When you are faced with a big creative challenge, or you have a big dream like writing a book or creating an online program within a short amount of time, creation suddenly is not so much fun anymore. But when you are in Creative flow, everything seems to go with so much ease and you get more done than you ever thought possible. You want to stay in those moments because before you know it the creative flow will be gone. I know exactly what you mean, I have the same when I am working on my website – I need to finish and mostly go on until midnight because the next day I might not ‘feel the inspiration’ anymore. Since I have found the 5 elements of creation this is not a problem anymore.

I can bring myself into alignment with my Inspiration, daily!

And I can rapidly move from feeling stagnant and stuck, to feeling inspired and on a roll.

Today I want to inspire you with The 5 elements of Creation, and how each of these elements plays a role in the Creation Process. There is not one that can be left out of the picture. And there is also a sacred order in the process. Let’s give you an example; writing a book is a good one.

Element of Air – The Dream

The first element of creation is Air, and in this phase, it is super important to get clear on your Dream. The goal of writing a book is not enough, you must also have a strong desire and see a vision of what completing this creative process will look like to you. Have a clear picture in your mind, feeling the feelings you would be feeling when you finally do create it.

‘See yourself at a book signing or book tour, reading to a large audience who are wildly enthusiastic about your book. Get into the dream picture, and make it as lively as possible. A line of more than 30 people waiting for your autograph, making small talk with big writers at an event you are attending. Exchanging numbers with one of the greatest writers of your time, like Elisabeth Gilbert, or Brené Brown. Make a list of the places you will visit with your book, and how the people will react. Seeing your book on the shelves at the bookstore, and in the homes of your readers.’

Go on creating your vision as lively as possible, until you start to feel the excitement and enthusiasm.

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Element of Fire – Motivation

This brings us to the next element; Fire. The fire inside of your heart that is lit because of your dream, the force that will propel you forward, as if by magic. The fire inside of your heart, takes makes you take risks, keeps you going when things are going to get tough and the fire that is creating momentum for your creations.

‘Feeling all the goodness around writing your book, having it read by a large audience and changing the lives of these people will make you feel like you’re walking on fire, you will feel like you are capable of anything. This strength and confidence can be translated or invoked by songs like ‘This girl is on Fire’ – Alicia Keys or “These boots are made for walking” or “Read all about it” from Emili Sandé. 

This is going to help you so much along the creation process. So become super clear on your Fire – and the Why of your projects.

Element of Earth – Physical Creation

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Then in phase 3 of the creation process, you will finally start to take action and physically start to create the book. When taking action too soon, and you’re working on a big project chances are very big that you will let it go before you are even halfway finished, or it becomes a struggle and a chore to get it done in time. It is vital for the energy of the creation to feel free, easy and effortless that you first get very clear on your Dream and Motivation in the elements of air and fire. This will make the whole creation so much easier and effective.

‘Starting to write your book with that clarity and purpose around it will feel like you are walking on clouds. Effortless the first pages will come onto paper and the outline of the book, the purpose you have with writing the book is already clear so you won’t question what you should write about. For my books, I always get the outline first – the table of content is the first thing that comes through me. Knowing my Why, the feeling of the book already being published, is taking the pressure off. Creative energy can flow naturally and there is no question that I can get stuck on. Whenever I do get stuck in the writing process, I get back to the elements of Air or Fire to help remind me of the essence and liberate the creative energy.’

To many people, a creative process is solely about the physical creation and they just start DOING. In the first weeks, they might feel motivated still and get started fine. But when they get to a point where they are challenged, because something is not going as they wanted, they are more likely to give up or start pushing themselves to get the thing finished. That’s not very productive, or easeful is it?

I want you to use all the 5 elements of creation, so your creative projects get done with much more ease and flow.

All creativity really needs is space, and the nourishment of Air and Fire is giving the process exactly what it needs to flow with ease.


