Your Higher Self, also known as your Soul, has always been with you and always will be. But at times we forget to connect and it’s then when we lose our way, feel lonely, or even get depressed. Those symptoms are signs that you’ve forgotten the most important connection of your life, the connection with your Higher Self. In this blog I will help remind you and show you how to connect to your Higher Self.

Everyone has a Higher Self

The first thing you need to know is that you have a Higher Self. you are no different from anyone else on this planet. Our Higher Self is the part of us that is our light, our truth, our Love, Joy and Wisdom.

If it doesn’t make you feel better, it’s not True

Connecting to your Higher Self will always make you feel good, uplifted, lighter. It will make you feel loved and nurtured and all your worries and struggles seem to fade into the background once you are in connection with your Higher Self. Gabby Bernstein calls it being in the presence of a Power greater than yourself. It is through her teachings that connecting to my Higher Self became natural and easy.

Now, I know you must be eager to know what you can do to connect to your Higher Self, so let me dive right in with you. Starting with my all time favorite…


1 Meditation

In meditation you connect to a sense of Piece and a Silence that goes beyond your words and thoughts. That’s the portal to get in touch with the Truth that is hidden inside of us. Most of the time your Higher Self or Soul tries to talk to you, but your mind is too busy with daily chores and thoughts about your fuutre or past. In meditation you give yourself the possibility to silence the mind and become aware of the whispers of your soul.

When you start meditating, start with just sitting in silence for 10 minutes a day, observing your thoughts without connecting to them or going into the story. Watch them come and go, focusing your mind on your breath. Breathe into your heart, making space and feeling the peace coming over you. Relax your body and your mind in the present moment. Notice that the past and future thoughts fall away and what remains is just The Now.

Once you have that part under ‘control’ you can start opening your crown chakra – the energetic portal that connects your physical body to Source and your Higher Self. Visualize your crown chakra opening up like a beautiful flower on the top of your head receiving Light from the sun (the center of the Universe). Open up to receive this Light. Notice that this light coming in, fills your body and all cells with a beautiful golden white light and you start to vibrate in a higher frequency. 

Receiving this Light means you are getting in alignment with your Higher Self. It can feel like floating. This is why it’s important to do this kind of meditation while you are in a relaxed and safe space.

As you are in this state of Connection, you can just listen or ask a question and listen to the intuitive answers you receive. It is a Divine connection, so make sure you are Honest and Open, so you will receive only Truth.


2 Prayer

Use prayer to communicate with your Higher Self and the spiritual guidance that is around you as well to say thanks to the Universe for all that you have in your life. I integrate all three in my prayers, because it feels good and I see better results. Prayer to connect to the Wisdom, Love and Power that is within you, asking for guidance and saying thank you in advance. Prayers can look something like this, but you can make your own.


“Divine Universe, thank you for all the blessings I have received these weeks. Thank you for bringing me into contact with so many soul travelers. Thank you for always guiding me to the path where I can serve the highest good. Thank you for making me feel safe and always taken care of.”


“I call upon the guides of the highest truth and compassion to guide me through this day, to protect my energy fields and keep me safe. Help me find my light in days of darkness. Guide me through these days with ease and grace and let me find joy, peace and love. Thank you, thank you, thank you. It will be done.”

Higher Self

“Today and every new day I connect to my Higher Self and am albe to use the qualities and gifts that were given to me since birth. I have the power and the wisdom to use my potential and to choose the ways in which I can flourish. I know Who I am and that knowing gives me confidence, courage, power and strength. Thank you Higher Self for speaking through me, for clearing my insecurities and doubts and making me feel loved and secure. So it is, so it will be, or even better.”

As you build your connection with your Higher Self, guidance and the Universe your words might change and your prayers will get more effective. play with the words, phrases you see here and find what resonates with you. Everyone has their own voice and their own connection to their Higher Self. That is all very personal.

3 Mantras

Another favorite of mine is mantras. It wasn’t always like that and some mantras do not resonate with me. I believe the energy of a mantra has very strong powers, but you need to be ready to receive it. When you are drawn or guided to a certain mantra, than it most probably have more effect on you, than if you just listen random mantras on youtube or spotify. Find Your mantra and listen to it on repeat. Sing it in the shower and start your day with it.

