Case study : Loneliness on a spiritual journey

Subject: woman 26 years old

Symptoms: fatigue and high sensitivity

A client of mine, let’s call her Aileen had been struggling with her sensitivity for more than 8 months when she came to me. She was ready to make a change in her life but wasn’t sure her sensitivity issue would let her live the life of her dreams. She would wake up in the morning already feeling tired. Her senses were sensing everything, even during the night. She hadn’t been working full time for several months and some days she couldn’t go to work at all. Her body was in pain; tension in her legs, back and neck and indicated chronic fatigue or burn-out.

Something inside her had told her to come to me and she had followed that inner guidance. In our session, it went into a completely opposite direction then what she had expected.

Instead of talking about the fatigue and her high sensitivity, we talked and worked on her connection with her Higher Self and the Source. She had told me before we started that if she needed to stop early, because of her fatigue, she would tell me.

But instead of feeling tired, she just radiated this beautiful light and loving energy more and more and felt more energetic than ever before. She thanked me with a big smile on her face and went home.

The steps that Aileen took that got her in this energetic and happy state were this

1. Make a decision that you want to change

2. Follow the guidance from the Universe

3. Be willing and open to allow what is going to happen

4. Let the connection with your Higher Self be re-established

5. Let the energy speak for itself.

This case study of Aileen affirms that when you open up to new possibilities the Universe will lead you the way to your soul path. All it takes for you is to be silent and listen to your inner voice and follow the guidance that you will get. Do something that realigns you with your Higher Self, meditate, listen to inspiring podcasts, read good books, go out into nature, whatever works for you and makes you feel more connected.

What happens when you reconnect to your Higher Self?

  • You awaken to a deeper truth about Who you are
  • Your mind opens up to new possibilities
  • You feel comfortable and physically taken care of
  • Your Soul re-connects with your mind, invoking a sense of peace, recognition, and love
  • Energetically you connect to the infinite energy of the earth and the Universe

When you experience all of this, it will create an instant change in your life. The problems that you had before will seem insignificant and so much smaller. You will see your life from a whole different perspective, your Higher perspective. You will see the bigger plan of your life and start to see the reasons why you were struggling with your job or don’t connect to your old group of friends anymore. They are ways of the Universe to guide you on to your new path. Trust the Guidance.

You will see results on a physical, emotional, mental and of course a spiritual level.

The surprising results

After 4 weeks I met Aileen on a 5-day festival – something she wouldn’t have been able to do for more than 6 months. she had again told herself that she could go home and stop when she felt she needed to …

On day 4 of the festival, Aileen was more ALIVE than ever…

She told me that she never felt better. She had been connecting to her Higher Self ever since our session and here on this festival, she was meeting people that were affirming her Higher Self beliefs. She felt that she could truly be herself. She had even been invited to join a mantra band and that’s what became the new focus in her life.

Physically Aileen was feeling so much better. her energy was up and she could endure company so much longer. She had the energy to sing until midnight and fully take part in the festival. Her pain in her legs was still there, but not overwhelming. Because she had opened up to new possibilities, she met a healer at the festival who helped her. Again Universal guidance showing her the way.

Mentally and emotionally she felt so much more at peace. Happiness was the path she was on right now and she grew in her trust and confidence. She felt empowered to do things she had never done before, she said yes to the things she was hesitant about for a long time. In just this little time, reconnecting to her Higher Self lead her to a completely different life. She created space in her mind, to open up to the guidance of her Higher Self. She stepped aside and let the Universe lead the way.

How to connect to your Higher Self

These transformations were possible and even inevitable in Aileen’s life and they can happen in your life too. When you start to connect to your Higher Self and the Source, the Universe will lead you the way.

Start with your own spiritual practice

Your Spiritual practice must contain a part of Silencing the mind and opening up and connecting to your Higher Self. You can start with 10-minute meditations or 30 minute walks in silence. Train your mind to become still, so that the voice of your Higher Self can speak to you.

Use prayer to realign your thoughts and emotions

Using daily prayers helps to realign with your spirit guides. They are around you every minute of the day, waiting to help you. When you got off track or feel shitty, just say a prayer. That doesn’t have to be a religious only practice, it is for you too. Use this prayer, every time your mind challenges you with negative thoughts:

“Thank you, Universe for helping me recognize my negative beliefs and leading me back to Love and Abundance”

You can say a prayer as short as this to help you align with your Higher Self. Take notes when you hear a short sentence that inspires you or that feels like something you needed to hear. Make it your daily prayer for this week.

Build a relationship with your Higher Self

Your relationship with your Higher Self is dependant on you and on you alone. And for building a relationship communication is key. If you decide to connect to your higher Self, it is only normal that you are starting to talk to your Higher Self on a regular base. Ask her every day how she is doing. Listen to her, even if it is only a whisper. Spend time on developing your relationship with your Higher Self.

Defeat loneliness on your spiritual journey

When you feel the same way Aileendid when she first came to me, exhausted, anxious, pain in your body, legs or back. Know that it only takes a minor SHIFT in your perception to start seeing the changes you want to see in your life.

Loneliness on your spiritual journey means that you haven’t found your Tribe yet. That you are looking in the wrong places or have been going in the wrong direction. It may be hard to go through these changes in your life alone, but Ananda Soul Travel is here to let you know you are not alone. We all had to go through that transition in our life first to get to where we actually wanted to be. A spiritual journey doesn’t mean easy. It is designed to open you up, to break OUT of old patterns and old circumstances. The loneliness is spiritual loneliness, a sign of separation. Now you will begin to fill in that gap and search for ways to feel whole again. It is designed like that. It will motivate you to move forward and to listen more closely to your inner guidance. So don’t worry too much about that. You are being guided and like Aileen you will find your way back to your Truth soon.

I have created a very special Course for you to defeat loneliness. I share all of my special self-healing tools and I’ve recorded beautiful deep meditations to guide you in your journey to find your way back to who you really are. Bring the Light Back into your Life. It’s free for you when you download it now.

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