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How to soul travel – the deep dive into yourself

You may have been curious about what soul travel actually means and how to soul travel yourself. There are many ways in which you can discover the depth of your soul. Sometimes it even happens involuntarily. But there are deliberate things you can do to take a deep dive into yourself and meet your Soul. Here are some things you need to know and the kind of soul travel you can do at home.


Let me start off with a warning. When you take a deep dive into yourself like this and feel that it’s hard to come ‘back’, please contact a friend immediately or take my advice and call a spiritual healer near you to talk you through the experience and back into your body.

I don’t want to alarm you in any way, but sometimes it happens that the Soul doesn’t want to come back into the body after being ‘set free’ like what happens in soul travel. I wish to give you all the information possible before you start off on your own. So be warned, okay. And have a friend or a spiritual healer on standby, for when it gets too much for you.

What is soul travel

What is soul traveling

Soul travel is the kind of meditation or deep trance you undergo in order to meet yourself on a Soul level. You get in a relaxed state so you can come loose from the body and the current circumstances. Mostly it is done in a meditation space, but you can also experience it in other places.

There are people that use psychedelic plant medicine to increase the process of connecting to the ‘other world’. You can think of paddos or ayahuasca for example. Those medicines help you disconnect from your body awareness more easily which makes it almost automatic to go into soul travel. Many shamans work with soul travel, to teach people the core of their being and guide them towards their spirit guides and help them through some life lessons.

Soul travel is meant to connect to yourself in a profound way. To remember your ancient wisdom, to reconnect to hidden talents and to become aware of your Soul and its mission here on earth. That is what I hope you will find once you go and undertake this meditative form of soul travel.

Basics of soul travel

In order to go and experience soul travel, there are some things that you need to let go of. The awareness state you are in needs to go to a different level. So the identification with your body and the way you see yourself need to open up in such a way that there will be a space created for the Soul to come into your awareness. Opening your mind is mostly done by relaxing your thoughts and becoming really present in the moment. Just observing your state of being. Letting go of attachments and stop thinking. That is the first basic principle of soul travel.

The second is complete relaxation of the body. Your body is holding your awareness. So when you keep your identification with the body by focusing on it too much, your awareness can not take the journey to meet with your Soul. I am not saying that you can not experience your Soul inside of your body, because that is possible and even a state that I hope that you will reach after enough practice.

But to make this journey into a greater awareness, your body awareness needs to be opened up. So the boundaries of your skin and the feelings and touch of your body are no longer the limit of where you are. You can get into a state like this through yoga and the deep relaxation after. Or when you are on your bed or in a sauna. The basics of soul traveling is just getting your body and your mind in a really relaxed and detached state.

How to soul travel

Like I said in the beginning soul travel can also happen involuntarily when your body and mind are just in a really relaxed state. So when you start to do this more often, don’t be alarmed when it does happen to you more often, also when not intended.

  1. 1. Take the time – don’t push yourself to be doing this on a time schedule and really create a space for yourself that you can let go of time and the space that you are in. Setting the mood.
  2. 2. Do (or don’t do) something that completely relaxes your body.
  3. 3. Then go into a deep meditation where you relax your mind and let it become really still.
  4. 4. While you are laying there, just let go of any expectations you have. Let go of all thoughts, let go of all body sensations you might be feeling and just let your awareness flow out of this ‘reality’ into a new more wide space.
  5. 5. Imagine that you can travel higher and higher, into the Universe. Just float off higher and higher… let go ….. let go… Travel into space and notice that you are being pulled towards the Central Sun – a place of Pure White Light that is calling you Home.
  6. 6. Stay in that experience as long as you need. Communicate with your Soul and experience the Light that you are and the brightness that you bring. Ask questions if you want. Receive all that you need from your Soul and from Source directly.
  7. 7. To come back with your awareness to your body, order yourself to move your feet or your fingers. You can place your hands on your heart to say thanks and feel and appreciate the encounter with your soul you just had.
  8. 8. Lay there for a little while longer, moving slowly and remembering everything that happened on this journey. Write down your answers if you like.

These phases of soul travel are very important. Especially the last one. It is one thing to learn how to travel out of your body, but the most important is to know how to come back. It is for your own safety not to soul travel when you have to drive a car or have other responsibilities right after. Your head might be a little spacey for a little while after.

You might want something to eat and to move your body, walk around or go into nature after you’ve traveled outside of your body awareness. It is advisable to not take this lightly.

Experiment in a safe way

Experiment in a safe way - soul traveling

If this will be the first time or the second or third… always take your safety very seriously. Soul Travel can make your awareness more spacey and the world around you will seem a little foreign or strange.

The first times I got into soul travel I didn’t know what happened, they were involuntary. It was very scary for me to go out so far into space, but also very emotional and painful to come back into my body. I cried and wasn’t feeling my safety or my base anymore. I needed other people to hold me, or take a nice warm bath to really have the sense of feeling completely integrated again. Talking to people about my experience and reading a lot about it has helped me understand what happened.

  • Since then, I know that ordering my body to move will take me right back, when I drift off to far.
  • Taking the time using a guided meditation, nice music or a soft massage helps me to come back slowly into my body awareness.
  • Eating a light meal or some chocolate also help to have a good integration of my body and soul after I did soul travel like this one.

