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Have you been keeping yourself small or putting things off for far too long?

Are you aware that you are full of Potential, but until now you haven’t had the courage to let it all out?

Are you procrastinating on what you know needs to be done in order to realize your dreams

And have you tried to get into the magnetic state of Higher Consciousness, but you keep on falling out – second guessing yourself or worrying about the little things? 

Then Listen Up!!

You are here with a Great big potential, having a Great big scary purpose that is going to make a big impact in the world! You know it, and you feel it… 

Yet you haven’t had the right support system, the right tools, people that see you for what you are capable of and helping you make a difference in this world.

You are here to bring Change, and be Great. But you are not able to do all that you desire alone…. You need help!

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You are here to Create the Life you Desire

You are here to Share your Magic

To let your SOUL Play FULL OUT

and stop making excuses, self-sabotage or procrastinate on your dreams.

What is included?

€ 37 *

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Nanda Berwers - Soul Purpose Coach

The Magic of Life is inside all of us...

My name is Nanda and I will be your guide for this journey. I have come a long way since graduation and quiting my first job at 24. I was sure there was something MORE to life than people around me were letting me see and believe. I decided to go and figure it out myself. 


Now many years later (at 42) I have found all that I knew in my heart existed. Magical, but True… I live in Spain now with my beautiful boyfriend, expecting our first baby and living by the ocean. This year opened our Spiritual center and having the best time of my life… and all because I dared to FOLLOW MY SOUL AND LISTEN TO MY HEART. 

And now I know my SOUL has even bigger and better things in store for me, because it is pushing me out of my comfort zone again, letting me create a space where I can truly PLAY FULL OUT… and for this incredible space I would like to invite you. 

The Universe is asking you to Step Up!

The time for keeping small and holding back has ended, it's time for to Rise and Become the Beste Version of yourself, so you can make an Impact and Truly create the Magical Life you deserve.

What is your SOUL inviting you to step into next?

Get full support on what you came here to do...

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BONUS: The 5 elements of creation

In this masterclass I will give you the 5 elements of every creation process

Let Nature Guide you to materialize your Dreams to make them beuatiful, effortless and owwww sooo Magical!! We are here to Create magic, we are here to Create! *period *exclamationpoint!!!! Your Dreams have come to you as the first part of this wonderful 5 elements of Creation process, and in this masterclass I coach you through the rest of the 5 elements, so you are aware of the cycle and can actively use all the elements. I am super excited for you, to be creating your dreams, and see what comes out of this. Let yourself be Inspired, and Take Aligned Action on your Dreams.

And so much more...

Nanda's self-healing journey
laura - review soul mission course
I know who I am and how to make an Impact

I love knowing that every step I take is inspired and aligned. I know exactly who I am and how I can make the bigggest impact on the world around me from confidence and ease. YES, show me what else is possible UNIVERSE!

I got it done in less time than expected!

Allowing myself to dream big, before taking action has changed everything for me. Normally I would have bailed on my project long ago, but I got it done!! and in less time than expected.


*Specific results are not guaranteed. Actual results may vary.

Ready to be the GREATEST VERSION of yourself

When your Soul is inviting you to step into your NEXT LEVEL LIFE all you need to do is say YES!

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