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What’s a spiritual awakening and how to have one

In this time a lot of people are exploring their spirituality and like you are on a path that is still vague and mostly unknown. There is so much information out there, yet there is little that you can really understand. Once you have had a spiritual awakening you will know. Or step by step it will become clear to you. In this blog I hope I can help you on your way.

The first question you might have is what’s a spiritual awakening? A spiritual awakening means, you are waking up to the spiritual self – acknowledging you are a Soul with a human experience and thus you are more than just your body. I will go deeper into that in this blog and I will also show you a way in which you can invoke your awakening process and help you in your alignment with your Soul.

What’s a spiritual awakening ?

I’d like to start with giving your my own definition of a spiritual awakening because in my own words you might understand it better. There are a lot of definitions out there, which you can choose what best fits your own vision.

A spiritual awakening is a moment in which you realize that you are a spirit living a human life, that you are a Soul having a human experience. That means, you can see or feel your body and the light body around you. Or you can even overview your life and the world around you from a much higher perspective and see it’s all part of a bigger plan. Seeing through the eyes of God or Love, I’d like to describe it.

A person can have several spiritual awakenings, but the most memorable is mostly the first one. It rocks your world is such a way that your life and you will never look the same.

My spiritual awakening experience

Awakening experience in Cusco Peru

For me it was an eye-opening moment my first time in Cusco – Peru. It was 2012 and I had a burn-out prior to my vacation to Cusco. It was the third day in Cusco and I was walking in a small street, called Tanda Pata. A Peruvian shop owner greeted me on the street. When I came back a few hours later he came out of his shop again and invited me in for tea. That conversation changed my life and my vision of myself forever. He stood there in the door and said: “I know why you are here. I’m your soulbrother and I’m here to help you heal your heart.”

It’s a moment I will never forget. I started crying so profoundly and I didn’t understand why (with my mind). My soul was so happy and free and recognized the Truth in his words. That’s why I cried, that’s why my life could never be the same after that meeting. My Soul had awakened and the Truth would be awakened forever.

Your perception of the world

You might have a certain view of the world and a perception of who you are, which role you play in the world you see around you. You have different roles, one of a daughter or a son, one of a student, one of a worker and a friend. Different labels you have grown accustomed to, that are related to the human experience of your life.

Once you have your spiritual awakening the perception you have or yourself and the world changes drastically. It is like you have been living in a little village and suddenly you discover there is a whole world out there. The same thing happens after your spiritual awakening. You have been living in this physical world and suddenly you realize that there is so much more around you and inside you.

What changes after you have a spiritual awakening?

It is mind blowing and can be really confusing at first.

You have been living in a world of 5 senses (touch, feel, see, hear and smell) and suddenly there is another way of perceiving the world – through your sixth sense. Your spiritual senses.

You may experience some or all of these changes:

  • – You are more receptive to energy of others
  • – You know things before they happen
  • – You are more sensitive (or more emotional)
  • – You have a stronger understanding of the world around you (a greater view)
  • – You develop your spiritual abilities (like clairvoyance, hearing voice of Spirit, predict future)
  • – Your dreams are more vivid and open a new perspective on the world beyond this earth
  • – You are more interested to learn about healing and energy-work
  • – You feel a stronger sense of Inner Peace – access a state of meditation with more ease and hold it for a longer period of time, like it becomes natural.
  • – Your self-image changes and you have a stronger sense of belonging and are more confident about who you are.
  • – You might even get a sense of Purpose and Know exactly Why you are here on earth. (if you don’t know exactly, you can Trust that your Soul knows and in time you will find out)

Like I said before, after your awakening there is no way back! The world around you and the view you have of yourself will never be the same. So when that happens for sure some things in your current life circumstances will start to change as well. That’s part of the deal.

For me some unexpected changes came forth out of my awakening.

  • – I stopped eating meat or drink alcohol
  • – I couldn’t stand to be in a bar or a crowded place, like a party or the supermarket
  • – I stopped seeing some of my friends, because we had different views of the world
  • – I couldn’t do anything else than start my own business and work from my inspiration with Spirit guiding me every step of the way. There was no way I could work for a company when my heart and soul wouldn’t be into it.
  • – I even moved back to my quiet little house in the country, instead of the busy and lively city.

A life changing experience

You may say a spiritual awakening is a life changing experience. When you embrace your new vision of yourself and the world it can be a wonderful new beginning. Yet, when you thought you had all your life together and the awaking came rather unexpected, this experience can be disruptive and unpleasant to say the least.

Becoming so sensitive to energies around you, that you can’t do the things you used to like.

Having to say goodbye to some of your friends, because something has changed and you can’t find the middle ground, in which you can still connect in the way you used to.

Not being able to continue your career path, because it’s just not fulfilling anymore or too demanding for your new sensitive energetic body.

A lot of things in your life can change and when you are resisting those changes the process after the awakening can be a struggle. But I already told you, there is no way back. It’s like being blind for almost all of your life and gaining sight when you are 25. The whole world around you opens up and there is no way in going back (even though that might feel more comfortable or easier sometimes).

Live your Soul Purpose

I’m sure that after a year or going through the changes you will see that life has changed for the better. There are many things that you can do now you have awakened. One big one is that you are now more aligned with your Soul Purpose. That’s the goal of every spiritual awakening process.

Universe needs us all to wake up to our true potential and live our highest Soul purpose. It is the time in history that we are all needed to awaken and live our Soul Purpose to help the earth in her transition. We all know that war and hunger has been our biggest problems in the past decennia. It is time of a big shift, that humanity learns how to live as One and experience Bliss and Wholeness.

That’s why spiritual awakenings are so common these days. The Universe is guiding us and waking us all up. There is no other way. Once you have experienced the bliss of being awakened, you will be happy to help other people become awakened too. That is the ripple effect we will create together.

How to awaken spiritually?

I told you that I would show you a way in which you can invoke your spiritual awakening. You have made the right choice coming here and reading my blog. Because one of the reasons I started my company was to help as many people as I can to have their own Spiritual Awakening and wake up to their True Potential. That’s what drives me and what excites me to know what that can bring for our future generation. We are all One and we all have the capability to live our Purpose.

One of the ways you can invoke your spiritual awakening is Soul Travel.

Soul Travel is deep meditative state, a trance almost, that connects you back to the energy and the qualities of your Soul. It takes you to a higher dimension, where you can remember all that you are and Why you came to this earth. I would like to share with you a Soul Travel meditation that is called ‘Your Big Why’ – it’s part of the Awaken the Teacher inside training that I offer you for free. Try it here.

Another way to awaken your Soul awareness is to meditate regularly and start to follow your intuitive guidance. That is what led me to Cusco in 2012 and where I had my spiritual awakening. I’m sure you are getting your guidance too, at the right time. Listen to it and follow it. That’s my strongest advice.

Love and Light to you all!!


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