Would that be something you would like? Totally changing your life and business over this summer? Where you will be guided towards Bigger and Better. Having the courage and the skills to build your dream and making sure everything is in place for the years to come? Creating with the Universe as your guide and knowing that wherever you will end up it will exceed your wildest dreams?

You could be waking up next year with the love of your life by your side, having a beautiful home in a dream location and knowing you will never have to live paycheck by paycheck ever again, because there is a passive income in place and you can go and do anything that sets your heart on fire and makes your eyes water up. Your dream has become a reality. You are living it!! There is no doubt about it that you have worked really hard for it, and that there was a bigger plan behind everything that you went through in a year. Maybe it was not always easy and the lessons you’ve learned were making you feel frustrated and lost sometimes. But you started a mission in the Summer of 2019 that would change your life forever and bring you closer to your life’s dream. I’d like to tell you my experience and 3 golden rules how to transform your life over one summer.

My experience

It was in the Summer of 2012 that I my life changed big time. I had been in my job for 3 years before the symptoms of burnout started to show up. It was not a funny ride, but it taught me so much about myself and steered me in the direction of becoming a life coach and starting my own business. So that was the first life changing summer (or maybe there have been more when I start to think about it).

The second life changing experience was the Summer of 2017. I was working as a nanny as a side job while I was building my business and I found an inspirational spiritual coach to teach me how to Grow into the Teacher – my bigger calling. I felt so guided and inspired by her words. It took me a while to convince myself (you can read about that here) that I was ready but in the summer of 2017 it was finally time to take the leap.

I did the Spirit Junkie Masterclass online with Gabby Bernstein and it was mind blowing how she opened me up completely. Since then, I have been more in tune with the Universe, have been growing my spiritual business, feel much more confident and have grown a lot personally.

The spiritual tools I have learned over that summer are shaping my reality of today and have helped me so much. And I did something I never thought I would do – I have walked the Camino of Santiago de Compostella. And during that walk, I have had awakening experiences that grounded my calling even more and brought me exactly to the right place to do my Spiritual Work. I am so grateful for the Life Changing Summer I have had with the Spirit Junkie Masterclass. Read my full review in my next blog.

Open your horizon – what else is possible?

The first thing you want to do when you are preparing for a life changing summer is open your horizon and look at your wildest dreams. Are they big and bold and seem very far away? They might even scare you a bit when you think of them coming closer. Well, GOOD! That is what a Big Dream should do to you. It should make your belly tumble and get you all excited inside. See if you can connect to your wildest dream as you are reading this. I promise it is worth it!

See that your mind and your thoughts are taking you on a journey, where you are truly living this dream. Open your horizon so much that you can see it appear in front of you. It is so close, you can feel it, you can almost touch it and you are getting the confidence that what you see is really possible.

Now that you are all fired up and in connection to your greatest dream, you are also connected to the field of endless possibilities. That is where I take my clients in meditation if they feel stuck in their situation. Because there is a future that is beyond that stuckness. You just need to see it and experience it to awaken the Dream inside of you that gets you all fired up and motivated to do the things that are necessary…

That field of all possibilities is where your Soul Mission, your Soul qualities and all that is Possible in your Life are already there. Can you get a vision of that reality? Now, be bold and ask the Universe: What else is possible?

Feel that this question is opening your senses up even more and bringing your vision more to life and with more detail than ever. Once you start to feel grateful and motivated, you have reached a point that is a great starting point for transformation, because you know where to start and where you want to go.

Find the guidance that gets you where you want to be

If you are clear on where you want your life to go then it will be easier to find the right guidance that gets you where you want to be. It is easier when you answer these questions:

1. Where do I want to go from now to next year?

2. What do I need to get there? (what skills, knowledge, other things or thoughts)

3. Who is the best person to ask for help?

Being clear on what it is you need makes it so much easier to find the right person to guide you on your transformation process. If you want to run a marathon you will most likely be best of with an experienced running coach, not with a cook. If your dream is to be the worlds best cook and work in a top restaurant or own one, asking guidance from a running coach is probably not the best way to go. LOL

You see what I mean.

Be clear on the things you need to get to your goal and then search for the right person that is going to teach you the things you need to learn. Break it down into pieces, so you won’t get overwhelmed. Set goals that you can reach and celebrate each goal. That is the way to stay motivated. More about motivation in the next section.

A little more about finding the right person to help you. For me, my intuition is a very big part in making decisions like this. So I would think about what it is that I need to learn and what I need it for first – logical process. And when I have that clear I ask myself. Who resonates with me and is doing the things I want to learn in a way that I appreciate and adore? So is there anyone around me right now, that is an example of where I want to go?

