Walking El Camino Santiago de Compostela is not just a walking or hiking trail. It is so much more than that. While you are walking, you are being guided on your spiritual journey. You’ll learn so much about yourself, your mind, your strengths, your weaknesses, your challenges and how to overcome them. It teaches you all the valuable lessons you need to know in life. That’s why I would recommend anyone to walk El Camino and get a boost on your spiritual journey. Let me tell you how you can make your Camino experience a spiritual journey.

Time to get started

When we are following our spiritual guidance there will come a right moment in time when El Camino is right for you. You will see it in your dreams, hear it in your meditations or see the signs around you in your daily life when it is your time to start walking your Camino.

For me, it was one morning in August when I was in a meditation and in a conversation with Spirit they told me to walk El Camino. I was resistant at first and didn’t want to walk all those km’s. I thought it was just a crazy suggestion for a person that didn’t like to walk (or connect in that way with my body). But I knew that this message came at the right time. There were no other roads open for me. Just the one that had just opened: El Camino Santiago de Compostela. So I went.

Your Motivation

Walking el camino with the right guidance - spiritual journey

Starting my Camino I had been wondering why this was the road that had opened up for me. And I needed to find the right answers to give me the motivation for reaching my destination. Don’t just go walking because ‘other people do it’ or because you believe it is the right thing to do. There must be a bigger Why that is going to help you on the days where the journey is going to get tough.

What is your motivation to walk El Camino? Share with me in the comments.

My Why came out of an insight I had about the energy I saw along the Camino when I visualized it in my mind. I saw people walking the Camino with a heavy load of emotional baggage and leaving that behind on the square in Santiago. I decided there needed to be someone to take those energies and guide them to the water, where they could flow back to where they came from or where they were needed. That way my Camino became a spiritual assignment. I did not only do it for me but for all those souls that were lost on the square and needed a ‘new beginning’ or a better finish. That motivation inspired me along my Camino and it made me feel that I wasn’t alone.

More on my personal Camino in another blog. For now, what is important to find your own Why and Motivation to walk your Camino. I’m curious to hear from you. Please share in the comments.

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The right guidance

To make your Camino a Spiritual Journey you will need the right guidance and conditions to walk in. You might even want to have a ritual that you do before you start walking each morning and a special song or prayer you can use when you feel lonely or tired and can’t find the strength to continue. Finding those rituals and the right guidance will take your pilgrimage to the next level.

El Camino is a spiritual journey and a chance for you to build a stronger connection to your spiritual guides and to create your own rituals for connecting with your guidance. Your personal prayer and ‘power-song’ will attune you to your higher frequency and help you to grow spiritually.

El Camino is not just about following the yellow arrows and walking 15 – 25 km per day, endurance and getting to your end destination. No, el Camino is much more than that. You will find that the goal is not the destination, but your connection to yourself and your guides.

You will experience highs and lows in that connection to yourself, you will talk out loud with your guides because you can and it is just the right company for your travels. You will hear and see signs on your Camino that will remind you of yourself and your core qualities. Or you will experience things that remind you of the past and for which you can now make a new choice. You will find new and creative ways to find your way in life or to find your way back to your path.

Let Camino lead the way and open yourself up to see the miracles.

The magic of Camino

The magic of el camino de santiago - ananda soul travel

There is a certain kind of magic about Camino. You will hear people talk about it all the time. It’s the kind of magic that provides for you and takes care of you. The things you will attract on your Camino will be in alignment with what you need and desire. Don’t worry about a thing, Camino will take care of you.

You will experience miracles, have insights and epiphanies, and just sheer luck. You will have magical encounters with local people or with other pilgrims, that seem to appear exactly at the right time. The conversations you will attract and the things a stranger tells you, can be a key for you which you can contemplate on the rest of the day. When did you ever have so much time to contemplate on your life and at the same time have a unique experience?

All the answers you were searching for will flow to you automatically on your Camino. Just open up and let go of what you think it should be. Don’t force anything to happen, but appreciate it once it does.

