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How I saved thousands on therapy with this Akashic Self-healing method

I saved thousands on therapy because I took the route of self-healing. It started when I was in my burnout (2011). All my emotions had come to the surface at once and I didn’t know how to handle them all… I decided to learn the emotional freedom technique and start a coaching study instead of spending all that money going to a therapist. At that moment I made an important decision, to take my healing into my own hands and learn to self-heal. From that moment on this has been my journey, and I saved thousands on therapy with this decision.

Now I’ve made it my mission to teach others to be self-sufficient in their healing journey as well. From my mom to my friends to the people I meet I always try to empower them and not see them as a victim, but as the soulution to their problem, and the healer of their ailment. This empowering vision has helped more, than me feeling sorry for them or helping them with temporary solutions.

I believe we all have the power and the wisdom to heal ourselves.

On this self-healing journey, especially the emotional imbalance and the frequent feelings of overwhelm, frustration, or panic I have under control now. First, with the holistic coaching studies, and the Emotional Freedom Technique I self-healed from everything that was burnout-related. And later on, I learned to heal through soul body fusion, deep trance meditation, affirmations, past life trauma, and other regression therapy rituals that I took for myself and lead me on this beautiful journey of self-healing.

Truly my soul healing medicine bag is filled with a lot of goodness by now (after 8 years of self-healing). I mean I can not turn a page of my diary or I read something about a healing process I went through that week. I know this life is an ongoing journey of learning, healing, and liberating yourself more and more… so I’m so glad a lot of that healing I can do myself…. and so can you!

Nanda's self-healing journeyLet me tell you a story about a situation I get to relive almost monthly. It’s about the emotional overwhelm of not being pregnant (yet). The moment that my body is telling my brain ‘this time’ it was not successful in fertilizing my eg (my friends and I call it the falling eg symptom) I get really emotional. The sadness on that 1 day in the month is overwhelming and I just want to roll up like a little ball and hide from the world. There are also feelings like anger, frustration, guilt (towards my partner), jealousy (of all the women that have kids) and many many more… It’s just a Carnaval of Emotions and that has been playing out since I was 27 … almost every month around the same day (end of the second week of my cycle).

Normally I would go to my friends, and talk about it…. but after 173 times I think they have all heard it before…

Now there is something I do that truly is helping me heal and balance out these emotions. It’s the Akashic Self-Healing method. Am I glad that I added that healing tool to my medicine bag, or that it found me… Actually, this method is much more than a healing tool… It’s like having your own healing center with you at all times, that is helping you heal wherever you want, whenever and on the deepest (also unconscious levels) helping you shift into a new state, where the blockage of emotions have no grip on your state of being whatsoever.


While in previous years I just knew what time of the month it was and just wallowed in it, talking to friends or writing it down and sit it out until the next day I would automatically feel better. I now have an awesome way to give space to my emotions, on the deepest level release it and transform the energy in just 20 minutes or less.

Self-healing in 20 minutes or less 

The Akashic Self-Healing method is a guided meditation that connects you to the spirit guides and light beings in the fifth dimension, that help you heal on the deepest levels. Erase old wounds that have been playing up for years. Eliminate old patterns that have been keeping you stuck and holding you down. Heal your emotional wounds and give you exactly what you need in that moment to feel better. And even heal past life trauma, that unconsciously had been interfering with you living a life of Joy, Happiness, and Fulfilment.

Akashic Self healing courseIt’s True – The Akashic Self-healing method can do all that and more for you.

And the most amazing thing is… it takes only 15-20 minutes and works even on subjects you are not consciously aware of.

You can just go into the meditation, leading you to the Akashic Records library (feeling like crap, or not actually sure what is bothering you) and you will get exactly what you need at that moment. It’s like having a team of medics, therapists, friends, guides and miracle workers working for you in your personal healing center.

Sounds great right?

If you had the choice to invest one time in a Self-healing tool that is as profound and effective and makes you feel like the Healer of your own life or invest in a year of therapy where you feel like the victim that needs to be saved, what would you choose?

Let me know in the comments.


Do you want to experience this Self-healing for yourself, check out the Akashic Self-Healing method here.

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