Element of Water – Nourish

Timing is super essential when it comes to the element of water in the creative process. When you put water on the process of earth too soon, it gets muddy and when you wait too long and don’t nourish your project with your love and attention it will die too.

Here is where a lot of creative projects get lost – or actually right before this… You know what I’m talking about – the projects that are catching dust on the shelves right now. The ones you did create but never finished. The ones that were finished but you felt were not good enough to show to anyone. The Creative energy was lost there.

‘The books that never got finished, or where the editing process took so long that you ultimately decided not to pursue your dream anymore. These are the moments where the creator forgot to add water in time. So when you are more than halfway through your creation process Earth you start to nurture and nourish your project by looking for the book cover, starting to send out feelers to readers, and connecting the writing process with its initial intention – to change the lives of the readers. You can start giving out coupons for your book, or even start the pre-sale of the book before it’s even finished.’

Bringing your gift out into the world is a very crucial part of the creation process, and you want to do it right. But you also want to just do it. Perfectionism is one of the creation stoppers that can block you from actually sending out your book into the world, or finding a publisher. How you can handle this perfectionism, is to add more Fire to your work. Feel the enthusiasm, connecting to the motivation inside what your book means to you and to the world. Feeling this will help you take risks, and do things even when you feel fear.

Feel the fear and do it anyway!


Element of Wood – Connection

Following naturally out of the element of water is the connections – wood. Once you have taken the steps to nourish your work and prepare it to bring it out into the world, the next step is to make the connections. Wood is the element where connections are built, or where they will become clear to you. How is your creation going to connect with the people it is meant for? Where is your audience? How is your creation already connected to other projects or people, and how can they build upon each other?

‘In the example of our book, this is where your book finds its publisher or its first readers. This is where you will get the first reactions out of the outside world on how your creation is being received. Your book might not find the praise at the first chance, so you will need to also invest your time and energy to make the right connections. As you would take care of your child, you are also taking care of your book. The book that you have worked so hard on, that came to you as a Dream and now has found the physical form. It’s amazing!! And you can be proud of what you have managed to create. Now let the wood connections become clear. Who can benefit from your book the most, where are they? How can you make the first conversations about your book, what can you share about it that might interest them. How can you actively bring it to their attention?’

It is essential that you go through all the steps and make sure you are still connected to all of the other elements when you start this wood phase. Because when you find yourself receiving criticism or it’s harder than you thought to find the right audience, you want to keep reminding yourself of the Dream, the hours you spend creating in complete flow, knowing this creation was meant to come into the world.


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The Magic of Creating in Flow

Now you have seen the 5 elements of Creation in practice you might wonder how this is going to help you and your own creative project. How you can magically align all of these elements so creation is fun, easy, and fulfilling. Where procrastination, hesitation, and lack of motivation will not have a chance!! Your creations will no longer end up on the shelves, unfinished and you will never fall prey to being uninspired anymore.

Why? Because of the magic that is this creative process.

Each element has a magical element inside it. Creation is coming from a place I imagine like the Universe… That’s where Inspiration comes from and also what you can call upon for guidance and support. This is what I teach you to implement in my Dream Creator Program – which is now available on DREAM CREATOR PROGRAM 

The first element of creation is Air – the dream; that’s where the Universe gives you the idea.

In the element of fire – it’s the Universal support and alignment that makes you feel excited and empowers you to do the work.

While you are creating the words and inspiration just start to flow through you effortlessly – you are in co-creation with the Universe.

The element of water is here to bring your creation out into the world. Let yourself be inspired and encouraged by Universal energy.

In the wood phase, you can ask the Universe to bring in the right people and opportunities.


You are Meant to Create the things you are dreaming about otherwise, the Inspiration wouldn’t have come to you. You can trust it, and with these 5 elements of creation and the Universal guidance, you will create everything you desire with much more joy, ease and flow. Are you ready to go on this Creation Journey together – make sure to check out the Dream Creator Program here.



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