Life is Camino

Whether you just finished your Camino or you are about to start one next year. This information is free for you and I hope it has inspired you. I’m happy to help you integrate all of your spiritual and personal experiences into your daily life. Because for me ‘life is Camino’. It’s all about having a good connection to yourself, moving forward to your ‘dream destination’ and following the signs on your spiritual path.

Are you inspired by this post or want to share your spiritual experiences of your Camino with me, please share in the comments. After a big spiritual shift in your life, it can be hard to come back to your daily life. Although you wish to integrate your new-found peace, love or wisdom your ‘old’ patterns and circumstances are challenging you.  That’s why I help spiritual travellers like you to integrate your experience into your daily life. Also read ‘Coming home after Camino’. 

You can make an appointment with me for a free session “Change your life in 60 minutes”. Fill in the form when you really want to make that big change in your life now!

I will help you see the signs and change your life after Camino

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  1. This is a very interesting post, I think we all have different ways to get our motivation and guidance, I am happy for you that you found your spiritual guidance, I think we all need to be awakened to the wonderful gift of overcoming our difficulties, if we take the time to listen to our feelings (guts)

    Thank you for this thoughtful post, wishing for you success in your journey.

  2. This is beautiful! I really like how you were able to talk about the spiritual side! This is so important in a person’s life, even if they do not realize it. Psychologist such as Carl Jung and Maslow talked about this. Great post!

    1. Hi Jessie,
      Thank you for your response. All of life has a spiritual side. I hope I can help all people see that. The magic in life and how to read the signs on your path. The wise old psychologists knew what they were talking about, right!?

  3. I’m looking forward to my trip to El Camino Santiago de Compostela. It’s one of the routes that have to be hiked at least once in a lifetime. I still haven’t been, but it’s in the plan. Reading your post makes me even more excited about the journey! Thanks for sharing your experience with El Camino Santiago de Compostela.

    1. hi Ivan
      Indeed it’s a once in a lifetime thing to do. Or if you get hooked more than once. :p
      Be sure to pay me a visit when you do. I’ll be waiting for you at the End. Finisterre #endoftheworld #endofcamino
      Thanks for your response.

      Love Nanda

  4. Wow Nanda, what a remarkable post! I loved reading this, you have such a beautiful way of writing 🙂

    I haven’t personally been all that in touch my my spiritual side but I am definitely wanting to learn more and grow within myself. This blog post has certainly given me an immense amount of motivation to do just that!

    Do you have any tips for someone who is just beginning on their spiritual journey in everyday life?


    1. hello Kiara,
      Thank you for following my blog and for giving a comment on El Camino de Compostela – a spiritual journey.
      For beginners in the spiritual journey I always recommend to start fine tuning your intuition.
      That can be through meditation, spiritual courses, reading or listening to podcasts or free trainings.

      Every person goes their own personal journey. So feel what is right for you.
      Opening yourself up to the possibilities is already a step in the right direction.
      Now keep your eyes and ears open, because Life is Camino and you will receive signs too.

      Let me know how it goes. You can also follow me on facebook, for more information on following your personal soul journey.

      I sure hope you do.

      Love Nanda

  5. Ugh! I am so envious that you have done this! It is on my bucket list! Such an amazing and spiritual adventure. Thank you for letting me join you on your journey.

  6. I know a lot of my friends who have actually done the Camino. I’ve seen them change massively and it’s on my bucket list as well, but I always saw it as a Christian pilgrimage, which is the part that I don’t like about it. Do you have any advice for people who are not religious to do the hike as well? Or can you give guidance for it?

    Kind regards,


    1. Oh Virendra, it’s just 30% of the pilgrims that have a religious motivation for their Camino. The rest is for their personal development, spiritual reasons or sports.
      I do plan on taking a group out on the Spiritual Camino May2020. If you’re interested, please contact me.

      Also when you just need more advice on how to Create your Own Camino. I’m more then willing to help you find your own path.

      Love Nanda

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