So if you want to practice with taking soul travel yourself, make sure you do your preparations. Have a friend or an energetic healer on speed dial. Set up a nice and safe space for yourself, where you can totally be yourself. Get some chocolate or other light snack ready for after your journey. And be gentle to yourself. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or a hug of someone. Even if they don’t understand what you’ve been doing, you can still have the help you needed.

Take a deep dive into yourself

After reading all this information about Soul Travel I hope you have some idea on what to expect. If you are not sure you want to take this journey yourself, you can always find a spiritual healer that can guide you on your soul journey. You can look for a regression therapist or a meditation healer.

When you feel confident that you are ready to take soul travel and you can do it yourself. Or when you already had some experience that you now know what it was, there are some guided meditations that I want to provide you with, that will help you with the deep dive into yourself.

If you are interested in taking this Soul Journey, subscribe here and you will receive my free meditations Awaken the Teacher within, where I guide you back into alignment with your soul purpose and where you rediscover your big why.

I wish you a safe journey!

Love Nanda

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  1. Thanks for this excellent article. I’ve been interested in soul travel for a while but struggled to find a way to make it work for me. I am keen to follow your 8 steps but one thing concerns me. I have a history of depression and I am worried that practicing soul travel could set it off again.

    Would practicing with a therapist be advisable?

    1. Hi David, it is good that you ask that question. I wanted to make it clear that there are some warnings to be considered before you are diving into yourself. If you have a history of depression it is indeed better to learn in a safe environment, which means with a professional present. That can be a psychotherapist or a spiritual healer, someone who knows (and you tell) about your history. After you have had some experiences that went great, you can take the 8 steps and try it for yourself. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. 

      Of course, I don’t know how severe the depression has been and if you have any further experience in the spiritual world. But to heal your past and help you grow stronger roots with your ‘happy side’ meditation can be really helpful. That way you also turn to your spirit guides and have the opportunity to connect to a bigger you, yet you are not leaving your present moment or the connection to your body. This would be my advice for you. Start with regular meditation and after that go and book yourself a guided session with a professional. 

      Much love and light on your journey and thanks for checking my page and leaving your question. 

      If you have any questions down the road don’t hesitate to come in and ask. 

      Love, Nanda 

  2. Soul travel seems like it could be dangerous for some people as it might involve them partaking in certain drugs. Does that always have to be the case or can one just find the soul travelling experience without it all?

    I can’t imagine just finding myself in a trance-like state unless I have taken something to get me there.

    Soul travel could be a place I could live forever if that’s all you feel is a relaxed body but I don’t think it would help me in my day to day life.

    Is this something you do regularly or is it something you just do now and again?

    1. Hi Matthew, thanks for your questions. 

      To be very clear there are no drugs or plant medicine involved here, it is a highly evolved method of meditation. Ths state you can reach by regular practice of your normal meditation, attend some healing sessions with professionals and dive into yourself on a regular basis, spiritually speaking. 

      For my day to day advantages, I can just go on an on about the benefits it has brought into my life. 

      1. The relaxed mind and body whenever I want (without using anything outside of myself)

      2. More focus and connected to my true purpose and feeling strong and persistent in my endeavours. 

      3. Being able to control my emotions and my psychological state of being. Which is a big plus in life!! 

      4. Having developed a stronger intuition, which makes me take better decisions and leads me into new directions, ones that I wouldn’t have thought of myself. Like, walk the Camino of Santiago de Compostella to strengthen my relationship with my physical body. Or to join a community calles WA, where I learn how to integrate my spiritual knowledge with being an online entrepreneur. These choices are all based on my Soul connection, and I feel empowered to take the road less travelled. 

      Soul Travel has a very important place in my life, ever since it helped me recover from my burn-out in 2012. 

      I hope my answers clarify a bit more about what Soul Travel can do for a person, wanting to dive deeper into himself. It is indeed a state that you would want to stay in. That is what they call spiritual enlightenment. 

      If you have any more questions, please come back any time.

      Love and Light to you on your journey. Nanda 


  3. Thanks for the idea of soul travel. I do love meditation and it’s really helpful for mental peace and relaxation. But I never tried soul travel or deep meditation. After going through your article I am very excited to try this. Thank you for showing the different steps of soul traveling and insight. 

    1. Hi Fahim, I am happy that you learned something new. There is really no end in the world of meditation. So much to discover and to uncover about who you are – spiritually speaking. Thanks for your response and good luck on taking the information and trying this for yourself. You will love this new dimension of meditation, I promise you. 

      If you want, you can sign up for me free meditations. So you have some examples of guided meditations. 

      Let me know if I can be of any help to you. 

      Love, Nanda 

  4. Hi there, Nanda.

    I love your conceptions on Soul Travel and browsed through your post from top to bottom.

    This subject has always fascinated me as my mum was a spiritualist in her younger days, still is and this is where I picked this up from.

    Sometimes when I’m in a completely relaxed state, I feel a jolt that brings me sharply back into reality.

    Is this your SOUL re-entering your body?

    Very keen to hear what you have to say.

    Thanks, Jeff.

    1. Hi Jeff, everyone can have a different experience of the Soul coming back into your body. Beautiful that it brings you sharp back into reality. For me it is more of a tingling feeling in my cells and especially on the top of my head. It gives me a relaxed feeling of being exactly where I need to be, it’s a comfortable yet strange feeling at first. 

      Hope your mother is well and that she planted some seeds inside of you that you can use in your life. Meditation and especially soul travel bring life in a deeper meaning for sure. What has she taught you about spiritualism? 

      Good luck on your travels and thank you for your question. 

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