What we want our spiritual practice to be like and what we experience on a day-to-day basis is sometimes not what we expect. You meditate in the morning, get into that beautiful and blissful Soul state, and want to maintain that energy throughout the day. But once you had breakfast and started your day you might experience that blissful feeling is gone. Today I want to give you some tools that re-awaken your Soul state throughout the day and make you realize that your Soul state is always accessible… even when you are not in meditation. 

Let’s start with a few practices that can get you into a blissful Soul state in the morning, just to get us started and let you experience the state you would like to anker in for the rest of your day. Starting your day with a practice like this is going to contribute to your life experience in a magical way. 

  1. Meditate using the opening prayer of Kundalini yoga: Ong namo, guru dav namo. Recognizing the Divine One within yourself is a great way to start your day. 
  2. Without any plan or agenda start writing your Truth in your Journal. Just free-write for 20 minutes and see what wants to come through you today! 
  3. Play or sing a song that is repeating this mantra: 

“I am – I am – I am” 

A beautiful example: I am the light of my Soul – Ayeet Kaur


With these 3 simple practices, you can Open yourself up to connect consciously to your soul state. It’s really that easy. No necessity to make this more complicated and here’s why: 

Your Soul has never left you! 

Being aware of your Soul state, or as you might experience going in and out of alignment is basically a mind made matter. You are never really out of contact with your Soul. Your Soul and you are One… and have been since before you were born. 

So what truly happens when you feel you are out of alignment, not in connection is that you are making yourself separate from your Soul – you are constructing a belief or even behavior that you are relating to ‘not being in alignment’ in your mind. The part of the brain that is your inner judge: “this is good, that is bad…”. While on a Soul level there does not exist judgment over any experience or circumstance, there is just the objective observation of a variety of experiences. But one is not more sacred, not more Soul than the other. They just are. 

How to get back into Soul State

When you catch yourself on this mind made distortion there are some easy and joyful ways for you to get back into Soul state. Here are some of my favorites; 

Dance to the rhythm of your Soul

Dancing is a great way for you to reconnect to the present moment and to your body. Envision that you are inviting your Soul to dance with you, and let your movements come from inside. Experience that in this very moment the soul state is re-awakened. 

Clap your hands and say Yes Yes Yes

Saying yes to life, to yourself, and to your soul is what can be a super powerful practice that connects you right back to your morning practice bliss. 

Free yourself from limitations

You can take this quite literally, like taking off your jacket or the things that you have identified with a role you are playing. Shake off the day, the circumstances, or the heaviness you’ve been feeling. Or you can just visualize that you are expanding your bodysuit into a lighter and weightless energy suit. 

Use the mantra from your morning meditation

Reminding yourself of your soul state and the connection that is always there can be as easy as repeating the mantra you used in the morning. Where your attention goes your energy flows. So repeat the Kundalini mantra, the truth that you wrote about this morning or simply state: I am, I am, I am, I am the light of my Soul. 


These few easy and accessible ways will help you to re-align with the truth that is always within you, that you are your Soul are One and forever connected. The desire to want to connect to your Soul or that feeling of bliss more is a good sign. It means you are ready to move into a deeper relationship with your Soul and luckily you have the opportunity to build this relationship for as long as you both shall live. 


Your relationship with Soul is for Life  

Your Soul and you are in this for the long haul… connected for life! 

Moving from having an occasional remembrance of your relationship (as if by accident) or creating a long-lasting, nurturing relationship with your Soul will make a big difference on your life experience. You will feel happier, more alive, more inspired and more creative when you are fully aware of your relationship. I so understand your desire to stay in a soul state – I had that longing too for a long time. So I made this relationship to Soul my priority. It’s the basis for my life, and what a life we’ve created together!! I’m still amazed by the life we’ve co-created and feel infinite gratitude! 


Making your Soul a core player in your life

When you go about your day, identifying with the person you have become can make you feel a bit flat – like a 3D image is suddenly confined to 2 dimensions. I had been feeling like that for most of my life, far into adulthood if I’m truly honest. Since making the relationship with my Soul a priority I have truly gained a new dimension to the life I live. I feel more complete, more whole, and have access to much more of my innate potential, which feels amazing! 


Stop blocking your imagination

There is a reason imagination exists. We are all born with this capacity and as children, we can let that imagination run freely. Our imagination runs so free that we feel like we can conquer anything and feel invincible! It’s a shame a lot of adults have lost this confidence and power to imagine. Connecting back to your soul state also means allowing yourself to bring your imagination back into your reality. 

“Imagine – John Lennon” 

Throw false beliefs out of the window

Being aware of the thoughts that have provoked the feeling of not being alignment is going to help you to release them. So what have you been telling yourself? What ‘shoulds’ ‘have to’s’ and ‘judgments’ or ‘expectations’ have you placed upon yourself that you can now consciously let go of? Clearing your beliefs will help you to build a relationship built on your own Truth, not on false convictions or past experiences. 


Create Freely

If you could do anything with your day, with your time and energy and there were no limitations (no lack, no pressure, no blocks) what would you now feel inspired to create? What would you devote your undivided attention on and give it all you’ve got? If you were given 1 day to freely create – what would you give your day to? 

Opening up to your creative expression will show you the way in which your soul and you are going – the direction of your Purpose. 


You are Divinely guided 

In each and every moment you are Divinely guided and your Soul is the portal through which your inspiration and guidance can come through. So make your relationship with your Soul a priority is a wise decision. This way your life will be divinely guided in the direction of your Highest Potential and your Greatest Dream, also known as your Purpose!  

Want to learn more about how you can live in alignment with your Soul or wonder what your Soul and you came here to do, your Soul Purpose book an Authentic Lifepath clarity session! I am happy to be your guide on this journey.

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