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What is a spiritual journey – spiritual practice that benefits your future

You can read about it all over the internet – people talk about it. There is so much to do nowadays about people that are focused on their spiritual development, and talk about a spiritual journey. But what is a spiritual journey and how can that benefit your past, present and future? Here is a blog on that subject to clarify and give you some basic practices you can implement immediately after reading this blog. There is so much to gain from going on your own personal spiritual journey. Here’s why.

The definition of a spiritual journey, according to Wikihow is:

A spiritual journey is a journey you would take to find out who you are, what your problems are in life, and how to come to peace with the world. The purpose of a spiritual journey is rarely to find an answer; rather, it is a process of continually asking questions. There are 3 ways to go on a spiritual journey

1. Set spiritual goals

2. Consulting spiritual sources

3. Using spiritual practice

My personal opinion on these ways of going on your spiritual journey are different. Yes, of course you can set yourself spiritual goals, but to me ‘going out of the way yourself’ is a big part of a spiritual journey and let your Soul guide you to the goals you didn’t even dream about. They are much bigger and sometimes unimaginable. And when it comes to consulting spiritual sources It is okay if you get inspired by them, but to follow other sources sometimes leads you further away from your own truth. My advice would be to focus only on the spiritual practice, so that you CAN find the answers you are looking for and get the clarity a soul journey is meant to give.

So my definition of a soul journey is: A spiritual journey you take to find out who you are, to get clarity on the problems you are facing and find solutions that are already inside of you. Deep meditation and other spiritual practices like singing mantras and prayer can help you find your truth and your answers.

Going on a spiritual journey is different for everybody but is always meant to bring you closer to Yourself, never further away. So stay mindful of your answers and feel intuitively what is right for you in every moment. You are your own spiritual guide.

Now what are the benefits from going on a spiritual journey? How will it improve your past, present and future?

Benefit 1: It helps you accept the past and be in the present

When you start to meditate and be present with ‘what is’ you distance yourself from your circumstances and become aware of them. You become the viewer. You will see from a different perspective, which makes it possible to find a solution much sooner then when you stay in your mind and looking at things from your own perspective, repeating the same story. Asking the help of the Universe to see this differently is one of the prayers you can use.

“Universe, I recognize that I am not seeing this through the eyes of love, I step back and ask your help in seeing this differently.” – from The Universe has your Back, G. Bernstein.

Some things of the past are harder to overcome and take more practice. That is okay and the goal of the spiritual journey is that you come to peace with All of who you are, not necessarily with what happened to you in the past. You can change the story you are telling in order to feel good about yourself now and forgive. Forgiving is a very powerful spiritual tool.

Task you can do right now

Stand in front of the mirror every morning for the next days or weeks and say:

“I forgive myself, for all the pain, misunderstanding and rejection I have given myself and others. I forgive myself for all that I have done in the past or that others have done to me. I forgive myself for all the negative thoughts and judgments. (breathe in and out) Now I choose to see this differently. I accept myself completely and I love myself unconditionally. I love and adore you. I love and adore you. I love and adore you.”

When you say it in front of the mirror you can see the effect of this healing in your eyes. Especially with the last sentences.

After 7 days you will feel different, I promise.

Benefit 2: You can connect more with your hidden talent

Being more in connection with yourself and learning so many things about who you are, gets you back into contact with your hidden talents. Everybody has hidden talents, we just forgot about some of them (or maybe even all of them).

Going on a spiritual journey will make you see yourself from a different perspective. It will open you up to the things that are natural to you but actually are hidden talents. You will feel more free and open, which lets out your creativity.

Task you can do right now

You are going to think more about the things you used to do as a kid and make them more important in your life again. If you liked drawing, then buy yourself a sketchbook. If you loved making music or singing, order an e-course to get you started again If you loved making your own clothes or dressing in all the colors of the rainbow?

Follow that passion, that inner guidance that has always been there in your life. You will uncover the talents that have been asleep or even new ones. Just open yourself up again and see what beauty wants to come out, starting by reconnecting to your former hobbies and talents. As a child, everything comes more naturally because you are still more in connection to your essence. Get to know yourself again as you were as a child or the person you always dreamed of being and discover new talents.

Benefit 3: There is a source of wisdom inside of you

That brings me to the source of wisdom that is inside of you. It is where your intuition and your creativity also comes from. Being on your soul journey, means you are becoming more open and receptive to your Soul Wisdom.

In silent meditation or the things that give you pleasure, you can feel a presence inside of you. You feel completely YOURSELF. That is exactly the goal of a spiritual journey. Not to make you into someone else or change you, but to redirect you back into the direction of who you were born to be. With all of her talents and gifts and her wisdom. It is up to you how you wish to express it. But I’m sure that being on your own soul journey will connect you to the Wise person that you are. You will feel more confident about your own beliefs and opinions and make decisions based on that strong intuition of yours.

Benefit 4: It gives you peace and a sense of belonging

And last but not least, going on your soul journey gives you a peace of mind and a sense of belonging. You no longer wonder who you are and what groups you belong to. You just KNOW who you are, that brings such peaceful energy around you that the people that are like you, will resonate with your energy. You will automatically surround yourself more with the energy that you feel more yourself in. You will choose the places and the people that make you feel at ease.

But that’s not the only sense of belonging I’m talking about. You will have such a strong and healthy relationship with the one person that has always been there in your life and always will be, that you don’t need those other people as much as you used to. You have found the greatest love of all, inside of you.

Go on your own soul journey now

I hope I have inspired you to on your own soul journey and start your meditation practice. Create a place in your life to welcome back all the talents and gifts you have and create some nice content to ventilate the wisdom that you have inside of you. Imagine how your Future will be different if you just connect again to all the beauty that is already inside of you.

Share your insights based on what you just read and what your soul journey has inspired you to do. If you have any question on how to begin or when you feel stuck in your own practice. I’m here to help. Just leave your questions and experiences in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you.

When this article inspired you in any way. Please leave a comment and share it in your network.

Wishing you much magic on your journey,



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