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My transformation Summer story – Spirit Junkie Masterclass results

It was the Summer of 2017 I had been working as a Nanny all year, because my spiritual life coaching business wasn’t going so well by itself. I saw myself trying and failing one too many times and the feeling of quitting my coaching business was coming closer every time I felt it wasn’t working out. I had been figuring things out by myself for 4 years before I finally decided that it was time for guidance that would help me with my desired transformation. I was ready to become a successful spiritual entrepreneur. And the person I knew that could help me with this, was Gabby Bernstein.

The seed was planted

A year before I saw an inspirational video of her, where she planted a seed inside of me and which changed the way I looked at myself. If you want to see that video and read my story, read The 5 words that changed my life. It was a seed that had grown silently inside of me for the past year, so when I had to decide upon a coach to guide me through my transformation the choice was already made. Gabby Bernstein is a spiritual business and life coach, author and public speaker with a background in PR. Exactly the qualities that I was searching for and the person to go to, to learn the skills of a successful entrepreneur in the spiritual world.

The moment I enrolled, I felt lifted-up and overflowed with joy

I remember the moment I subscribed to the Spirit Junkie Masterclass so well. It was a very emotional moment for me. That morning I woke up and realized that was the last day I could sign up (yes, I waited until the last moment) but I forgot the time difference between the US and Holland, so I had only half an hour left. I tried to sign up with my mobile phone, but when I hit subscribe, my screen read: “I’m sorry, the subscription period is over, you will have to wait another year.”

I freaked out!! NOOOO!!! NOOO>>>!!!

I ran down stairs, because I had to, HAD TO, HAD TO DO THIS NOW!!

There was not a doubt in my mind or in my energy at that time. So I ran down stairs, opened my laptop. Found a link in my emails and tried again. YES, CONGRATULATIONS WITH YOUR ENROLLMENT TO THE SPIRIT JUNKIE MASTERCLASS 2017.

You can’t imagine how relieved and blessed I felt.

It was also a BIG SIGN for me that this was the TIME for me. That I was more than READY to show up as a spiritual teacher and share my light with the world. The energy that surrounded me the moment I read CONGRATULATIONS has been with me ever since. It is the Magical bubble of becoming a member of the Spirit Junkie community. A guidance that is so Clear and Uplifting and that will never leave your side.

Time to learn to be a Teacher

I learned during the Spirit Junkie Masterclass that I had all that it takes to be a spiritual teacher. I had my own experience and transformation story, I learned new skills and realized I already had some successful tools to help people transform their lives and become more of their True Self. I gained the confidence to speak more freely about my beliefs and my vision of the New World. She gave me magical mantra’s that connected me to Spirit in a profound way, so I could hear very clearly what was my Purpose and what my next step should be.

In many ways the Spirit Junkie Masterclass digital has transformed my life and my business.

  • – It deepened my spiritual practice and my personal relationship with Spirit (God/ Universe/…)
  • – It gave me the confidence and the trust to speak my truth and share my experiences and my vision.
  • – It showed me that being authentic is so much more important than being perfect.
  • – I experienced that I was not alone on this Mission to change the world. I am suddenly surrounded by like-minded people from all around the world and that was such a great feeling, after feeling so alone as a spiritual entrepreneur.
  • – She was an amazing example of a Teacher, being present and being totally herself, while helping others grow into their Authentic Power. I trusted that I could do that too.
  • – It helped me see that marketing can be fun and that attracting the right audience can be easy, once you are spiritually aligning your actions and your services.
  • – And so much more!!

I don’t believe that I had ever grown so much in ONE Summer. The program is so complete and has so many facets in which it helps you transform. It will be worth the investment many times over.

If you want to know if the Spirit Junkie Masterclass is for you, click this link and find out.

Clear guidance – the only thing I could do was follow that guidance

All of these teachings made me grow as a person and as an entrepreneur. I completely started to trust my inner guidance and that Spirit would show me the way. So when I woke up that one August morning and asked guidance:

“What will you have me do? Where will you have me go?”

And Spirit responded with: El Camino de Santiago de Compostela!

I was shocked to hear this answer, so unlike me to choose to walk so many km’s. But I also knew inside that this guidance was not coming from me. It was clear guidance from God, telling me where to go and what to do. My primary reaction was ‘negociation’. What? Do you want me to walk? I don’t wanna walk. I have never walked far in my life. Can I just do 100 km instead? Will that be enough to show me my next step? In that moment God smiled at me and said: Okay, 100 km will be enough.