This special mantra I really want to share with you. It has changed my life and I know it by heart.

You can check out my youtube playlist for more mantra inspiration. It’s a mix of nice high frequency music and mantras.

As you are now probably listening to the great mantra of Jai Jagdeesh let’s get to journalling with your Higher Self.

4 Freewriting

This is where it gets interesting. You will not only connect to your Higher Self isn your mind, in Silence byut you will get a true connection written on paper. Proof, a lot of sceptics would say. Also a way in which you can read back the advice your Higher Self has been giving you.

Freewriting is going beyond your own thoughts.  You can connect to a part that is wiser than your mind that has all the answers. It is fun to do too and creates a strong connection that will last you a lifetime.

connect to your higher selfYou just take out a blank piece of paper and a pen. Write on the top of your page “Higher Self are you ready to write through to me?” And then you start to write down the answers. The first thing that pops up in your mind, or that silent whisper that you hear in your head. Some people just see their pen moving across the papier as they do this. It may be different for everyone. Make freewriting a daily habit, right after your meditation. You’ll see you will get better at it and the answers might surprise you. That’s when you know you are not making the answers up yourself.

I admit it is a matter of trust and devotion to get freewriting work for you. But once it does, it is your guide for life.


My daily rituals shared with you

These 4 methods I use to connect to my Higher Self. It has become a daily ritual (one that Gabby Bernstein taught me and it kinda stuck with me).

I start every morning with a meditation (10 – 40 minutes) and go into prayer right after that.

To open my meditation space I use the mantra Ong namo guru dav namo (repeat 3 times or sing it). Then I sit in silence and feel how my mind is getting relaxed and my body connected to mother earth. Because of the mantra I used I immediately feel a presence surrounding me and then I just listen.

Important messages pop up, I see roads opening up or ideas being launched. Those I will write down in my journal after the meditation.

Right after the meditation I go into my prayer:

I call upon the guides of the highest truth and compassion to guide me through this day, to protect my energy fields and keep me safe. I ask for your guidance for taking the right steps on my Soul path today. Help me write from my heart. Let me experience Love, Joy and excitement this day and all days to come. So it is, so it will be or even better”

The last part of the prayer varies every day. you can say things about what you are about to  do that day, ask to make the right choices or how you want to feel today. All is okay, Just follow your intuition and aim for feeling good.  Set your day up for succes by using this prayer and beliving in it fully. That’s why we added “So it is, so it will be, or even better”.

And I always close with bringing my hands in Namasté position. Thanking myself,  my Higher Self and the Universe, moving my hands up to my third eye and to the sky and back to my heart. Feeling deep gratitude. 

Fast tools to get back in alignment

Alternative ways that can be used throughout your day to bring yourself back in alignment with your Hgiher Self are

1. Inviting the light in, with conscious breathing. Just breating in the light with your third eye or through your crown chakra and into your heart. 3 deep breaths can make all the difference in a day.

2. Dancing . Find joy and freedom in the movement of dancing.

3. Music – my three favorite songs to get back into alignment are I am dine, Vuele con el Viento and In Dreams  (you can find them on my playlist)

4. mantra – singing your favorite mantra in the shower or in your car  / or reciting it in silence can help you shift into that connection with your higher self. 

5. Books and inspiring videos – reading up on the things that interest you and make you expand your horizon is also a way in shich you can reconnect to the Truth inside of you.

Good luck trying all these tips and tools out for yourself. Make sure they make you feel better, ligher and more loved as you do them. If they don’t, look for the tools that do. Connecting to your Higher Self should be fun and uplifting. Remember everyone is different and you will have your own ways and words to connect to your Wisdom, your Joy and your Love. 

If you have any questions, please place them in the comments below. I will be curious about your own ways to connect to your Higher Self as well, so please share them with me.

Good luck on your Soul Journey and enjoy.

Love Nanda

“Thank you guidance of the highest truth and compassion that you have guided me all throughout these pages and have kept me safe and in flow with my inner guidance. I have injoyed writing this and I thank you for being there with me. “

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