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How to manifest what you want – stop wishing and trying

We all have desires and wishes we would like to manifest, yet they won’t come in to our lives. For you it might be that great partner, a new car or a new house or more abundance. Manifesting anything has a lot to do with the words you use while talking about your desires. In this blog I’m going to show you what words to use and what words to delete from your mind when you are manifesting. Learn how you manifest what you want, changing the words you use.

You may say things like I wish I could find a new house.

I wish that ideal partner would come along.

Or you’ve been feeling so sad and frustrated that it sounds more like this.

“Why don’t I have a partner?” “When will that new house we really want come?” “I’m so done with this job, get me a new one.” Or “this old car is not going to last much longer, it’s so shitty I need a new one.” “I am afraid we won’t go on that vacation if I don’t start making more money.” and more examples like these.

Sound familiar?

Now how does the energy of those words make you feel?

Tired, exhausted, wiped out, negative? Or upbeat, trusting and empowering?

how to manifest your new car

In this blog on how to manifest what you want, I’m going to teach you how you can transform your inner talk and the words you use in conversation about your desires, in order for you to start attracting what you really want. To really make the most of this article I suggest we make it interactive and you are going to use your manifesting journal to go through these steps.

1. Write down your desires

I want to help you manifest your desires, so write down on a piece of paper what it is you truly want.

I want …

I wish ….


Write down your deepest desires. They are going to be your roadmap. If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll never get there. So be really honest about what you want to manifest.

2. Choose manifesting words

Manifestation indicates actions and change. So look at what you’ve written down  and replace the words ‘want’ and ‘wish’ by ‘Will’.

So I will….. find a new job .

I will …. have a beautiful new home

I will have a great and loving partner.

You might need to change the grammar to make it correct sentence, but you see where I’m going with this, right?

Read your paper with desires again. Do you feel the difference? Do you feel more empowered by your own desires and do you believe that you will have them in your life?

Make it True for You

This is really important when you want to manifest your desires. You are the one that is attracting that energy and those results into your life. You better start by making it True for you. Using manifesting words is a great start to shift your attention from lack (focus on what you don’t have right now) to the energy of attracting what you desire. You open up the field of possibilities.

More on that later.

3 Implement these words into your conversations

The third step you need to do is to implement your manifesting words into your conversations. When you talk about your desires, it needs to be empowering and making a statement that you are moving towards your desired outcome and that you are sure you are going to get there.

I am creating a hostel in Spain - Finisterre

When I tell you that I am creating and setting up a spiritual hostal in the North of Spain along the Camino de Santiago de Compostella, you believe me, right?

When I would have used words that made me doubt that outcome, you’d say I was a dreamer. I am dreaming of having my own hostel of soul travelers one day, sounds much less convincing. Am I right?

So take good care of the words you use when you are talking about your desires and dreams that you are manifesting. It’s most important that you are the first person to believe in the positive outcome, but then you want people around you to add to that energy. So talking to them as if it is already coming true will definitely enhance your manifesting energy and be beneficial to the creation and attraction of what you want most in your life.

I will give you 2 more word-categories that are preventing you right now from attracting what you really want.

If and Should

Replace your if’s with when

Replace your should with can

If and should are words that are putting a lot of doubt into your energy field. You are contradicting yourself. When you say I should, that always comes with guilt and a low frequency. When you start saying I can… instead of I should that gives you your power back of deciding what is best for you. It also brings you back into the moment of NOW, where you (should) can make a different choice, (if) when necessary.

Did you see what I did here…

I replaced just 2 words in one sentence and it totally opened up my manifesting power. Doing this for your own manifestation will make all the difference. It places the ball back into your corner and the momentum back in the now. That’s where you can make a start to attract more abundance, that new car, the ideal partner etc.

wishing for what you want vs manifesting your desires

When you talk to someone about your desire and you keep saying that ‘if this would happen, then you might …. You and I both know, it is never going to happen. Because ‘if’ is putting you in a place of dependence and doubt.

Or you are talking to yourself like this; I should be doing this if I really want to have that or be there. When you talk to yourself like this, you are putting a disbelieve into your manifestations. Your words need to ooze the confidence that you will get to where you want to be. Your words have to indicate TRUST that it WILL HAPPEN.