The only thing I could do was follow that guidance.

Spirit was not going to show me my next step, until I had taken those steps on my Camino. So I packed a rucksack and took a plane to Santiago de Compostela. Because, I had negotiated some more and I decided to walk the Camino backwards. I ultimately ended up walking 114 km in one week. I was very proud of myself and Spirit was about to reward me for my hard work.

I finished in Santiago as many others and asked Spirit again. What will you have me do, where will you have me go? But this time there was no clear voice speaking to me. I was confused. Had I came all the way here to find out, there was no next step?

But I talked to Spirit myself and said: “If you want me to go to Finisterre (the end of the world and the true end of the Camino), than give me a bike, because I’m not walking any more!”

I thought it was a funny statement and as the day passed I was sure I was just going home.

But walking down the steps of the Cathedral, I turn to my left and there it was. A SIGN: bike rental. I smiled back at God and thanked him for being so clear. I walked in, rented a bicycle for 2 days and did the 90 km that was between Santiago and Finisterre by bike the next days.

Growing from my experiences

You might wonder, what all of this guidance and Camino walking had to do with my Spirit Junkie Masterclass and with growing as a spiritual entrepreneur. I will get to that now.

During my Camino I used the guided meditations of Gabby and the mantra’s I had learned daily. They were the first things I did in the morning and the moments where it was getting hard to walk, I would turn to Spirit, using my spiritual tools of the Masterclass. I was being carried most of my Camino and the mantras gave me wings and the confidence to continue.

The Camino gave me something that was way more important than just learning to be a spiritual entrepreneur. It taught me to connect and take care of my body, to appreciate life in it’s simplicity and have fun while taking on tasks that seem hard at first. I had for the first time in my life experienced the fruits of endurance and hard work. The moment I arrived in Finisterre on my bike, was Euphoric!! I will never forget that. It made me see and experience my Strength as a person and I didn’t need anyone to help me when it gets hard. I can do this!!

A lesson I am still most grateful of in my life. I can rely on my own two feet, they will take me where I need to go. And Spirit is always there, watching over my shoulder giving me signs and sending my answers.

Results after that Summer

When I finished my Camino in Finisterre, I was exactly at the right place at the right time. I just didn’t know it yet. So I decided to walk some more. From Murcia back to Finisterre. During those 2 days I was sending out clear messages of my Dream location, about what I was hoping to find in Spain.

“I want to find a hostel, run by a nice family I can work with, with 20 beds, a garden and a meditation room. Where I can guide young spiritual seekers to their life mission and do my great work. I was ready to Teach. Show me this Location and I will do my work.”

Only one hour later, Universe was guiding me to that exact place!

Before I knew it I was working as a volunteer in that spiritual hostal, with the 20 beds, the garden and the meditation space. Me and the other volunteers were running it like a family, such great energy. And every morning I was guiding a meditation class, reaching so many tired travelers and helping them balance out their great Camino experience before going back home. It was such an important job and I was just being myself, sharing my gift.

I also started to offer my Life Mission course, which I was offering when I was in Holland but had trouble getting clients for. Here I just needed to mention it in my meditation class and that same afternoon we were transforming life’s into life missions. It was an incredible experience. Spirit showed me how easy and fun it can be to do Authentic Marketing.

That Summer I truly transformed from being a struggling entrepreneur and spiritual seekers into being a spiritual teacher with a full class every week, and guiding a daily meditation practice. If that is not a big transformation story, than I don’t know what is.

Start with the decision to change

It all started with that seed being planted and my decision to change into the person I really wanted to be. So when there is something in your life you really want to transform and you are searching for the way to do it, read my 3 golden rules.

It all starts with your decision to change!

If you feel inspired by my Transformation Story and wonder if the Spirit Junkie Masterclass is something for you to transform your life and your business, then click this link and read what your next step should be. Ask the Universe for guiding you on this spiritual path and read the SIGNS>

Much love to you all.

If you feel called to respond or send me a comment. I will be more than happy to hear from you and to connect our Spiritual missions in life. Send me your Transformation Mission for this Summer, maybe I can help send you on your way.

Love Nanda

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