life for you! and take steps to create your dream life. 

I have gone this road before you and know what you can encounter on the journey. I’m here to guide you through it, hold space for you, keep you in alignment with your Truth and help you develop the skills and the courage to take aligned action. I will also guide you through any block that is holding you back to step into your potential, and show you easy and fun ways to create your dreams. Life gets to be Easy, Joyful and is here to Inspire you.

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Some of the methods I work with apart from using my unique gifts intuition are: 

Soul Purpose Clarity coaching

Why working with a coach

I know that working with a coach that holds the vision for you, and is in the frequency where you want to be is going to take you to that next level. Every time I decide to work with a coach, this is what I ask myself. 

Is this coach making me feel that there is more possible for me? Do I feel a stretch and will I be able to give my all in this connection, open up fully? 

I need to know this coach is going to mirror my Best Self and that I trust her enough to open up for my own growth, and dare to be vulnerable, wise and all of me. Do you feel called to work with her? 

That’s something your intuïtion tells you. 

Sign up below when you do! 

Am I your Soul Purpose mirror?

How are you going to uncover all the magical, life-changing talents and qualities that you have inside of you? I mean the ones you are not aware of yet, the ones that are hidden?
First, you need a vision of your Future Self and be mirrored by someone that sees your potential. I am that person. One of my many talents is that I see your Potential, even before you do. 

Talk to me, and see what magic we can create.

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* All coaching packages start with an intake session, to align our energies and get clear on your Soul goals.
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