Dream Creator Program

Create your Dream
in 6 weeks or less

The most Aligned and Natural way to Create your Dream project.
Let's take Inspired Action now!

Say yes to your inspiration

I’ve made it my mission to help you launch your course, finish your book, create your cards and truly live out your Creative Dream. 

We are all fully capable of being Creative.

Of making our dreams a reality.

If you were not the person to live this Dream

you wouldn’t be having it. 

The Inspiration for your book / course or cards came to YOU,

no one else. It came to you and all your need to do is say YES

Say yes to your Inspiration - Dream Creator
Take aligned action on your dream

Don´t let anything stop your creation

… so what happens after those first few days of excitement.

You are falling behind on your schedule…

You feel a bit less motivated…

Other people’s opinions suddenly get to you

and you get frustrated and overwhelmed by all the steps you need to take. 

And CREATION is messy like that, it’s okay!

What is NOT Okay, is you giving up on your DREAM 

or saving it for later and tomorrow, when everything just settles down a bit , or when you have more time, more energy etc…

Those are lovely excuses! (but nothing more than that)

You are Here to Create your Dreams and you are Meant to Live them Now

Remain the course

All you need is Dedication, Motivation, Diligence, Trust and Consistent Action and you have more than enough inside of you to come out with a Great Result. 

So what is stopping you? 

Do you have trouble staying the course?

Do you find yourself second guessing yourself, or wonder if you are good enough? 

Do you make excuses and place other things above your dreams, and postpone like a … (I can’t think of a metaphor right now, but you get it right) 

What you need are PROVEN and CREATIVE steps that guide you through.

Want to know more?

Take your Dreams out into the World - dream creator
become an unstoppable dream creator

Don´t let anything stop your creation

I remember when I constantly used to block my creations, start a new project before finishing the first one (just to avoid failure). And I also remember those projects that were actually too big to chew and I just lost myself in it and was feeling stuck for months… And I even have great creations lying around, that never saw the light of day… because … Oh, I lost interest or told myself: they were not good enough. 

You see, all creation processes can be a bit messy. 

But there is also a very logical order, which is going to help you from start to finish to create the project / course / book / card deck or others with effortless ease, following the 5 elements of the CREATION PROCESS.

I have created so much and so can you with total ease

Create online programs, design your card deck, write books in 60 days or less

I’ve created 3 online programs in 83 days

I wrote my book (197 pages) in 4 – 6 weeks in the Spring of 2015. I made many e-books and mini-courses in less than 3 weeks in 2019, I have written another book just this past year and everything has come to me with complete ease and flow. 

Letting the creative energy of the Universe flow through me, and with the help of the 5 element creation process, every dream creation I’ve had came to life in less than 4 weeks. We all have the capacity to do this. You just need to focus and commit to what you truly want to create, and then follow the 5 natural steps of creation. It is that easy! 

How I created 3 online trainings in 83 days

Create your online course

You have all those ideas and inspiration running in your head, but can't seem to find the time to actually sit down and DO IT.

Write a book in less than 4 weeks

Write a book in 90 days

You've always wanted to write a book, but have talked yourself out of it too many times. Now commit to your Dream and get writing... with the alignment from the Universe it will al flow with much more ease, and you'll get things Done!

Embrace your inner warrior - courage and confidence from within

Become unstoppable in your creations

Go all out with your Creativity and let all of your Inspiration come to fruition. You have so much to share with this world. It's about time to own it and start Creating!

Creation Process based on Nature Itself

The 5 elements of Creation


I’m going to tell you: I have been using the 5 Elements.

Air, Fire, Earth, Water and Wood.

Since I’ve been following the Natural creation process with the 5 elements,  procrastination, self-doubt, stuckness and more creationstoppers have NO Chance anymore. 

I know exactly what element to add, what to do to get unstuck

and how to keep moving with effortless ease in my creation process. 

And I am ready to share it with you!!

You have been dreaming of your own BOOK for ages.

You have so much inspiration that you can fill a whole e-course / online program. 

You are inspired to create a beautiful card deck, but have not actually started creating yet.

It’s time to FOCUS on your DREAM,

and make it a REALITY.

