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What does it take to change your life? fast and painfree method

Would it take a life time to change your life? Or are there ways to change your life fast, painfree and have a lasting effect? Every person is different. Some find it easier than others to go after something they want and change their life. Others see themselves walking in the same circle for years and just can’t seem to make a permanent change in their lives. Everyone will benefit from the tips I’m going to share with you here. Because when you understand this, you can change your life faster and more easily.

Close the door to your old patterns

A lot of people try to change, but eventually fall back into their old patterns. The first weeks they are loyal to their new habits and they feel empowered and motivated. Then something happens, an outside event or a stressful situation and their old habits kick in. You fal back into your comfort zone. And that is the point where most people give up and pick up their life as it was before.

You need to make sure that your Old Habits are NOT an Option anymore. Visualize yourself being in the same place you are now, because you weren’t able to say goodbye to your destructive old patterns. Feel it so deeply, that it triggers an emotion. A deep feeling of resentment or sadness or anger.

hell no never again, breaking old patterns and changing my life

The feeling that you will say HELL NO. That ! Never ! Again!

This is why a lot of people that are so successful come from a very poor background or went through a very tough phase in their life. They were poor as children, lost their company (twice) or lived on the street and had nothing. Think about Tony Robins, Eckhart Tolle, Steve Jobs, Nisandeh Neta, Louise Hay and many many more.

They had said goodbye to their Old Habits, because they knew they would never want to be in that same situation ever again.

Now I am not saying that you have to go into a worse situation like this, I sincerely hope you’re not.

But what I do know is that you have to close the door to Failure and an Unhappy life. This should not be a an Option anymore. I always say, Change begins with a decision. Then let this be your decision today.

“From this day forward I always want what is Best and I will never ever settle for less.”

Create a new daily pattern

Changing your daily habits is already telling you what is most important, you have to do it Daily and make it a a habit.

A habit is something you’ll do without thinking about it. It has become natural.

So what are the daily habits that you know you’ll have to start doing from today to get you the result you want? Do you know people that already have what you desire? Copy their habits. Does your intuition tell you every day that it is time to start doing things differently, and have you been ignoring your own inner voice? Start to listen.

Make a list of habits that you know you will need to do, to get you to where you want to be.

1. ..




For a new habit to become something so natural you will have to repeat the new habit for at least 40 days, and favorably for 90 – 100 days in a row. That way you will create a new pathway in your brain too, as well as the habit of ‘doing’ something a different way.

If you want to get your spiritual practice in place and attract miracles into your life, I recommend the 40 day course “May cause miracles” from Gabby Bernstein.

Neuro-logical change

A lot of our behavior we can see as the logical thing to do.

joe dispenza, neurological changeYou get out of bed in the morning and get dressed. You arrive at work and make yourself a cup of coffee or tea. You meet someone new and you give them a handshake and introduce yourself. It all has become automatic and it has become the logical thing to do.

But when we were children it wasn’t that logical. We taught ourselves to behave in this way and do things in a specific order. There is nothing that you can not teach yourself in the same way. All it needs is repetition and commitment, to create a new neurological pathway in your brain. Dr Joe Dispenza is an expert when it comes to change. He says 1 hour of focused attention creates a new behaviour. Learn how to think differently, create new habits and have new experiences that support your new choice will help you to change your life.

Commitment creates change

Now that you know this all it takes is your commitment to change that will bring you your desired outcome.

What does it mean to commit to change?

You have to know what you are moving towards and promise and commit yourself to do whatever it takes to get you to that destination. You will need some specific things you can do, in order to create new experiences that support your changing process. So what you need to have is a plan. A specific promise you make to yourself that from this day forward you will think and do things differently.

For example when you want to live more healthy, it becomes much more clear when you make a specific plan of how that healthy life looks like to you.

– 3 times a week I will go for a run, at least 5 km.

– I will not buy or eat cookies or chips, instead I choose to eat fruit or nuts.

– 4 times per week I choose a healthy low carb lunch.

Or when you want to live more in spiritual alignment with spirit and your soul purpose. You will need to commit to do this daily.

