How to avoid overwhelm on your spiritual awakening journey

My gosh how your life changes in a second once you have gone on your spiritual awakening journey and how overwhelming it can be when everything starts to open up at once and you don’t even know where to begin comprehending what is happening to you. The Spiritual Awakening journey is like waking up in a new world, where everything is just different and that can be very overwhelming. I want to help you avoid the overwhelm on your spiritual awakening journey by giving you the most valuable tips that helped me stay sane and on track. 


You can get overwhelmed 

When you are just starting to go on your spiritual journey it can truly be overwhelming to see what is out there. A whole new world opens up and you are still with one foot in the other. That sounds strange, and not something to look forward to. But once you are in there, there is no way back. The only way is through, taking into account that you can only go as fast as you go, and that everything is going to be fine. You are not expected to know everything in a day or a week and you can just take your time to familiarize yourself. It is OKAY… You are here now… (let this be your ‘first’ mantra) 

The first thing you can feel is, that you think you are going crazy or getting so super emotional all the time that it’s almost impossible to go through your days the way you used to. When you are high sensitive, those qualities can be activated in such extent that you can not even go to the grocery store without feeling drained in your energy. 

Do not worry. This is completely normal and part of the process. 

In order for you to fully Awaken it is essential to Break Free from your old life. And becoming extra sensitive and aware is one way to do this. A Magical Construction of our Being… and when this happens, it’s time to listen and move inwards. 


The first year I was mostly letting go of things that were no longer serving me. 

  • moving back to my place of birth
  • quit drinking alcohol and eating meat
  • say goodbye to some friends
  • stopped going out to bars and disco’s


It was time for the NEW me… although I had no idea who that was at that moment. It was just impossible for me to continue the way I used to. And so I decided to let it go. 

That first year I even experienced a burn-out and got fired from my job. A complete 180 degrees turnaround was required… apparently. 

I also started a 1 year coaching course where I slowly but surely started to learn about self-healing, energy, soul´s, inner children, and being born in our families etc. It was an interesting place to start my journey of self-discovery. 


you are not alone on your spiritual journey - leap yearPlace to start your spiritual journey

I would recommend to start your journey in a group or tribe where you feel drawn to. Just to get to know different things, while also having a good time and good company. You are on this journey of awakening, but you are not alone!

You can join our Soul Mission Tribe when you need to find your tribe. 

But there must also be groups on facebook or near your home where you feel that resonance of like-mindedness. 


Knowing that you are not the only one! is the first tip I have for you to avoid the overwhelm. Because you not only see that you are not crazy, you also start to realize that everyone is on their own spiritual journey and they are all different. 

There is no RIGHT way to do this

Although you might think that there is a specific way to do this… to go on your spiritual journey and figure out how this new world works… I need to tell you: there is not. 

The only thing that I want you to know is that for as long as you take your time, choose from your heart and follow what is right for you, you are doing great. 

There are no expectations on how many times you should meditate, 

where you need to be in 4 years. There will be no exams or tests. 

It is just You, living your life… going on your own personal quest. 


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No judgment 

The spiritual overwhelm can come when you feel like you have to do things a certain way or that you have to be just like XX… and YY… to be more spiritual. Or that you shouldn’t get angry at anyone anymore or that you are not allowed to feel sad. 

Those self-judgments are what is causing the overwhelm and it is not helpful. 


When you are trying to judge a person by its appearance, then you are missing the point. 

If you are measuring your own achievements of spiritually in any way, you are missing the point. 

When there is any judgment towards yourself or others, you are missing the point.


It is not about our actions, our beliefs or our rates of compassion.

Spirituality is not measured that way. Or at least it should not be. 


Spirituality is about doing what feels good! 

And in your awakening process that will be completely different things than going to a disco, or getting drunk with your friends. That’s just how your Soul will guide you… It is not something that you Have to Do… in order to be spiritual. You will automatically start making different decisions. 


Trust your inner knowing 

Being on this journey, in the beginning, there will be a lot of doubt and questions. That’s normal too. You are trying to learn a new language and discover a new world. 

There will be a lot of guides and mentors out there, who will try to explain to you how this world works, or what is expected of you… But spirituality is not a cult… it is not something that takes sacrifice or that you MUST do … because otherwise… 

No, you are on this spiritual journey because your Soul has guided you here. 


And the people and places you will go to, to learn and explore more about this world are all in alignment with your Soul. It is up to you, to stay true to your heart and listen if where you are now, who you are listening to, who you are following and surrounding yourself with is still in alignment with You. 


trusting your inner guidance - soul awarenessTRUST YOUR INNER KNOWING 

It is our Compass… our way of knowing that something is right for us, that it is safe or that it is something we should walk away from. Honor that feeling… as you go. 

This is true in real-life circumstances, but also on your spiritual journey. 


Is someone inviting you for a spiritual circle or ceremony of some kind, but you are not feeling internally called to do it, then don’t. Stay true to your inner knowing. 

Are people telling you that they have had great results from some therapy or spiritual teacher, just read up about it, listen to a podcast or video and check in with your compass. 


The world is FULL of spiritual teachings, but not all will be aligned with you.

Take only the steps that feel aligned to you now. That doesn’t mean that you will never do it, but that you are just taking your time to get there. Or first you need to have another experience. I call this All In Divine Timing. 

That way you can No, when you feel a No. And you say Yes when you feel a Yes. 


Develop a relationship with Spirit

The relationship you have with Spirit, God, the Universe, the ALL KNOWING, whatever you want to call it is something really personal. I think it is a connection where we are free to create our DREAM. That what internally we always believed to be true, can come to form in our spiritual connection with spirit. 


Become curious about that relationship, cultivate it. Talk about it, write about it, research it in the outside world, and reflect it back to your own visions. 

Listen to the signs and symbols that mean something to you. 

Learn how you are relating to your Guidance and create a ritual around it. 


The only thing that is important is that you feel Empowered, Supported and Loved. 


When you feel like the voice inside is criticizing you or making you feel bad, know that there is a difference between our inner critic and our inner guides. If a message doesn’t come from Love, ignore it or dismiss it. Your Spirit is a LOVING energy, a place where you can totally and completely be yourself, where there is no judgment and where all that you are is embraced and valued as part of the journey. 


When you are just starting out on this journey, sometimes our ego wants to take the place of the advisor… but that is not the same as spirit. Learn to distinguish those voices. Connect the advice you get to your heart, and feel if it is true to you and making your feel uplifted, motivated, loved, empowered or in any way inspired… 

That’s how you will know. 


If you want to know anything else about cultivating your relationship with your spiritual guides, make sure to contact me or watch the courses section on our page. 


In love and light, Nanda 

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