The world is a wonderful place and is very self-sufficient. In many ways, it is independent of the people that live on her. But the earth is also going through a transition phase right now. She is moving into a higher frequency where peace, love and harmony will be our new centre. Where there is no more place for inequality, hunger and war. To make the shift from the old into the new paradigm the earth needs a lot of light-workers to help the people on the planet to make this shift together. The more people that join in the shift the world, the more rapid and pain-free the shift will be.

The shift

The main shift will be the shift in awareness within humankind. As you probably have experienced the last years not everyone is ready for the shift and don’t have the consciousness to understand what we are talking about. There must be someone that will tell them and teach them or open them up, even if it’s just a little opening moment for them. You never know where the seed that you planted by being open about your Shift experience will do for that other person.

There is no wrong and right way to go with the Shift. Everyone will come along eventually. It’s just a matter of time. So there must be no judgment to the people that are not open yet. It all is exactly the way it should be right now.

Your work

Your work in the Shift is to be as authentic and open as possible, even when the situation may not be as inviting and open as would be ideal. The places that are harder to open are more in need of your gift and awareness. When you have the opportunity to speak your truth or show people the work you have been doing is the right moment. Trust it. Dare to speak up. Have the courage to share your personal experiences. Let people know that you are on this path and that you have learned a lot already.

That way they can come to you, whenever they are ready.

That doesn’t have to be this month, not even this year. You will be surprised how an honest connection can do to a person, and how in their designated time they will remember that moment.

I had a call from a friend last week – mentioning a conversation about her sensitivity to energies that we had 10 years ago. Really, I’m not kidding. It was such a surprise to hear from her since all this time and she remembered our honest connection from so long ago. I acknowledged her from seeing herself this way and gave a practical tool that I used when I was first starting out in my spiritual practice.

Your work can be as simple as that. Just sharing with the people around you what you see, your truth and how a simple tool has helped you when you went through the same thing they are going through right now. Another way you can be doing the work of a lightworker is holding space for someone, that would like to express her troubles and problems. When you can be just present at that moment, connected to the Higher Wisdom, she can express these experiences without you getting heavy. She will feel relieved and may even experience space in which a possible solution can come to the surface. Or she feels accepted and understood. Those are great gifts that you can give, by just listening and being there.

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Your authentic gift

listening, the greatest gift you give someone

Aside from being honest, sharing your story and personal experiences and being present at a time of need, there are also specific gifts that only you have to share with the world. That is what I call your authentic gifts and talents.

These are the gifts and talents that make you who you are. That makes you special and that create an amazing response in the people around you. It is not something that you have to work hard for, but something that comes naturally to you. You were born with this gift. It is the special talents you have had with you all of your life.

Think about your interests and the things you love to do.

It may be music, it may be self-care, social skills or technical expertise. It can be really anything.

Now imagine that you magnify this special interest. Put on a magnifying glass to your special skills and talents and look at how this gift is making you light up. How do people around you see you and how do they appreciate your gift? Without any effort, you are helping others and adding something valuable to this world.

Intention to help this earth make the shift

Now that you have seen that you have an authentic gift for this world and that you are already doing it and that for you it is a natural thing and doesn’t cost you any extra effort. Don’t you think you can help the earth make the shift and use your gift to do it?

There are many ways in which you can put your gift to work.

  • – In your social circle
  • – In your work
  • – In your community

Which will be the group that you will intentionally try to help make the shift in consciousness this year? Who will you focus on? Where will you be more and more yourself and speak your truth? If you are ready to take your role to a more serious level, read more on how I can help you, in my new training.

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When you make the commitment to help this earth make the shift and be a lightworker, you will not only start seeing the opportunity but you also will feel lifted and help from the other side of the veil is coming to your assistance. (light, love, angels, guides).

If you would like to talk about what you can do specifically to help this earth make this shift, please leave a comment below and tell me a bit about your authentic gift and who you would like to help open up to this new awareness. I will be happy to give you some personal ideas and help you on your way.

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