– meditate at least 10 minutes each morning and say my prayer before I go to work.

– read an inspiring book, at least 3 times per week for 30 minutes.

– I connect to at least 1 spiritual friend per week to have a conversation about spirituality.

Attaching a commitment to these plans will get you great results. You can also reward yourself when you have followed through with your plans, as I describe in my checklist of creation.

The first step towards Change is to make a Choice, but the success key of change is Commitment.

Why you failed to change so far

In this article I mentioned a few reasons why people fail to change. Time for change - fast and painfree way to change your life

They don’t have the right internal motivation.

They are not specific enough on what they want to change.

They don’t have a plan.

They are not committed to do the work.

They fall off the wagon and don’t get back up.

Maybe you can recognize some of your own pitfalls on why you haven’t made the change you desired.

Depending on your starting point changing your life can be a real challenge. You are not sure you’re going to make it and you hear your inner voice telling you things like “that’s impossible” or “you’re not good enough” preparing you to fail before you have even begun to make a change.

Creating real change in your life means you need to do the work, Mentally, Physically and Emotionally. But there is a faster way to do this. A method that is called “Change your life in 60 minutes”. And I will be more than happy to teach it to you.

Do you want to change your life in 60 minutes?

You can start changing your life today! It is fast, easy, effective and painfree.

Create new healthy habits, change the way you think and connect to your desired outcome all in 60 minutes.

I will tell you all about it in a free session. Sign up here.

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  1. This is really helpful! What does it take to change your life? fast and painfree method is a great article. I guess I’m guilty of all the reasons you added, but one in particular, not getting back up.
    I mean, as you say, you can fall off the wagon, but it’s important to get back on.
    Another advise I love and will make mine is to be more specific. When you choose to eat healthier, or go for a run more often, you just won’t do it. We need a specific plan, that is actionable and not too far off our daily routine so far. Slight but consistent changes, with precise actions will get us to change in the end.
    Thank you so much for this valuable information,
    Will follow your advise,

  2. Hi Nanda
    This post is such an eye-opener!
    For me, I know for sure that I need to change my life, drastically. I take the necessary steps towards that goal and take some positive action. However, I find myself often falling back to my old habits in certain areas of my life. It is so easy to simply settle and say who cares anyway?
    Then suddenly im up and all energetic trying to change my life. It is a constant up and down battle. I’m grateful I came across this post.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Jane

      I know about the ups and downs and I recognize that too. On the moments when it gets tough you need to fuel gain from your Why. Fire up your motivation and then just do it.

      Making small changes can be beneficial in the long run, but I like the drastic changes more. The ones where you know ‘there is no way back’.

      Hope this helps.
      Come back any time.

      Love Nanda

  3. This is a great article, What does it take to Change your life? Just what I needed this morning, seems like the past 3 days this has been the theme of my life. You have written and explained this topic in a way that it really makes one think it’s time to change there habits no matter what they may be. Thank you for your encouragement and push to make the changes.


    1. Hi Renea

      Indeed I want to encourage people to be mindful of what they want to change in their life and take action on it too. If you’re interested in a free session to help you get started, click the link at the end of the article.

      Much success on your journey.
      And thanks for your reply

  4. Hey thanks for the awesome post! People don’t realize that you can change your brain by creating healthy, or dare I say, unhealthy habits. I actually learned this in my psychology classes in college.

    1. Hi Jessie,

      Thanks for the support and encouragement too. Love that you loved my post. Hope to see you soon.

      Love Nanda

  5. Hello!!
    I really liked this article, it’s super helpful to remind people to stay on track. For me, I get lost in a sea of projects and then sometimes I don’t end up finish what I started!
    Thanks for the helpful tips.

    1. Hi Brooke,

      Helpfull tip to finish your project is to only alow yourself to start a new one, after the priority projects have been done.
      Hope this helps. It takes dedication and commitment to finish a project. I know how hard that can be when new ideas pop up in your mind. I’m like that too. So commitment and rewards help me to finish what I started. Check out my free Creation Checklist. You might find that helpfull too.

      Love Nanda

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