What: online spiritual transformation course for your life and business

Founder: Gabby Bernstein

Costs: 1999 dollars

Duration: 8 modules (2 months)

Soul Sparkles: 5 out of 5

What is the Spirit Junkie Masterclass digital?

The website itself www.spiritjunkies.com says: Spirit Junkie Masterclass Digital is an online course that helps you gain the confidence and tools you need to live your highest purpose, make an impact and earn for your great work.

My explanation of what the Spirit Junkie masterclass digital is, is an online course that will help spiritual seekers, and entrepreneurs go to the next level, learn how to become more grounded and focused on their mission in life. And learn how to build a solid spiritual business, based on your personal strengths and your story. It will help you with storytelling, working through your fears and other blocks that prevent you from being successful, give you the tools to do marketing in a spiritual way and learn how to listen to your spiritual guidance more. It is a life changing e-course, that will help any spiritual entrepreneur to the next level, no matter where you start from.

For who is the Spirit Junkie Masterclass digital?

“The Spirit Junkie Masterclass digital is for Spiritual seekers, entrepreneurs, corporate miracle workers and people who are ready for more.” www.spiritjunkies.com

This course is for you when

  • You feel ready to step into your Teacher and serve the world with your Purpose.
  • You want to take your spiritual practice to the next level and be guided by the Universe in your life and business.
  • You want to break free from your doubts and fears and are done playing it small.
  • You want to put the right energy in the right place so you can make an impact on the world. If that is from a business or the community that you live in. We all have a mission, big or small that can help change the world.

Who is Gabby Bernstein?

Wikipedia: “Gabrielle Bernstein is an American motivational speaker, life coach, and author. Bernstein teaches primarily from the text A Course In Miracles. She teaches a practical application of the Course’s principles emphasizing self-love, forgiveness, and a holistic approach to spirituality. In 2009, Bernstein was featured in The New York Times as a “guru” for the next generation.

She is a self made spiritual guru and public speaker, who has changed over 1.000.000 lives by sharing her teachings and her story.

She is a New York Times best-selling author with her book ‘The Universe has your Back’ (2016) and ‘May Cause Miracles’ (2013).

She has been a successful spiritual entrepreneur for more than a decade.

My experience with the Spirit Junkie Masterclass

In 2017 I decided it was time to make a change in my life and get support in my corner in developing my spiritual business and owning my spiritual calling. I had been playing it small for 3 years, struggling as an entrepreneur because I wanted my spiritual growth to be leading in creating my business. There was one talk I will never forget, where Gabby told me: “You are a spiritual Teacher”. That was when the seed was planted. And I followed her advice and walked the talk and then started her online version of the Spirit Junkie Masterclass.

  1. I felt amazing watching the first video of her course. It was like I was right there with them in New York and she was talking to me personally. The course was very lively and interactive, even though it was online.
  2. Her words touched me so deeply and her teaching stay with me all through my life. It has been a life changing experience for me.
  3. The community was like a big secure bubble for me, where I could dry my wings and try to fly. And it was safe to start expressing my Truth in that community. Soon I got the confidence to come out with my message and serve in a bigger way.
  4. It taught me so many spiritual tools and skills that I use in my daily life and that I can teach to others. The course teaches what you can teach, mixed with your own story and experiences.

After the course, in just 2 months’ time, I had reached more clients than I had the whole year, I had a daily meditation class in a spiritual Hostel in Spain, where Spirit had guided me. It was a life-changing summer for me.

What to expect

When you enroll to the Spirit Junkie Masterclass you will be given

  • Live recordings of the Spirit Junkie Masterclass in New York (8 modules)
  • In-depth workbook and worksheets that will help you take the actions required
  • You will be a lifetime member of The Spirit Junkie community in a very active Facebook group
  • Besides Gabby Bernstein your teachers will be Rha Goddess, Jordon Back, Jay Shetty, Maryann Dimarco and many more, who are all experts in their field.
  • Bonus materials, like the training God is my Publicist and Spirit Junkie Business Basics.
  • Extra bonus: this year an opportunity to meet Gabby live in New York on August 10, in the Spirit Junkie Live event.

Every week there is a release of the next module, so you can follow the course as a group and use the Q&A in the community. In total there are 8 modules. The first module you will receive direct access to. The next modules will be from June 28 through August 9, 2019.


For an e-course, this Masterclass is very live. The recordings are high quality so they bring even the energy of the room to your computer screen. The teachers and the teachings are of high quality as well. They really know how to get you moving and inspired. The workbook is pretty in design as well as very functional. This will be your guide for years to come. You will have lifetime access to the training, which is updated every year. Also, the bonus material is most valuable while setting up your spiritual business.

A very big plus is the community that is attached to this course and you will feel instantly connected to all of these beautiful souls, sharing your big mission in changing the world.

As far the meditations and spiritual teachings are concerned, even though I was already an experienced spiritual practitioner it taught me very practical and also elevating new skills. It takes your spiritual practice to the next level so to speak, no matter what your starting point is.

The price is very reasonable (1999 dollars) for the quality and the results you will get with this course.

Besides, Gabby offers you the tools and the methods to build your spiritual business, so you can make a good ROI (return on investment) in the year that follows, doing what you love. She helps set you in the right energy to put everything she teaches into action – so that you will become the Teacher you were born to be.

