"I knew I had much more to give to the world, but I was sabotaging myself and holding myself back to play full out. This space gives me that little push to get out of my comfortzone and it's fun and playful to be here."
Surya Love

Follow your Inner guidance

Finding what is the right path for you to take in  life, is not coming from someone else than you. You know what is right for you, and learning to trust your inner guidance again is vital.

In the Conscious Playground we are Inviting you to awaken that potential again, tap into your intuition daily and build a strong and unwavering faith in your own inner Guide. Who knows exactly where you are now, and what is the next aligned action to take. Tapping into your Truth, and Walking through life with more Confidence, Clarity, Direction and Ease. 

Reconnect to yourself - Spain retreat

Heal yourself quick and deeply

When you are in a rud, struggling or feeling off – what you need is to come back into alignment with pure Joy, Love and Ease.

You have access to everything you need for your own healing. Tapping, emotional freedom technique, hypnosis and working with the Akashic Records will give you the Power to break free from those limiting beliefs, and energy blocks that are holding you back from Being All that you are. 

You  were meant to be Rocking this Life, be extremely Magical and live your most Joyful Life. And you come into that state when you heal your inner blocks. Become your own Healer! 

You are wise beyond words

When you realize you are your Own Guru, you don’t have to go and look very far. Just connecting you back to what is TRUE for you, will automatically align you with your higher power. Making you feel more empowered, wise and unbreakable. 

You are wise beyond words. You can write books, create courses and guidelines that will help you to CREATE YOUR BEST LIFE EVER!! 

In the Conscious Playground you will be challenged, invited and supported in becoming all that you are here to be, and create with effortless ease the life that you desire. 


Nanda Berwers - Soul Purpose Coach

become your own guru, guide & Healer

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Get focused

You want to have clarity on your life mission and goals, but feel like you are constantly losing your focus. Let the conscious community help you determine your priorities. Because when you're on your Soul Path everything feels more aligned and focus is easy.

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Get motivated

Feeling de-motivated or overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done...? There might be an old pattern or fear playing up. Get right back into your motivation and true power with the Guide & Guru practices and lighten up your inner fire or motivation and power.

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Get guidance

On a soul level you know exactly what to do and where you are going. It's just a matter of aligning yourself with that truth again and again. Your inner guidance helps you stay on your path and guides you every step of the way.

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Healing your inner blocks

When you feel stuck, or passive and (old) emotions play up, a deep healing session with the akashic records will wash away all of your fears, worries and doubts and help you feel amazing in an instant. Don't give your sabotage mechanism any chance to get in your way.

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Confidence & Ease

Never let your insecurities, self-sabotage and inner critic stop you again. Instead know exactly who you truly are and get super confident in what your soul came here to do. At Conscious Playground you will experience what it truly feels like to be ALL OF YOU - and be more confident than ever before.

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Unleash your super powers

Awaken all of your potential by being in the energy of who you came here to be! Play full out in a sacred container of likeminded sisters, who are here to witness your growth, hear your wisdom and playfully expand with you into owning your Super Powers.

Choose the perfect package

Become your own guide


Become your own Guru


Become your own Healer


You are your own Guru, Guide & Healer

Come and Play Full Out in the Conscious Playground. Give yourself Full Permission to be All of you, and Find the Answers that you've been looking for inside yourself. 144 euro per month.

When you decide to go ALL IN - 3 month package

Go all in and get these EXTRA bonusses value €198 for free

BONUS #1 live soul coaching

When you sign up directly you will get access to my live soul coaching session where you can ask me anything, and prepare you for the Self-Healing and Self-exploration journey you are about to go on. Naming and Seeing your blocks and desires before you go on the journey gets you faster results, and more clarity on what you need to work on. 

Value 99 euro

you being all you came here to be
your soul aligned life 100%

BONUS #2 Akashic Self Healing

My special Course Akashic Records Self-Healing will help you to access your personal self-healing team, all the lightmasters, spiritguides, and mystical creatures that are at your service, to help you Heal any inner block (mental, emotional, physical, and energetic). Having your own recording of the Akashic Self-Healing journey means you can go to ‘your inner healer’ at any given moment, and shift the energy within 15 minutes. 


Akashic Self healing course

You are here to experience your full potential and play full out

You have come to this earth with a Purpose and a Specific Soul Blueprint that is making this Purpose easy and natural to you. The only thing that is standing in your way are your inner blocks, low self-esteem, limiting beliefs, trauma, and fears. We are going to Wake you up to the potential to

Stand in your Power,

Shine your Light,

Speak your Truth and

Become Unstoppable

and Create Magic

– by tapping into your Limitless Potential. 

Become your own
Guru, Guide & Healer

Go ALL-IN with the 3-month package and save 10%

and get fantastic bonuses for FREE

Conscious Playground
full package



Frequently asked questions

You are diving into a Conscious Playground, which means you will have an active community to share the journey with, get LIVE group coaching sessions on Guru, Guide and Healer, receive online course on all these topics, and get 2 masterclasses per month. You will have support in our community for living the best life you can. Being your own Guru, Guide and Healer. 

When you are looking for the best option; the lowest price will be € 399 for the full package (save 10% + 198 euro Bonus material). When you sign up for just one month, it’s 144 euro. Upgrading to full package is always possible. 

Yes, anyone can do this course. It is meant to awaken the potential that is already inside of you and building that musscle of trusting the answers you have inside yourself. Whether you are already connected to your inner guides, or just starting out. This is a Playground where you can Expand into sharing More of You, and trusting that everything you need is inside. 

Every month you will get access to the special Guru, Guide & Healer courses, which you can play with in your own time. Course is around 90 minutes (3 x 30 minutes) & playtime depending on you.

There will be twice per month group coaching calls /masterclasses, which will be 1 – 1,5 hour to connect with each other and play with the tools that were given in the course. Giving each other feedback, and using this time to share and aliven our playground. 

Once you are signed up you will be added to our Conscious Playground community, where you can share your journey and get online support 5 days a week.  It’s a conscious playground, so you’re invited to play full out, and share your special gifts and talents with the group. The more you Play, the more you will get out of it.

We will do group coaching every other week, where you can ask your questions and we’ll do group healings and soul activations together. After this playful expansion is easy! 

When this community has not opened you up for playing full out and you are not 100% happy, I will give you your money back within 21 days after purchase. Ofcourse you have played full out to get the most out of your experience (attending at least 2 live meetings).

When you have any more questions click Contact 

join conscious playground

value €198 for FREE