Are you dreaming of living abroad and just staying indefinitely, being able to travel whenever you want and have the western income while living the life of your dreams? I know the feeling. Ever since I first stepped foot in Cusco in 2012 I knew I never wanted to leave.

But as reality knocks on the door, I had to go back home to make money. And I was in that cycle for more than 5 years. The love for Cusco didn’t fade at all, so I had to come up with a way to fulfill the dream of living abroad. That’s when I decided to start an online business, so I could be anywhere in the world and take my work with me.

A place you wish you could stay

Let me tell you about the first weekend I was in Cusco. I was walking down a little street called Tanda Pata in the beautiful part of Cusco that is called San Blas. With a nice and quiet square, it is still my favorite place in the city.

The colorful vendors setting up their shop, the sound of the fountain splashing down the water, the sent of wood stoves and eucalyptus. I fill my heart with joy and love thinking about this place… I hope you will come and visit one day.

But I’m getting distracted… I wanted to tell you about that first weekend in Cusco, that made such a big impression on me and on my life in general.

It was a very sunny day, the sky was bright blue (the color of the sky I only saw in Cusco – magical royal blue). To get to know the places around Cusco I went for a walk up the mountain to Sacsayhuaman – a well-known ruin of the Inca’s. As I walked down that little street one of the vendors greeted me and told me his name. I was busy and going for my walk, thinking that he did that to any tourist that past his shop.

But when I came back hours later, he came outside again inviting me in for a cup of tea.

That conversation changed my life forever!

He called me out on the Soul that I am and introduced himself as my soul twin. You can imagine that my whole world suddenly changed. I had never known what it meant to be aware of your Soul.

Now I understand why in Cusco I feel so good, it’s because I’ve lived there before. My Soul is very much alive there and I feel so connected to ancient knowledge and the energy of Pachamama. There is no place I’d rather be.

Complete life changes

It happened to be a time in my life that everything was changing.

I had been off work, due to a burn-out and had to find a new course of living.

I enhanced my meditation practice, did my first energy work while I was in Cusco and since that moment I met so many interesting and loving people. My life has never been the same again and I traveled back and forth to Cusco in the coming years in 2013, 2016 and 2018.

That was enough times to notice that I completely had to change my life and had to build a life that would sustain my dream of living in Cusco. If a dream doesn’t change in 6 years, it will be there forever.

I started to work hard at realizing my dream. I started the journey to make a living from online marketing, copywriting and affiliate marketing, all so I could live here. Yes, I’m also still a writer, a life coach, and a spiritual person. I just added a few things to it, so I could sustain myself better financially.

I love living in Cusco

When I wake up in the morning and see the view from San Blas over the rest of Cusco I know I am Home.

I smell the air and look at the royal blue sky. Then I get dressed and walk out to my favorite coffee place, where the internet connection is perfect. There are other digital nomads working there from time to time as they come and get to know my Cusco. But I am the only one that is staying and that makes me happy.

In the afternoon I go to the market. I have my own juice lady at the San Blas market and she already knows what is my favorite juice. The only thing we need to communicate is our smile and inside jokes.

I plan my days around going to my favorite places in Cusco. I love not having to feel stuck 8 hours a day to do my work. I can work in the morning or at night, have a lot of free time where I can meet new travelers or do my coaching and healing work.

It is a good life balance that I’ve found and I can do it from the place I love most in the world, CUSCO!

How I fulfilled the dream of living abroad

I first took the time to get to know the place I was going to live (although I knew from the start it was Cusco).

Then I looked into what I really really wanted to do with my life. Found out my mission in life and what I was good at, which are writing and guiding people along their spiritual journey. It also became clear what kind of people were my tribe and the people I loved to work with. That all has been a good preparation for my next adventure – the online world.

I found a great online training company that supported my dream of becoming an online entrepreneur and taught me everything I know about Keywords, Blog posts, How to get ranked in Google, what to avoid and what to promote.

I learned a lot and followed the guidelines. But the stubborn person that I am had to make it my own and wanted to do this work from a very authentic place. I wanted to write only about what I believed in and what I loved talking about, my spiritual journey and Cusco. To that I added all the quality products and services there are on the internet to help people in their personal development and hence I created a niche to do my affiliate marketing from.

I can choose who I work with and write for every day because I’m staying true to my niche. I surround myself just with my kind of people, who get excited about the same things I am and that are creating the most extraordinary lives. As a copywriter, I have supported and written for small projects and large companies, who have the same values I have. And that makes me happy and gives me a feeling that I am participating in a big way, from my favorite place in the world.

Pursue your dream

I want to tell you that when you have a dream as big as mine and you want to live abroad and make a good living, go into online business – create your own piece of the internet to serve your kind of people.

It’s the biggest world you ever see yourself traveling and it will bring you any place you want to go to.

The possibilities are endless on the internet and you can work very authentically and within your own passions and interests. You just need to Pursue your Dream and put in the work so You will get a great following and you’ll be able to pass your knowledge along to others.

I know from my own experience that every effort you take in the direction of your dream fills you up with so much inspiration and energy that you can bring down an army if you had to.

If you want to pursue the dream of living abroad I invite you to join me at the WA community and join the DREAM CREATORS TRIBE- a select group of people I put together that are driven by their Dream and are making it happen. Click here if you feel this is for you. I will personally be there to welcome you, once you’ve signed up for the 7-day trial and filled out your personal profile. From that point on, the only way is UP.

To the moon and beyond!! (like buzz lightyear would say)

If you have any comments or questions, please leave them in the box below.

Share your own favorite place in the world and if you are dreaming of living there.

I would love to hear about it.

Talk soon, Nanda

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