If you don’t look to0 far, it will be easier to approach that person. In a way you have already made up your mind. So when an offer comes by, you know that this offer is for you. No reason to doubt your decision or look for someone else. Because your intuition has guided you here. Now to make the transformation of your life a reality it requires work! Take action every day to transform your life and business this summer.

Take action every day for the rest of this year – keep your focus

Now you have your destination in place and your motivation is all fired up, you are ready to move. Let’s get you moving with firm steps in the right direction, getting the support and guidance you need to succeed and making the best of this life changing year ahead of you. I have written a 5 elements creation cycle I use when I am creating new courses and books and they have been a good guidance system to find out what motivated me and how to keep going when it gets tough. It will be part of my New Generation Teacher Training that is coming up this Summer.

The first part of your changing process will probably be not so hard. You still have clear why you are doing this and the first steps might even be the easiest. It is more to the middle of your transformation when the little voices in your head are getting the best of you that you need someone in your corner to keep you focused or to help you to move forward again. That is why you have chosen the right guide for the job. The most effective will be to choose someone you can work with for the whole year or for different parts of your changing process. E.g. new skills need to be learned by different teachers or the changes you are going through require some different strategies or tactics. That all depends on what kind of transformation you decided to make.

If you are committed to your goal that is the best thing!!

Make a promise to yourself right now and make it worth it.

Your dreams depend on it.

How much do you want it and what are you willing to invest and to do every day for the rest of this year. Write that promise and commitment to your Dream down and hang it up in your house so you will always see it.

When your dream is made up out of different parts and you have to learn a set of new skills make sure that these skills are truly connected to your dream, that is another way to stay focused. See your dream in the middle of your Vision board and make sure that you see the connection between your steps and the big WHY you are doing this.

With your dream in mind, it is so much easier to get into action mode and to stay moving. Nothing is going to stop you from reaching that dream, right? You will do whatever it takes!! And by this time next Summer you will glad you’ve done all the hard work and you’ll be seeing the results of your labor.

Making that dream come true This Summer

I have been globally telling you about what it is you need to make your Summer Transformative. You can have your intentions, but as ‘life gets in the way’ you will most probably get off course. That is natural. But I know that your dream means a lot to you and you don’t want that to happen. So here is my advice, See if you can work out the steps I have written:

1. Set your destination

2. Know what you need to succeed

3. Find that coach or courses that will support you in reaching your goals.

If your destination is anything like mine. You feel it is a spiritual calling that needs to be developed over the next year and you want to have a Spiritual Guide that shows you not only to your Authentic Powers but also teaches you how to market your message and build a spiritual business. Gabby Bernstein and her world-renowned Spirit Junkie Masterclass digital is my advice for you. She just blows you right open to receive and to step into your True Calling. She is a public Speaker that will teach you how to tell your story in such a way that you will help the masses. And on top of that, she will help you set the base for your own spiritual business, where you do the work you have been born to do and make an impact.

When you click my affiliate link I will be adding my personal bonuses. You can read about them here. I am launching my New Generation Teacher Training on September 11 and it is completely free if you subscribe to the Spirit Junkie Masterclass digital now. Read on for this great opportunity.

I hope you have enjoyed my blog, if there are any questions or comments on how to make your Summer 2019 transformational of if you want to share your Dreams with me, I’m happy to hear them. I will respond to you and send you on your way to making those dreams a reality.

Love Nanda

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  1. Thanks for sharing your ideas on how to find what you want and keep on going until you get it. I’m actually in the middle of the process of transforming my life. I found a lot of great information to help me on my way. Thanks.

    1. Hi Ivan, Make sure you set out some specific transformation goals for yourself and find the right guidance and tools to reach those goals. That way I’m sure you will come where you want your life to be. Also keep tuning in with your ultimate dream, so you won’t find yourself climbing a wall and finding out you needed to climb another one. (an anekdote a coach once told me). Good luck and hope your life will be all that you’ve dreamed about soon.
      Love, Nanda

  2. Awesome just what I needed to read right now! Thanks for sharing. I really like the 3 steps you have mentioned.

    I’m a big believer in finding a coach/ mentor or course to help hold you accountable for your goals too so I really think that is important to help people achieve their goals too.


  3. This is exactly what I need: “An inspirational push.” And your post has done just that. Yes, I have thoughts and want to transform my life, but no specific goal. For sure, a coach or a course can help me achieve that goal and that’s exactly what I will be doing: seeking guidance. Thanks for helping me to rethink what I need to prioritize.

    1. Hi Carol, having no specific goal or dream is essential to your transformation. Just need to change, can take you anywhere, also to the place you don’t want to go.
      Please feel free to contact me for a FREE consultation. I’ll be happy to coach you.
      Thanks for the reply. I appreciate it.
      I’ll contact you about that session.

      Love Nanda

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