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Rituals and more - Sacred Sunday

Open yourself to Love, Happiness and ALL ...

100% ALIGNED – guidance from Soul

Open up to a life beyond your Imagination...

Discover How Easy the Creation of Your Dreams can be.

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We all have come  here to live an EXTRAORDINARY and BEAUTIFUL life

… a life beyond your imagination is waiting for you!

and to make it your present reality it starts with you…

Create your own rituals and elevate your Life Experience

Nanda Berwers - Soul Purpose Coach

Your Host to more Happiness, Abundance and Bliss Ananda

When we go through life there are so many things that can hold us back from the life we truly desire... Our inner doubts and fears can be a big block, unconsciously directing our life. I have made it my mission to help you to FREE yourself from these blocks, and live the life that you were truly born for, beyond your imagination. It's what happened for me. I now live an incredibly blessed life in the North of Spain, with my young family. We have opened our Spiritual Center and work from our Gifts. This Life is better than I ever expected...

In our Sacred Sunday Sessions we’re going to Guide you to Open Up 

  • to let more Love in
  • to ELEVATE your life experience
  • to Expand into your Dream Life

Join our Sacred Sunday Session every Sunday at 11.00 am. 

Sacred Sunday Session - self love
laura - review soul mission course
I know that this is where I'm going!

I love knowing I've made the right decision and that every step I take is taking me to realize my Dreams. Dream Creation is Fun!

Meditation made easy

I always wanted to practice more with meditation.
And Nanda makes it so easy and accessable. I love that we can take the steps together and reflect on our experience and results.

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