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MASTERCLASS: The Akashic Records Experience

Have your own Self-healing Experience

Click the video below and I will guide you through your own Akashic Healing Experience

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I received insights and an immediate shift in energy

"It was a special experience. Nanda is a very open and lvoing person and takes you on a beautiful inward journey to your personal akashic records
in meditation. I received beautiful insights and immediate shift in energy.
I recommend this to anyone who is feeling stuck or insecure.
Try it out. It will amaze you."

Kirsten Jense
Fabrina Willemse - zangcoach en ziekenhuis moeder
I love to learn new things and healing methods. This is magical!

“I joined the Akashic Self-Healing course out of curiosity and I was truly surprised and it allowed me to go through my healing process with much more ease and grace. I love it and use it regularly."*

Fabrina Willemse

*Specific results are not guaranteed. Actual results may vary.

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