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Congratulations John! You are now a
member of the Conscious Playground.
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Step 1 : Whitelist our email address

Your Conscious Creation Journey is something you want to do together. I want to inspire you to keep focus and take inspired action by sending you regular emails. Whitelist our address so you can receive our support.

Step 2 : Join the Telegram Channel

Make sure you join our Conscious Playground channel, so I can support you on a daily basis to Live your Highest Truth and stay in alignment with your Soul. In the channel I will give weekly audio messages, and in the chat you can ask any questions, share your wins and inspire each other. You can also access the Conscious Playground masterclasses through the links that will be shared in this channel.

Step 3 : Activate your creative flow

Become unstoppable and super creative with your special BONUS course: The 5 elements of Creation. You will never wander why your creation process is not flowing. Understanding of the 5 elements will give you exactly what you need to FINISH your dream projects.

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