According to a lot of people the spiritual center of the earth changed, from being in the Himalaya for the past 13000 years, to the Andes in Peru since 2012. That makes Cusco, also known as ‘the navel of the world’ the epic center of the spiritual world right now. That magical pull of the energy that is focused there right now, is felt and you can see a lot of people coming to Peru and especially Machu Picchu. There is indeed a lot of energy in Cusco and I know why it is one of the most spiritual travel destinations in the world.

What determines a place to be the most spiritual

These top 3 most spiritual travel destinations are not distilled from any well-known travel agency or the most popular in the sense of how many spiritual tourists go to these places. I have carefully put together this top 3 to share with you the 3 places that most definitely bring you closer to yourself and will spiritually open you up.

Therefore, I did not include Angkor Watt, the Borobudur. Mekka and these kinds of places. For sure, they are beautiful places to visit, but I doubt that they will bring you in a true connection with your Soul. If there is anyone that has had a spiritual awakening in one of these places, please share them with me in the comments. I’m always open to learn and see things from another point of view.

The top 3 most spiritual travel destinations mentioned here are based on the experiences of people I know or my own. From these places, you will truly come back transformed, in spiritual terms awakened. And that’s probably the information you are looking for.

Let’s be honest, you can’t really awaken when a ton of other people are fighting over getting the best picture, while you try to stay in a meditative state and connect to your Highest wisdom, can you?

Now let me tell you about my top 3 most spiritual travel destinations.

1. Cusco and the sacred valley

My number one most definitely is Cusco and the sacred valley. When you arrive in this town, the magic of the energy is something I can’t describe. For a lot of people, it is magnetic, a long time wish, or a calling they followed. And the moment they come and really connect to this sacred place in the Andes, there is a strong sense of Knowing that awakens.

Every story I heard and the experience I had was that people started to REALLY LISTEN to what was inside of their Hearts. It was no longer hard to hear what it was saying, they just knew what was best for them and what to do next. For me ….

I believe this is the place where you can be as close to the heavens or the spiritual realm as you can get, being in the mountains. While at the same time being very much connected to the earth – they call Pacha Mama here. Being in the physical dimension we sometimes forget we have both awarenesses and we can integrate them more easily here in Cusco. Making you feel grounded and feeling a strong connection to earth and your body, while at the same time being so aware of your Sou’s capacity and energy. There is no place like it and I strongly advise you to follow your inner guidance, when you hear the call.

2. Sedona and her vortexes

The spiritual valley of Sedona is said to be a place where the veil between worlds is very thin. So you can connect to your own past and future, as well as to other realms and entities. It is known for its strong energy currents flowing through the mountainous area. That’s why it has attracted so many spiritual practitioners to the area, that all work with this energy.

People from all over the world come to visit Sedona and her VORTEXES. Being around those vortexes automatically takes you into a higher vibration. In this higher vibration, you can experience different magical changes and healing from just being there. For example, you can remember parts of your past, being processed and cleared. You can also meditate more deeply and reconnect to your inner strengths, like healing powers or clairvoyance. Or you can have an immense sense of belonging, like one of my spiritual friends, Irene Langeveld.

She has the same attraction with Sedona as I felt in Cusco and keeps going back. She says: “No one leaves Sedona unchanged. Your heart will be lighter, you will be more open/ awakened and you will feel more energized. I can recommend this place to anyone, beginner or experienced soul traveler, they will love how the magic of Sedona changes their lives.”

3. El Camino de Santiago de Compostela

Since the 1930’s there has been a Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, which originated from a Christian religious quest for priests to visit the saint Jacque from their homes and return a changed man. They went to get the blessing of the saint. Nowadays it’s more broadly used by people from all over the world, and with any religion or belief, to clear their heads, to connect to the deeper meaning of life and to experience something beyond what they thought is ‘possible’. Some walk the Camino to release something and some do it to gain something. No matter what you reason is to walk, the walking itself and being on that sacred path ‘El Camino’ is worth it.

It will bring you so much clarity about who you are and what your strengths are. It restores the faith that you can have in the Universe and know that ‘you are always taken care of’. And on top of that, you can have beautiful encounters with your spirit guides, while you walk in silence on that road that doesn’t seem to end sometimes. They will be there, guiding you. And this Camino is the only place that you can’t go around them. They are there, in the people you meet, in the signs that you see or the signs that you miss. They will be there at the end of a hard day, and also during. It is an amazing experience, that will definitely bring you closer to your Soul and your guides.

On top of that, you will experience the strength of your body and stretch the boundaries of your mind, experiencing for yourself that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. This Accomplishment is the ultimate example of co-creating with your spirit guides. You should really try it when you feel called to.

Choose where your soul wants you to go

The secret of spiritual growth is to choose the routes your soul wants you to go, listen to your inner voice, follow your heart and be guided by the sign on your ‘Camino’. In pilgrim terms, the signs are the flagposts and shell figures on the way to Santiago. But in life, it can be anything. A book in a bookstore that captures your attention. An enthusiastic story someone told you. A random person in the train with someone that is telling his friend about his last adventure, and you are ‘co-incidentally’ picking up what he says.

Those kind of signs are mostly very clear, yet we choose to look the other way or say something like, well maybe someday…

This is having a disregard for your Souls guidance.

What you should be saying is. Yes, I want that and when am I going to make this happen!

What do you need right now to take action and follow this guidance you just received?

I know, sometimes you need 2 or 3 reminders before your brain picks it up as being a sign from your soul. That’s alright. There is no pressure. But once you DO pick it up, that’s when you should take action. Start reading up on the destination, find out how much it costs to go there and what the expenses will be. Or talk to people who have been there or read blogs about it.

That way you are letting the Universe know, you heard the call.

The rest will be shown to you.

What is your next step?

I want you to know that whatever you choose or when you decide to choose it is completely up to you! Your Soul is simply guiding you in a certain direction. That doesn’t mean it is the only way, it just means it is the advice of your Soul, so it probably matches your dreams and wishes for growth most. So when you decide to follow your inner guidance, the benefits will be beyond your dreams. I know this from my own experience. And it was not always the easy choice to make, but it always turned out to be the best choices I made.

Now ask yourself, which of the top 3 most spiritual travel destinations got your attention while reading it. Did you feel sparkles inside or another kind of sensation, like anxiety or enthusiasm? Pay attention to this way of your Soul communicating with you. This is how you follow your inner guidance in a pure way.

What is your next step going to be?

Are you going to read more blogs about Cusco, about Sedona or about ‘El Camino’?

Are you going to search for flights or other ways to get there?

Are you going to gather valuable information and experiences of the people who’ve been there?

Or is it enough for you to just take the plunge and GO DO WHAT YOUR SOUL IS GUIDING YOU TO DO?

Go do what your soul is guiding you to do! (clickable)

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