Who is going to join me for this CREATIVE JOURNEY with the 5 elements? 

Become an unstoppable Dream creator

Dream Creator program paint

Day-by-day action guide

You will have direct access to a day by day action guide and guided meditation to bring you into alignment and get your creative juices flowing, and your mind, body and soul in alignment.

Dream Creator program paint

Transform your beliefs

While working on your dreams you will be also working on your beliefs and confidence. The reason Why you are the One who is perfect to Create this. Shift all your doubts into Supporting Beliefs.

Dream Creator program paint

Do more in less time

Working with the 5 elements you will notice you get more things done in less time, and everything flows with more ease. You never feel stressed or anxious again.

Dream Creator program paint

High Vibe Creation

Create together with the Universe and notice how easeful everything just comes together. Get into a Creative Flow with my High Vibe Atunement Exercise.

Dream Creator program paint

Amazing Support

The great thing is, you don't have to do this alone. You will be supported by your fellow dream creators, and have my personal guidance on the journey. Weekly Group Meetings - and daily support as needed.

Dream Creator program paint

Community of Dream Creators

You will have unlimited access to our Dream Creators Community, where you can share your raw drafts, ask for opinions, and might even find your first clients.

Dream Creator program paint

Easy and Effective

You will get lifetime access to the 5 elements of Creation training and start using it to your advantage. Creation will become effortless and you will improve your productivity with as much as 70%.

Dream Creator program paint

Guaranteed Results

I am only working with the most commited people, who truly want to take action on their Dream. When you implement all that you get in this training you will guaranteed make lots of progress on your Dream Creation and may even finish the first draft of your book in 6 weeks.

Create your Dreams Until they become Reality

About Nanda

I’ve made it my mission to help you launch your course, finish your book, create your cards and truly live out your Creative Dream. Whatever it is you’ve been dreaming about – that Dream is there for a Reason.

All of the Inspiration that has come to me (including this program) I have said Yes To.

and I’m inviting you to say Yes to your Creations Too, and start having fun on this creative journey.

Dream Creator Program

What is the DREAM that you have been dreaming to CREATE?

Tune into that DREAM for a little bit, and feel the enthusiasm and excitement around it. 

What we are going to do together is Turn this Feeling into Creative consistent Actions, so that you can present your CREATIVE DREAM to the world in less than 6 weeks. 

How does that sound? 

Amazing right? 

Well, I shall make it even more interesting for you. 

Apart from the Online DREAM CREATOR program *value €347,-  you will also have access to LIVE group coaching sessions with me, where I hold you accountable and give you hands-on practices to work with the 5 elements and keep going on this CREATIVE journey. (VALUE € 497). Step by step, element by element we are going to CREATE your DREAM together. 

I can’t wait to get my hands on your book or card deck before Spring!! 

Can you??

Dance your way through - dream creator program
Create your Dream in 6 weeks or less

Fast Action reward

React immediately when you feel it is TIME to start CREATING YOUR DREAM. 

There is no time like the present. 

Sign up NOW and you will be guaranteed a place in the 6-week DREAM CREATOR program and have lifetime access to the 5 Elements of Creation training.

Time investment: 1 hour per week and additional hours for the creation of your dream. 

Location: Online from the comfort of your own home

Times: Friday at 19.00 uur (CEST) live groupcoaching session / 

on Monday at 10.00 the course modules will be released. 

What is included: 

  • Dream Creator Program € 347
  • Six LIVE group coaching sessions € 497 
  • Dream Creator Worksheets € 18
  • BONUS ‘The 5 elements of Creation’
  • BONUS ‘The Aligned Action method’
  • FAST ACTION BONUS: 1:1 VIP session € 137

NOW going on the market for € 597 

WHEN you Sign up immediately (before the countdown timer strikes 0 0 0 0 ) you will have direct access to everything for an insanely low price of : € 297 

6 weeks together on this Creative journey, 

plus an additional opening and closing ceremony. 

January 10, 2022 at 10.00 am you’re getting the first element of the creation course

Take action on your dreams today

Creation has never come so natural to you. You will create everything you desire with much more ease and flow.