So instead of using should (and living in regret, feeling guilty and looking back), you start saying I can…. I can do this when I really want to have that or be there.  That is putting so much more trust in the outcome being close and puts you back into the shoes of the creator. There is nobody else that can make shifts like this and do the things that are necessary to attract what you want. You Can!

Stop trying

When you hear yourself talk about the things that you are trying to do, to stop a bad habit, or trying to get to point B, trying to figure out how… etc. etc. you are putting a whole lot of doubt into your manifestation.

Replace the word Trying with “I am creating” or “I am working on” and  “I am on my way to  …. (your positive outcome).

When you are manifesting you need to express certainty and show initiative. When you are ‘trying’ something you leave things up to chance and actually you’re saying that you may fail. When you are saying you are working on something, or creating or learning about…. that makes it so much more believable that you will actually achieve your goals.

Nothing ever came from just wishing

I wish I could have a glass of water right now, will not get you the water.

I’m trying to get to the kitchen to fill my glass with water is already more probable, but less likely it’s going to happen then;

I am going to the kitchen to fill my glass with water.

That’s how to Manifest what you want,  in this case, the water!

Manifesting your desires starts by managing your thoughts and beliefs and choose the right attitude and words. Choose the vibration that empowers you. Ooze that confidence and show people that you’re serious about what you are manifesting. You are so close already… start to believe that and communicate that and the manifestation will come into your life so much easier and faster.

Choose words that empower your desires and ooze confidence

Once you master this skill you become so confident and a whole new set of words will be born and integrated into your vocabulary. You are becoming the person (verbally) who is having all that you desire. You are radiating the energy of the person that has everything he/ she wants. That’s how you manifest what you want.

Do you think that a successful person ever thinks things like “I am trying to be successful” or “If this will happen, maybe than I will be successful?” Or do you think that a happy couple ever thinks; “When is he finally coming into my life, why isn’t he here yet?” or a wealthy person. Does he or she worry about money or say things like; “if I had enough money I would do that. I should think about that the next time.“ Most probably they will use much more empowering words, right. Now it’s your turn.

When you want to manifest a different life, start to think like that person that you’ll be in the desired outcome and use the words that are empowering. Say goodbye to doubt and the possibility of failure, at least in the words you choose. This is essential to manifesting what you want.

You can evaluate and observe your own manifesting language using a manifesting journal. Examples enough on Amazon if you want to have a hardcover journal you can re-read in a few years.

I am creating one especially for you. A manifesting Journal that helps you Actively Creating your Dreams and fulfil your Desires. If you want to have this Diary please sign up for my newsletter. It will be in your mailbox soon.

Let me know how this article inspired you and which changes you have made in describing your deepest desires. I am happy to guide you if you have any questions. Please post it in the comments below.


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  1. My biggest issue with manifesting is that I keep wanting my manifestation and even though I think I’ve let it go and using the right language, sometimes i hear myself and have to catch my wording around how I’m talking to myself.
    I love using the phrase I am working on …” the most, as this feels like it’s present without my intention remaining in the ‘wanting’ space.
    Your example of shifting from wishing for water to manifesting the water is such an excellent example to demonstrate the differences between wishing and manifesting. I love it! I’m continually on my manifesting journey and still need reminders on the way which your post has been able to give me, so thanks heaps for being able to share this helpful post :). Blessings

    1. Always here to remind you and give guidance on that ever enfolding path. Kat, thanks for visiting again. Hope to hear from you next time. What are you manifesting/ working on right now?
      Love Nanda

  2. Nanda this is powerful.l It is said that life and death is in the power of the tongue what you speak is what manifests. There is also a saying that we should call those things that are not as though they were. Words do have power. Great post

    1. Your words and desires should be in alignment for you to manifest them. Believing they are already there might be more difficult than knowing that you are working on them and that they are really close. Best of luck with your manifestations. Nanda

  3. I really enjoyed reading this. It reminded me of when I first started out learning about directed meditation.

  4. Wow, am glad I came across your article, Nanda. I must confess, I have been a culprit of just wishing for stuff without really working towards making my wish a reality. I seem to be correcting myself now. As you rightly said, nothing comes with just wishing. Your post is the kind of positive stuff people like us need right now. Thanks a lot for sharing!

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