It's time to Bring your Gift out into the world

The dream you have been postponing deserve to become a Reality. Get into Creation Mode on the Highest Level. 

It's about time ...

You can keep telling yourself it’s not the right time, or that you don’t have to time to spend on creating your Dream. But you know that it the illusion that keeps you stuck. 

It’s about time that we break that pattern, and start showing up for our True Desires and Dreams. 

Have you wondered what would happen if you start creating TIME for your Dreams. How your life would change, and How good you would feel about yourself. Let alone what impact you would be making right now, if you had only made the time to … 

Bring the Magic - bring your gift out into the world
The Universe will catch you Bring the magic


Become clear on your vision and why it is that you want what you want to create. The bigger the Dream the more Focus and Motivation ​


Let your burning desire shine so bright that it will attract all that you need to manifest your dreams into reality​


Bringing your dreams to life with the 5 elements creation formula will not only bring your dreams into reality but with much more ease and fun and in natural flow. ​


Take aligned action and build momentum at the same time. Get into an inspiration flow aligned with your dreams and your natural rhythm. ​


Bring your dream to life and make an impact with your creation. Attract the right people into your energyfield with the NEW Client Attraction Method I've recently discovered. ​

Get Motivated, Aligned and into action to make your Dream a Reality

Stay motivated and focused

Get your motivational fire burning so bright that you will attract what you need, to bring your Dreams into reality. With so much inspiration and motivation you will stay focused longer. 

align daily with your dream

Learn a Higher level creation ritual that will help you align daily with your Dream, so you will make it into a Reality with more flow and ease. Get Higher Guidance and Trust in the Support of the Universe. 

Impact with your Creation

After these 6 weeks you have made consistent progress in reaching your goals. Ready to make an Impact with your Creation.

The world is waiting for your Gift. Make sure that you take all aligned actions necessary to turn your dreams into reality. Sign up today! 

Dreams made easy

I have done it and so can you...

My name is Nanda and I am a spiritual life purpose guide. I help women like you with a mission to bring out their gift into the world, with more passion, ease and joy. 

When you follow the Dream Creation steps of the 5-elements combined with spiritual guidance and aligned action, I am certain that your Dream will become a reality in no time. 

I have done it and so can you! 


Nanda Berwers Soul mission life coach Ananda Soul travel

Over the last summer I’ve created 3 online trainings in 83 days.

I wrote my book (197 pages) in 4 – 6 weeks in the Spring. I made many e-books and mini-courses in less than 3 weeks. 

Letting the creative energy of the Universe flow through me, and with the help of the 5 element creation process, every dream creation I’ve had came to life in less than 4 weeks. We all have the capacity to do this. You just need to focus and commit to what you truly want to create, and then follow the 5 natural steps of creation. It is that easy! 

I made 3 online trainings in 83 days

I wrote my first book within 6 weeks

I created e-books and mini-courses

Embrace your inner warrior - courage and confidence from within

"I am the kind of person that Never Stops Dreaming. And I won't let you give up or postpone your dreams any longer either. Rise up to the challenge and do what you came here to do. I'll be right here with you, every step of the way."

Nanda Berwers

Nanda Berwers - Soul Purpose Coach

What do you Desire to Create in less than 6 weeks?

You always had the idea to write a book. But staying on track long enough to finish it has been a challenge for you. Learn how to stay motivated and on track, while bringing your Dream to Life. 

Do you dream about playing the guitar or starting a work from home job, and you need to take on a new studies. Yet life keeps getting in the way and you just can’t seem to take the time to DO IT. Start with these 6 weeks and get momentum and accountability. 

If you have dreamed of creating your own community and you haven’t come any further than just setting up a facebook page. I challenge you to join our 6 week program, and get into the Natural Flow of creating what you Dream about. 

I remember when I entered a blog writers program and people said they wrote blogs every day, I thought they were crazy. Until I got the hang of it and my creative juices started flowing constantly. I invite you to join the 5 elements creation process, and have an continuas stream of inspiration for life. 

No matter what dream you have that needs consistant and aligned action, I know for a fact that you will make much more progress when you do it in a group, with accountability coaching and aligned tools and guidance. We won’t let you off that easy, and are here to get you through the hard parts …

What would you do for your Dream to come True?

Now be honest, is there anything you wouldn't do?

Take aligned action on your dream

What clients say about their Dream Creation process

Fabrina Willemse - zangcoach en ziekenhuis moeder

I stayed true to my Big Dream and have recorded my Healing Music on CD. Nanda believed in me from the beginning and supported my Dream. I feel much more aligned and I have been passionately creating ever since.

Fabrina Willemse

Yes, I finally did it. I finished my book. The moment I had the first copy in my hands I was so filled with love. I am ready to share my story with the world now. And I have had so many great responses already. What's next?? Haha, burning creativeness.


It has worked for my clients and it will work for you!! 

They have started their podcast, created an online program, made a CD and wrote a book.

They have managed to finish what they dreamed about for so long. And now it’s time for you too!! 

I welcome you to join our 6 week accountability program and get your Inner Fire burning so Bright that you will attract what you desire. 

Choose Your PLAN

Pick a payment plan that best fits your needs. 

All plans include live coaching and Q&A sessions for extra support.

payment plan


6 payments 

Get the full 5 element dream creator program

Alignment exercises to unlock your creative flow

LIVE groupcoaching every Friday

Accountability coaching to finish your projects with ease.

Payed in full


1 payment

Get the full 5 element dream creator program

Alignment exercises to unlock your creative flow

LIVE groupcoaching every Friday

Accountability coaching to finish your projects with ease.

You will make your dream a Reality

The only question is When. 

Are you going to wait for the right time?

Are you going to wait until you are an Expert? 

Are you waiting for someone to come and save you or give you permission? 

Let me be honest with you. 

The right time is ALWAYS NOW.

You are already an EXPERT in being You. 

And you are the only one that can make your dream a reality. 

The good news is. You sure as Heaven don’t have to do this alone. Let me guide you and give you the tools to bring your Gift out into the world in your own unique way. 

When you have any questions. Click this link below and contact me.