Want to level up your life and business this Summer, this is it!

Ps. I am a proud affiliate for Gabby’s Spirit Junkie Masterclass Digital course. I deeply believe in her training and that she can take you to the next level, as she did for me. When you decide to join her course I might receive a referral fee as part of our affiliate agreement. Make sure you use this link if you would like to sign up through my recommendation and let me know.

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  1. Looks like exactly the one I’m looking for. Just recently, I shifted from MLM niche to Christian entrepreneurship where I blog about biblical principles applied to business. Although I already have a good reference for my blogging which is the Holy Bible, I am still looking for other books that will help me understand more what God wants us to do as entrepreneurs. And aside from books, I need videos as well. So, this training by Spirit Junkie Masterclass of Gabrielle Bernstein fits well for the requirement, and there’s only one question I’d like to ask to make the final decision: Are there text transcriptions of the videos?

    1. Hi Gomer 

      How beautiful that you have read this article at the right time in your journey. I’m happy to read that the holy bible will be your guide and God is certainly guiding you in this. Gabby speaks beautifully about Spirit and is open to all religions. There is a bigger plan for all of us, once we start to open up and receive the calling. 

      As far as I know, there are no full transcripts of the video’s but the workbook is very much in detail. I could find out for you if you want. Let me get back to you on this, this weekend. 

      Hope to see you in the training Gomer. You are more than welcome!! 

  2. Hi Nanda

    Really interesting article on the Spirit Junkie Masterclass. I am curious about a few things though given these are live recordings why is only the first module available when you sign up and the other 7 are released over a few weeks, does this allow for a refund period if the first module is not what I had hoped for? Also is the live event run each year if I wanted to attend in person. Just trying to find out a little more about it.


    1. Hi Dominique, great questions and I’m more than happy to answer them for you. 

      Yes, the first module is released immediately and separate from the others so you have a refund period. So if the course is not for you, you can opt-out before July 4th. The other reason is that you can do the course with the group and benefit from the Live Q&A and other support that is given in the community when you are following the release schedule. 

      The live event has not been given for the past few years but hopefully will come back in the future. There is a special bonus this year though, where this digital course 2019 is unique, there is a Live Spirit Junkie Event in New York on August 10, 2019. So if you wanted a live experience, you are getting everything this year. 

      Spread the word about this life-transforming spiritual training, it is worth it. I’m a big fan and still learn from her teachings every time some of her new books comes out or a new training or talk. I just love her vibe and what she teaches. 

      If there are any more questions you have, let me know. I’m here to help. 

      love, Nanda 

  3. Nanda,

    I am happy to hear that Gabby is open to all religions. There are times when “spiritual” people can be highly biased toward their own beliefs.
    As a spiritual person, I have deep faith in the greater beings or divine entities of our universe. I do not often speak on this because I am surrounded by people of fierce Chrisitan faith, and I prefer to maintain peace.

    It is refreshing when I can release those binds around people who have shown themselves open and accepting of alternative points of view.

    Unfortunately, the cost of this class is beyond me at this time. I will be bookmarking the site however for future updates.

    Thank you so much for this review,

    Gwendolyn J

    1. Hi Gwendolyne, you are so right. Being open to all religions is something rare in region all over the world. How can you speak from the name of God if you separate yourself from others, right? We are all One. Gabby has a gospel for everyone that wants to hear it and for sure you will find her inspiring.
      Read my blog about how her 5 words changed my life, there is a very inspiration free talk you can watch.
      Much love and light on your journey, you are loved!

  4. Hi Nanda,

    I really enjoyed your review of Spirit Junkie Masterclass 2019. I think this is something I would be interested in the near future. Thanks for taking the time to write such a detailed review. I really enjoyed the “spiritual flow” of your writing 😉

    Your Friend


    1. Hi Friend,
      This is such a blessing to read. The Masterclass of 2019 has an Open Cart until June 20, so if you want in this is the time to do it. The next time will be a year from now. So if you feel a strong yes, please take this opportunity. If you feel that you need more time, next year I’m sure I will promote her program again. She is amazing and this Summer can be a real life changer for anyone that decides to take this course.
      Good luck to you and hope you will find what you need on your journey at this point in time.

      Lots of love, Nanda

  5. Hi There, 

    We are all spiritual beings with something to teach and I learnt this from a young age. We may all believe in different things but we all believe and even though not everything feels right 100% of the time, we co exist and having truth seekers ploughing through their journey and showing up for other peoples journey is what it’s all about. 

    I have never heard of Gabby Bernstein but I do know Jay Shetty and I think his work is very touching. Having this link helps me believe in Gabby whilst knowing so little about her. You’ve got me really interested in finding more about this event so thank you. 

    Quick question, does she have a podcast? & Do you recommend other motivational / spiritual podcasts?

    Thank you 

    1. Hi Jade, 

      Thank your so much for your visit to my website. I’m so happy to hear that you have gotten the message that you have something amazing to share with this world from a young age. I’m making it my mission to share that message to the New Generation for years to come. We all have to play our part. 

      Gabby has her own YouTube channel and you can find out more about her there. 

      My favorite youtube recording I posted in my other blogpost “the 5 words that changed my life” 

      I hope it will serve you. 

      Love Nanda

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