Have you recently had a Hell NO, THAT IS NOT ME moment. Thinking to yourself: This is not what I wanted for my life and I have to get the heck out of here. Those moments where you feel the fire burning under you feet and you’re willing to do about anything to get out. A big bell ringing in your head or the man with the hammer coming to show you that This is NOT your path. Those hell no moments are signs from above. It is a way in which the Universe says, enough, it’s time to start following our guidance Now. Listen deeply to the truth that is inside of you and learn how you can make the most of this Hell no moment.

It’s time to go in the right direction

The Universe has come knocking on my door like this twice in my life, or maybe even more. The first time I was working at my first job after graduation and as I walked into that ‘trap’ Universe showed me with one clear sweep this was not my path. One morning I was working together with my boss, who was training me on the job. She played a tape that I had recorded that week while I was calling clients. I honestly did not recognize that person on the tape and asked, “who is that?” She replied: “That’s you.” I felt a very clear ‘Hell No’, from deep down inside me and walked out the door that same day. I had never been so certain of anything in my ilfe, but That person on that tape and in this job was NOT ME!

All I needed to do after this Hell no moment was to follow my inner guidance and surrender. There was a better path for me and it was up to me to find it.

You know best

Once you know that the ‘old’ situation is not right for you anymore and you step Out by making a decision, there appears big void in your life. Suddently everything is open again and there is no way of knowing which way is best for you. That void brings uncertainty, confusion, loneliness, stress, and many more disturbing feelings. Those feelings can sometimes make you go crazy and doubt if you have made the right decision.

It is hard, especially when your surroundings are making you choose or keep saying you were crazy to step away from a good opportunity. Which is not very helpfull, I can tell you that. You need to trust your decision and don’t listen to people that seem to know better what is best for you. The Honest truth will come out eventually: nobody out there is going to save you. It is important for you hear this, so you can take responsibility yourself for the next steps you’re going to take in your life that will lead into a new future.

The only person you need to Trust and rely on is you.

The only person that will know what is best for you, is you.

But when you are sweeped off your feet like that and everything is out in the open, it can feel pretty vulnerable and uncomfortable.

How are you supposed to handle this situation? What is there to do next? How can you know what is right for you?

Those answers lie deep inside of you, in your subconscious of what I call the soul level of your consciousness. You might have heard the phrase ‘The Universe knows best’. But actually they mean the part of you that is connected to The Universe. 

Listening to your inner guidance is the only thing you can do in situations where you feel your whole world is falling apart. At least the world that you knew before you took a decision that changed your life forever. Your mind doesn’t know where you’re headed, but there is a part of you that does, your Soul. Connecting to that part of you is the right next step to take when you are facing such life changing situations.

Connect to your Soul

There are several ways in which you can connect to your inner guidance and find the True Reason why the Universe changed the course of your life in this big way. You will have to find your own way. A few examples are free writing, meditations, using a pendulem or coaching tools. These are tools I use often to connect my mind to my soul and that are very effective. These techniques will bring your mind in alignment with your soul and the guidance of the Universe. If you want to experience this for yourself or have questions on how to connect to your Soul in your daily life, don’t hesitate to contact me.

3 tools that can help you find your new path

1. What is free writing?

Free writing is a writing technique that can connect you to your higher wisdom and surpasses your thinking mind. you can see it as a form as meditation that will take practice to deepen. The first practice with free writing can be to take a subject you want to have your deepest thoughts on. For example ‘Family’ or ‘Time’. Start writing on the subject and don’t stop. Go on for at least 15 minutes without stopping. If you don’t know what to write, repeat the last three words until the next text wil come up. After you’re done you will see that the last half of your text has a totally different sense of the word, more truthful and more direct. It might even bring up some emotional reflections. That’s a good way to demonstrate how freewriting can help find the truth inside.

After you trust the process of free writing you can direct your writing towards a guide or the Universe. Ask a question and wait for your pen to start moving automatically. The response that you write down comes from a Source deeper than your thinking mind. Try to stay open and not judge with your mind. A meditation and soft music in the background can hep you stay open and create a free space for the guidance to come through you and on to the paper. Good luck developing this skill.

2. How to use meditation to connect to your Soul?

One of my favorite ways to connect to my inner guidance and my soul wisdom it to meditate. Sit in stillness for at least 10 minutes, erase all thoughts from your mind and just sit in stillness. Focus your mind on your breathing and nothing else. Once you have a clear mind, you can start to see signs, have sudden unexpected thoughts or visions or even hear the voice of your inner guidance speak to you. That is different for everyone. It’s essential that you find the way your Soul is communicating with you. Is that trough visions, words, songs, colours, symbols.

3. Use visualization to see your desired future in front of you

Try visualization as well during your meditation. Ask for clear visions and signs that will guide you in the right direction. See what comes up immediately after you have asked the question in your mind. The first answer that comes up is your intuition. You can trust it. When you do this on a daily base you will start to get a clear picture of the life you wish to create and that makes it easier to attract and recognize the steps that are neceassary to take to get to your desired future.

The Universe has a plan for you

I truly believe that the Universe has a plan for you that is far greater than your own. It is up to you to discover the greater plan and take spiritually aligned actions to fulfil your life’s purpose. When you have experienced a Hell no – moment, the Universe stepped in to say: This is NOT your path. You’ll need to do some soul searching to find the answers to questions like these:

– What was your ‘hell no’ moment and what does it mean to you?

– How do you choose what direction is right for you?

– What will be your next step?

You are on this earth for a reason, far greater than you can imagine. There is a special role for you in this world, one that embraces fully who you are and uses all the gifts and talents you were given. Your job is to unfold the truth of who you are and start following your own unique Soul path. That path will help you to develop your talents and find your place in this world where you can be of most service and where you and others can benefit the most. Your path will lead you there. To the life you were born to live. Just stay honest to yourself and follow the guidance of the Universe.

You are doing great, Trust and keep going.

Accepting help from the Universe

The Universe is here to help you.

Accept the help from the univese by following the signs on your path and accepting that the old path has closed. There is already a new path opening up for you, when you are willing to see it. There is no turning back, nor do you want to. Ask the Universe to show you your next step, in meditation, with free writing or visualization. It will always answer!

Read The signs on my Camino for my personal transformation story

I speak from experience when I say that my ‘Hell no’ moments were true blessings and have send me on my way of being more and more myself and following the guidance of my soul to live a more fulfilling life. Sure it was not always easy and the phase in between can be hard sometimes, it was all worth it in the end.

Are you at a standstill in your life or recently had your ‘Hello no’ moment and you’re trying to figure out what is the next step. Let me help you find your connection to your inner guidance and the answers you need right now. See it as a sign. Let this be the next spiritually aligned action you take. Accepting the help and guidance that is offered to you.

I believe deeply that the Universe has guided you to this page and you are still reading it, so this means you are hearing some truth in all this. I invite you to book a free session here and let us connect on a more personal level.

If you have any thoughts on this subject or wish to share your own Hell No moment, please write in the comments.

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