Akashic Self healing

Get into the space Akashic Records with your spirit guides and experience the direct healing and upgrade your Soul wants you to have

"What I've been trying to solve and break through for ages has finally shifted, all thanks to the Akashic Self Healing. And not in 5 months, weeks or days, but in just 15 minutes. Amazing... I'm still a little shocked"
Serenity Love

Experience Deep Inner healing

Heal yourself from inner blocks, old contracts, heavy emotional baggage with the Akashic Records self healing method.

With the help of your spirit guides and the Akashic Records you can self-heal any problem or obstacle in the deepest way possible. Especially the unconscious blocks that are holding you back, keeping you small or hindering you from creating what you truly desire in your life.

Heal yourself

In the Akashic records space you have direct access to Past, Present and Future and the answers you need at this moment to heal and evolve. You have complete control over your healing process and get the help and guidance that is exactly right for you in this moment. 

Do this course and repeat the guided meditation for 21-days in a row, to get the best results. 

the results you can expect

Healing myself with Akashic Records has brought enormous change to my life, as it will for you too.

  • Heal old contracts like ‘poverty’ or ‘solitude’ ‘marriage in a past life’.
  • Stop patterns of inferiority, being insecure, keeping yourself small
  • Break with the past of being punished or exiled for your gift
  • Free yourself from negative thoughts, memories, and feelings.
  • Get an intense emotional and energetic cleanse on the deepest level
  • And have a safe place to go, to re-connect and self-heal for the rest of your life
Nanda Berwers Ananda Soul Travel Soul Mission life coach

become your higher self and free yourself from anything that's holding you back

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Get focused

when you want to have clarity on your life mission and goals, and feel like you are constantly losing your focus, the akashic records help you to determine your priorities.

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Get motivated

When you feel de-motivated or overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done... there might be old patterns and fears playing up. With the AR healing you will get right back into your motivation and true power.

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Get aligned

On a soul level you know exactly what to do and how to heal yourself. It's just a matter of aligning yourself with that truth again and again. Your spirit guides help you stay on your path while you are self-healing.

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Feel amazing

Especially when you feel like shit, and (old) emotions start to take the overhand, a deep healing session with the akashic records will wash away all of your fears, worries and doubts and help you feel amazing in an instant.

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Be confident

Never let your insecurities, self-sabotage and inner critic stop you again. Instead know exactly who you truly are and get super confident in what your soul came here to do. At any time, you can shift into this with the AR.

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Unleash your super powers

Not only can you heal yourself on the deepest levels the Akashic Records are also the looking glass into the future, and help you to unleash your super powers. Awaken all of your potential by being in the energy of who you came here to be!

You are your own best healer

Get access to the Akashic Self Healing Method and liberate yourself from any blockage, old wound, past life contract, or deep belief or emotion in an instant. now for €119 and life-time access

BONUS #1 live soul coaching

When you sign up directly you will get access to my live soul coaching session where you can ask me anything, and prepare you for the Self-Healing journey you are about to go on. Naming and Seeing your blocks before you go into the journey gets you faster results, and more clarity on what you need to work on. 

you being all you came here to be
your soul aligned life 100%

BONUS #2 self-healing workbook

During your akashic healing self healing journey you will get so much insights and energetic upgrades it’s nice to keep track of your growth. In your self-healing workbook you can see how much you’ll grow and what blocks are no longer stopping you, helping you to integrate all the great shifts that happen during the healing journey. 

BONUS #3 your personal MP3 meditation

Once you have gotten to know the way to your Akashic Records you would probably want a fast and easy way to reconnect at any time. That’s why you will get as a third bonus a personally recorded MP3 meditation which you can listen to any time, for the rest of your life. It’s like having your own personal healing center with you at all times. 

What have others experienced on this healing journey

I deeply believe that our soul has a lot of influence on our life, unconscious blocks can determine so much. I was not sure what it was but I knew I needed to heal on a deeper level. Now that I did I feel happy and free. Such a relief to be able to heal myself on this deep level and not spend years in therapy. I did this with my own Soul and Spirit guides.
When I look back now and how I started this journey I realized how many things have shifted. Not only in my personal life, but in my business, my overall health and even in my lovelife. This is just magical. Thanks Nanda.
I struggled for a long time with my emotions, they always seemed to lead me in the direction I didn't want to go. Now that I have my self-healing with the akashic records in place, I have my emotions under controll.
"It was a special experience. Nanda is a very open and lvoing person and takes you on a beautiful inward journey to your personal akashic records in meditation. I received beautiful insights and immediate shift in energy. I recommend this to anyone who is feeling stuck or insecure. Try it out. It will amaze you."
Kirsten Jense review foto

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