The Universe has a Plan for you too

When you came to this earth in these times the Universe had a plan for you, an intention and a mission for you. What happened is that ‘life got in the way’ of those plans and you got separated and disconnected from it. Not forever, but for a good while. It’s time to reconnect you to the Plan of the Universe and participate in the greater plan. Here’s how.

Fantastic news to know there is actually a plan behind all of this, right?

I mean, what is the meaning of life must have been a frequently asked question when you are on your soul journey. Why am I actually here? 


You want your life to have meaning and it does, it really does. 

You play a vital role in the unfolding of the Plan of the Universe. 

You are a sacred selection of traits and qualities that make you the perfect person for the ‘job’. 


Don’t worry, we’re not asking you to be anything that you’re not.

We are just asking you to finally start playing your part, and Be All of You! 


3d book The Universe has a plan for youWhere to begin this story… that led me to writing the book ‘The Universe has a plan for You’. I think it’s only fair to tell you how I found out that the Universe had a plan for me, or actually that we are co-creating this dream called life. 

It was Summer 2017, I had worked for a family as a Nanny for over a year and it was time to say goodbye and follow my own path and desires. I knew Spain was on my radar, but where and how to go there was still a bit unclear. That morning I got a REAL CLEAR SIGN from the Universe. I was instructed to go and walk ‘el camino’ – the pilgrimage leading to Santiago de Compostela in the North of Spain. 

Oh my god, I thought. What a bonkers idea…. I was not going to walk 700+ km. I wasn’t that crazy… but a few weeks later I was walking on the plaza of Santiago de Compostela with nothing more than a backpack with 2 sets of clean clothes. I don’t think I ever traveled so light. 

The Universe has called me there, I was about to walk 100 km towards the south with nothing else to do but walk, and be with myself. That way I would receive guidance on my next step in life. I trusted that answer, because it was so out of the ordinary, and went on my way. 


During that 100 km I learned a lot about myself, about being in Nature, about my spiritual guidance, and that it could only work when I actually cared to ask. It was a profound experience, but it didn’t really show me my next step in life, or so I thought. So I took the train back to Santiago and walked around there for a day or two – before I asked again: where will you have me go? or better yet, I phrased it a bit more like an ultimatum, sounding like this: “If you want me to go Finisterre, give me a bike, otherwise I go home.” 

It doesn’t really matter how you ask for guidance, as long as you do. 

So I walked down the stairs from the Cathedral of Saint James, looked to my left, and there it was; a big sign that said: Bike Rental to the End of the World – Finisterre. My eyes looked up at the sky and thought: really? But as with all guidance that is sooo clear you just have to follow it – I walked into that store and rented a bike. I would start my 90 km journey to Finisterre the next morning. 

Another great lesson in surrender and asking for support and guidance later I arrived on day 2 in Finisterre, all wet from the rain but ooohhh sooo High on Life when finally arriving. It was the greatest physical accomplishment for me until then. Great workout, both physically and mentally I must add. I had no more questions, I was finally where I was supposed to be. Or wasn’t I?


Spending the next 48 hours in Finisterre I wasn’t so sure anymore. This town seemed a bit dead to me – too quiet and with not much to do. So I got on the next bus out of there, only to be guided right back onto my next Camino… I got so sick on the bus to Muxia that there was no way in hell that I would get back on any bus, so I decided to walk. And during that walk, I reminded myself to ask for the things I truly desired to have in my life. 

“A physical place where I could do my spiritual work, give my classes on Soul Purpose and be surrounded by a family that was preparing everything for me. I even got to visualize some detail. Stating out loud, while walking through a forest: Bring me to a place, run by a family with a meditation room, 20 beds, and a garden. I promise I will do all that I can to guide the young people Home, with my soul purpose classes and healings. I even got super excited thinking about all the 20’ers that were going to find their Purpose in life… YES THIS!” 

Find yourself in Finisterre

When I finally arrived back in Finisterre, I got intuitively guided off the path and to the Mar de Fora beach – a beach I did not discover my first time around. I was mesmerized by its beauty and wild nature. This was a magical place, and I was just starting to begin to see this. 

The first person I met on that street was a German guy searching for his next hostel. He was planning to stay a bit longer in Finisterre and had heard about a spiritual hostel near Mar de Fora. I decided to see this as a sign and follow him to that same place. It was a great place, with lovely people. Every morning I could use the meditation room and do my morning practice, which I had now extended into a full hour of doing ‘the miracle morning’. 

I was sitting in that meditation room on I believe it was day 3 after arrival when I realized something. This place had a meditation room, a garden, a very nice family that was surrounding me and 6 + 6 + 6 and two private rooms… OH MY GOD 22 beds… Are you kidding me?? 

The Universe had a Plan for me – and responded so quickly to my desires which I spoke out loud in the forest. This couldn’t be happening… I was used to everything I wanted being a struggle and having to work hard for it to finally ‘take off’.. and now: here it was. 

A few weeks later I was still there, in that hostel when the owner asked me if I wanted to work there as a volunteer. I asked for the possibility of giving my soul purpose workshop and meditation classes, and he happily agreed. Wow, this was just too good to be true. 


One month of living this life, as a volunteer I KNEW that this was THE PLAN. 

Me, living in Finisterre, giving my soul workshops and meditation classes to give guidance to the younger pilgrims who arrived there, and were hungry for what I had to offer. My mission was going to be completed right here!! 

FAST FORWARD to today; we have recently signed the contract for our Mar de Fora apartment where we gave SOUL Fisterra the location it deserves, and our DREAM is becoming a reality. (Read more about our plans for the Spiritual Center in Finisterre on our page Soul Fisterra.) 


The Universe had a plan… and it has a Plan for you too.

Are you ready to find out, and ask for guidance? 


The book I wrote; The Universe Has a Plan for You is a spiritual guide leading us all into the new golden age – where everything we desire this world to be will become a reality; living in harmony, peace, love and equality, or how my spirit guides call it: Live In Oneness. 

You can order your copy of the book here. 


I’m super curious to know in which ways the Universe has guided you to where you are now, and how fearlessly you have followed the signs. Let me know in the comments.

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