Let Magic back into your life

I know society wants you to choose to be one thing, and be really good at it and that this choice will determine the course of your life and how you live your day to day life. That’s how we are taught and brought up to think and have grown to believe. The truth is far from this!! And the millennial generation is letting us see this now. They do not stay longer than 3 years in one job, and than go and find something else to do. Something new, exciting and fun. Just because…. Why can’t you?

Let us take a little look into our past choices and than role back the curtains of what you actually wanted to do or choose if you could do anything in the world. Just humour me for this moment and go back in time with me.

What did you dream about when you were 8?

Go to the age where you were 8 years old. You were probably still playing a lot and had a lively imagination. You could do anything, maybe even fly one day… if you could only find a way to grow wings… Adults see this as innocent storytelling, but actually it’s not.

When we are 8 years old we are still very much connected to our spiritual essence, and that’s why our imagination and reality are merged together. It is ALL possible in the mind of that child.

So go back to when you were 8 and look at what you were doing. What were you spending most time on? What would you fantasize about? What could you do or talk about for hours? Write down a few things you remember (and later maybe take out your photo albums, or do a short meditation to ask that little girl what her essence was guiding her to do, and dream about).

Inner child work can also be very healing, but for this moment I just want you to remember – and so does that imagination rich little girl inside of you.

After you have remembered these truths about yourself, what did you decide on them later on in life? Like, they were not possible? Or you can’t make money with that? Or that you were not good enough to ever reach that dream?

Again, get really honest with yourself on what lies you told yourself or were taught to believe that kept you from keeping your Dreams alive and live them in your life.

From a point of view of an adult dreams may seem silly.

But when you are now finding yourself without the Determination or Motivation to really take your Life to the level of true happiness and fulfillment, it’s time that you start to rewind and acknowledge this glitch in the line between you now and your 8-year-old.

Go back to the timeline of that little girl, and the moment she learned that her dreams were silly or someone told her ‘they were never going to happen’. Now go into your timeline and tell that little girl what you actually hoped she would believe, or what you want her to know about dreams and how important they are in life.

It can go something like this:

hey sweety, thank you for being so pure, open and loving. You are an amazing little girl you know that. But there is also something very precious that might not have been so valued by the people around you. And that’s the vision you have for this world, that big dream you have for your life. The desires you have for being all of you in this world. I want you to know that’s what admire most about you. You are so very magical and I know that as long as you believe, all your dreams will come true. There is no limit to creation, and you know this on a deep level. Keep that innocent, and positive view of the world, and let me help you make your dreams a reality. I’m so glad we reconnected. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, and I love you!”

Did you get teary-eyed too, reading this?

Magic will happen when you reunite

Once we acknowledge these qualities inside of ourselves and go back to the moments when we strayed from our dreams, we can heal our past and create magical building blocks to build our future.

I know I couldn’t have done what I’m doing now in my business if it wasn’t for my 8-year-old. With who I reunited in 2012 during my coaching year. It was confusing and hurting at first. But reconnecting with her also gave me back something that was essential to my life. It gave me back my Belief in Magic.

Answer these questions for yourself, so connecting to your inner magic becomes natural again.

1. What did I believe to be true about the world when I was 8?

2. What did I dream about / could I talk about for hours?

3. How did I see myself, what did I want to be when I grew up and why?

4. What innocent, pure, loving qualities did you have as a little girl? Acknowledge them and celebrate them again in your life. It will help you awaken your magic.

After reading this you might feel like you need to pay more attention to that magical little girl inside of you, and that’s exactly my advice to you. Allow her to be part of your life, and that way you will allow your magic to re-enter your life.


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